Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Product Review: My Lip Stuff Natural Lip Balm in Passionfruit-Orange-Guava

^ Sorry, couldn't find a stock photo for this product :(

At a Glance:
Price: US$2.50 / RM12
Weight: 0.15 Oz
Made in: USA
Likes: Yummy scent, moisturizes and softens well, looks glossy!
Gripes: Gives a funky taste in mouth, not recommended for use before lipstick
Repurchase: Yes, but i'd like to try out other flavours first! :D
Jenn's Rating: 4 Stars!! Me likey! :D


Product Description:

The finest natural butters & oils blended to create the ultimate lip moisturizer for kissably soft lips.

A delicious mix of these 3 fruits!

Actual Product Pic:

Brand spanking new and sealed! :D

Texture & Scent:

This glides on really smoothly, leaving your lips really glossy so its great for those no makeup days:

This does not smell anything like passionfruit, orange nor guava!! But it smells like a delicious mix of fruity sweetness and with just a hint of muskiness! lol!! :D

This however, leaves quite a funky taste in my mouth...


This lip balm comes in the usual twist up tube. You get about 1.5 inches of product:

Time Test:
This lasts about 3-4 hours on me before i feel it fading! :D

Price & Availability:
This lip balm is priced at US$2.50 each and is available at their website. For Malaysian girls, rejoice for now we get to purchase this locally off this blogshop! :D

This is perfect for those no makeup days or over lipstick. I personally use this every night as a lip treatment! :D

My $0.02:

I've heard so much about My Lip Stuff balms but just never gotten around to try them out, so i gotta thank the very kind Cynthia of My Lip Stuff Malaysia who sent me this product to review for the opportunity! :D

The first time i used this balm, i almost wanted to throw it across the room (sorry, Cynthia!!) because it dried out my lips so badly! And i don't even have flaky lips to begin with! However, i decided to give it another go again the following night, and surprise surprise, my lips did not dry out anymore! In fact, i woke up with beautifully plump and super soft lips!

Whatever the twisted reason this happened for i know not, but i do know that i look forward to using this every night and waking up to soft lips! For day use, I personally find that this works better OVER lipstick instead of under it though because of how slippery it is - your lipstick will just slide off your mouth! lol!

The other thing i didnt like about this is that it leaves a kinda weird taste in my mouth. Its not unpleasant, just weird! Thankfully this disappears quickly so i'll bear with it!

All in all, me thinks that this is a wonderful lipbalm that won't break the bank! I can't wait to try out some of the other flavours!! Now should i get Dog Poop or Cat Pee next...?? :D

This item is sent to yours truly by My Lip Stuff Malaysia for an honest review. I am in no way affiliated with them nor do I get compensated monetarily for this post. Kindly transact with them at your own discretion.

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  1. Try Shamrock Shake! =D It's so yummy and good.

  2. thank u for linking us! and wow u twisted the whole thing out? any prob twisting it back?

  3. Caramel Geek: ok, will keep that in mind next time!! :D

  4. Xin: don't mention it!! :D Ya i twisted the whole thing out!! It won't go back in by itself, so i gave it a little nudge and twisted it at the same time until it can masuk back by itself again! haha!! :D

  5. Thanks for the review. It sounds like a great product and I love how glossy your lips are. :)

  6. You're most welcome!! Yeah its a great product... i cant wait to try out other flavours! :D


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