Monday, July 26, 2010

Masking 101

Reader ilif requested for a post on what is the difference between different mask types available in the market so here it goes! There are tons out there - sheet masks, wash off masks, sleeping masks, scrub masks, clay masks, etc! So here's my humble explanation on how are they different from each other! :D

Lets start with my favourite - Sheet Masks! :D

These usually come in a foil pack and may be sold individually or in a box. Its basically a thin cotton sheet infused with a generous dose of essence / serum to give your skin a quick boost. The possibilities are endless with these masks - you can benefit from whitening, moisturizing, oil controlling, brightening, toning, firming, anti-ageing and whatever-ing by using them, so do find one that is suitable for your skin type. I love stashing them in the fridge prior to using them for an ultra relaxing treat! :D Price wise, these can be as cheap as RM3 per piece and can go up to costing hundreds for a box of 5, so it fits every budget too!! :D

My personal favourite? There're several that i really like, but the Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask is a staple for me! :D

Clay Masks

These usually comes in a squeeze tube and sometimes they come in a tub. This mask comes out fairly thick (just like clay), and dries into a crusty layer on your skin (much like plaster, lol!)! :D This is excellent for deep cleansing, but it can be drying for drier skin types. I personally love using this as a spot acne treatment! :) BTW, from those that i've used so far, these masks usually don't smell very pleasant! Hahaha!! :P

My personal favourite? The Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask.

Scrub Masks

These masks contain scrubby bits in them and usually don't dry off totally. You smooth them into your skin, wait till time is up then add some water and gently scrub your face with the scrubby bits then wash off. These are great for brightening and sloughing off dead skin cells!

My personal favourite? I can't decide between the Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque or the The Body Shop Honey & Oat 3-in-1 Scrub Mask! :D

Wash Off Masks

The texture of these masks usually feels like a moisturizer / cream and can go on clear like you see in the pic above, but you do need to wash them off. These masks usually have a specific purpose - like to moisturize, clarify etc.

I admit that i havent tried out a ton of these masks. Do check out my one and only wash off mask review on the Thalgo Moisture Quenching Mask :P

Sleeping Masks

Ok i cheated! I don't have a pic of my face slathered with a sleeping mask so that pic will do! lol!! These masks are basically creams / serums packed with essence that renews the skin (usually la). What you do is you apply a generous amount on your face, go to bed, then wake up with a beautifully glowing face! Its perfect for lazy people like me! :D

Again, i've yet to try out many of these masks, but i really really liked the H20+ Face Oasis Hydrating Treatment!

DIY Masks

I guess the Mad Scientist look doesn't really suit me... XD

Whether you're born experimental or just plain paranoid about using too many chemical products on your face, this is a wonderful option for those of you who have extra time at home. Most DIY Masks consist of natural ingredients so you can be sure that you're getting the good stuff. I do recommend this to only those who knows exactly what your skin type is like and what is it allergic to. Always do a patch test too before slathing this all over your face!

There're plenty of recipes out there to try out, but my absolute favourite is the Aspirin Mask.

Thats all! :D BTW (a little shameless self-advertising), if you don't already know, Mondays are Masking Mondays here on, where i'll try to post a review on a mask! So do camp in if you're interested! Hehehe!! :D

Do you have a DIY recipe that you do at home, or a favourite mask you come back to time and time again? Do share with us!! :D


  1. Your "alien" picture made me laugh out loud! XD I have yet to try sheet masks, but I really want to!

    Great post!


  2. LOL on the last photo, this is a great 101 post on masks, great for starters to know where they should start :D

  3. LOL the mad scientist pic!!! i had to take a 2nd look to confirm whether it is you or not :P

  4. Wao thank you so much for your post! It definitely helps me to understand more about masks :D

  5. The mad scientist look actually quite cute! I like your idea to put in the fridge, will try that with my next sheet mask session. For summer now, I like to use Murad Pomegranate Exfoliating Mask, it is a clear gel mask, smell good and has a tingling sensation.

  6. Very useful post! And I love your pictures :D

  7. I was shocked by looking at ur last pic!! Anyway, it must take u a long time to get that hair? Hehe XD
    Nice info of masking!!

  8. Kate Gene: Glad to make you laugh!! Haha!! You should try them out!! They're really relaxing!! Hehehe!! :D

  9. Nikki: Thank you dear!! I hope most people will find this useful too!! :D

  10. xin: wahahaha... its me alright!! I feel like taking it down now!! Feel paiseh!! Hahaha!! >.<

  11. ilif: You're most welcome!! Glad you find it useful! :D

  12. Fish Fish: Hehehe thank you!! :D Yeah, masks out of the fridge are so relaxing!! :D

    Murad is kinda hard to find over here!! It sounds gooD! :D

  13. Paris: Haha!! Thank you!! :D :D

  14. Slowbrogal: Hahaha!! I had them in cornrows for 2-3 days before taking them off and getting this crazy hair! Hahaha!! :P

  15. Love this post, it's a great and useful introduction to masks.

    lol at the last photo, you look so cute!

  16. LMAO!!!!! love the crazy hair pic. excellent 101! :D I love scrub masks


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