Monday, June 7, 2010

MAC To the Beach & Superglass Collections Review + Swatches

ps: loooong, picture heavy post ahead! Please be patient! :)

You know its summer already when cosmetic brands start to come up with Beach themed collections (which is my favourite for collections because of the bright colors)! :D The MAC To the Beach collection is a typical one - bright summery colors, beachy names and repromotes of bronzers and luminizers to give you a post-summer vacation glow! Whats not to like? :D

Ok enough blabla for now! Lets go straight to the swatches! :D

Eyeshadows (US$14.50 / RM58):

Sand & Sun (Matte) - Light Peach. This has amazing texture for a matte! :D
Firecracker (Veluxe Pearl) - Frosted mid-tone red orange. What a hot color this one is, but i personally think that i won't have much use for it! :D
Sweet & Punchy (Veluxe Pearl) - Bright yellow green. This is a dead ringer for the Rated R eyeshadow from the Love that Look collection last year! :) This is sold out in Penang already.
Shimmermoss (Veluxe Pearl) - Green with green pearl. This one looks more teal-ish to me than straight up green though! This is part of the permenent line, so if you're not into limited edition packaging, you can wait to get this one! :D This is sold out as well.
Humid (Frost) - Intense green with shimmer. I'm so glad that MAC released this in limited edition packaging because i had wanted to get this color since forever, but never gotten around to just because i didn't feel the urgency to get it since it's permenant! :D

Lipsticks (US$14 / RM63):

Beachbound (Glaze) - Sheer frosted pale peach. This one will look beautiful layered over other lipsticks! :D
Lazy Day (Lustre) - Light dirty blue pink. Not a very unique color, but this is sheer enough to fit most skintones i think! :D
Thrills (Frost) - Rosy copper with gold pearl. This color is amazing, and the gold sheen just makes this shade DIVINE! :D
Funbathing (Cremesheen) - Mid-tone bronzed plum. I personally think that this doesn't belong here - it looks more like a fall color no?? :D

Lipglasses (US$14 / RM63) & Lip Pencils (US$13 / RM:

Easy Lounger - Light baby pink with multidimensional pearl. Another of those universal flattering but utterly boring shades MAC is so fond of putting out so very often, this however, looks absolutely beautiful layered over any lipsticks! :D
Flurry of Fun - Sheer sparkly peach. This one is more orange that i pictured it to be!
Splashing - Mid-tone blue pink with soft gold pearl. The most pigmented of the lot - this one goes on opaque! :)
Life's a Breeze - Soft pink. This is quite a lovely color! :D
Temperature Rising - Loudmouth orange. This color is definitely not for the faint of heart! :P

Eye Kohls (US$14.50 / RM62):

Float on By - Dark green turquoise. This shade is stunning!! :D This is sold out as well.
Rosemary & Thyme - Mid-tone olive gold with shimmer. This is permenant! :D

Blushes (US$18.50 / RM75):

Hipness (Frost) - Intense coral with soft white pearl. This is such a lovely color! A repromote from Fafi. Read my review here. This is sold out already.
Get-Away Bronze - Mid-tone suntan. Yes, this one is a bit frosty, but with a light hand, it looks really really nice! :D

High-light Powder (US$26 / RM90):

This is probably one of the most pigmented highlight powders ever! :D I don't think i'll be using mine anytime soon though... i'll be so heartbroken when the gold sheen is gone!! :P This is sold out already btw.

High-light Powder (US$12 / RM42):

One coat each. Please excuse the sloppy application - will explain more later.

Scorcher - Creamy bright coral red. This is such a hot color!! :D
In the Buff - Muted taupe avocado. Not really a fan of this color... it looks like poo imho!! =X

The next part of the collection consists of bronzers, luminizers and two limited edition brushes! :D

Bronzing Powders (US$22 / RM90) & Creme Bronzers (US$25 / RM105):

Golden - Muted golden tan-beige with golden shimmer.
Refined Golden - Finely spun golden with soft pearl finish.

These two powder bronzers are from the permenant line, and are almost always repromoted in LE packaging for the summer collection! :D

Beach Bronze - Golden glow with soft gold finish
Weekend - Mid-tone deep orange brown with soft pink pearl

The creme bronzers are new and limited edition! They have a wonderful texture and finish, but i wonder how well will they hold up in the heat and / or on oilier skins!

Lustre Drops (US$18.50 / RM75) & Bronze Body Oil (US$22 / RM95):

Pink Rebel - Blue pink with gold pearl. I don't detect any blue tones in it though!
Sun Rush - Peachy bronze with gold pearl. This one is beautiful as a highlighter!! :D

Both lustre drops are repromoted from last year's Style Warriors collection! :)

Bronze Body Oil - It adds a nice tan to the skin, but i think you'll need to be thorough with blending it into your skin to avoid patchiness! :) This one's sold out already as well.

That's all for To the Beach! Let's move on to Superglass! :D

I personally find the particles are a little too big for my liking, and the color choices are not too exciting as well! :( These glosses go for US$18 / RM80 each.

Gift Wrap - Light pinky peach.
Disco Blend - Light tan.
Sugar Overload - White beige.
Sweet Tart - Baby pale pink.
Superflash! - Mid tone yellow pink.
Cherry Electric - Bright cherry pink.
Totally Bang! - Fuchsia.
Fab Frenzy - Deep blue purple.
Tunnel of Love - Deep blue brown.

And i'm done with the swatches!! :D I know, some of you wanna know what i got right?? Here's a teaser pic for you all! :D

Guess what i got?? :D :D

Oh before i forget, somewhere up in this post i said i will explain why the nail polish application was so horrid right?? I was totally distracted by this baby:

Yes, Jenn finally got her own puppy!! :D The husband brought her to MAC to surprise me when i was swatching the stuff above!! I'm super happy!! :D

This is our first time raising a puppy, so please share any tips that you thought it'll be useful for me to know!! I'm totally clueless now!! hehehe!! :P


  1. i have a maltese just like urs!!! i put him in a purse and we go shopping together :)

  2. The puppy is adorable. So cute!!

  3. Oooh so cute! Have you got him/her a name yet?

    My shih tzu hates the cage so I've let him roam free in my apt for years hehe.

  4. Hi!
    Tips for the puppy would be to touch his/her feet while his still young so they get used to it.
    It makes cutting nails so much easier later on! They won't be so scared about it if they're used to you touching their feet :D

  5. Hi!

    I love your swatches and review! I love that Lazy Day lipstick. I heard someone on YT say that it is a dupe to the Dsquared2 Nude Rose lipstick ...

  6. Wow thanks girl for the wonderful reviews! I love the colors you picked out and they look great to wear on the beach! Good job!

  7. What an adorable puppy! Since I have two dogs (one I got when she was 10 months, the other, when she was about 2 months), I know my fair share of dog care tips. =D Here's (quite a bit of) stuff that I wished I knew when I first got my dogs.

    -Don't feed your dog scraps from the table! It's a horrible habit that will never break once you start it! Once it's a habit, the dog will mooch by you every time you have food, which is extremely annoying. Not to mention that your dog might become overweight from the extra food.
    -Keep meal times consistent. Dogs like being on a basic schedule. Some dogs, though, like to go with the flow more than others.
    -If you don't want your puppy to sleep on your bed, make sure to keep it in a dog bed by your bed. Dogs are pack animals, and like being with their family--in this case, you!
    -Let your puppy outside frequently, because they have very small bladders and poor control over them. Make sure to check on the state of their bathroom functions at night especially--they might sneak off to go and do their business while you sleep. However, when they get older, their bladder will become stronger and they'll have better control over their functions.
    -Puppy food has a lot of protein in it, so expect a lot of smelly gas from your puppy. (Gross, I know, but I figured I'd give you a heads-up. I wish somebody had told me! XD)
    -Try to potty-train as soon as possible, for obvious reasons. And be consistent with it by giving rewards after they do their business, by saying, "Good girl, *insert name here*! Good girl, go potty!" Stuff like that. Remember, puppies are pretty much like human babies. (Though dogs, even full-grown ones, will pretty much act like human toddlers. XD)
    -Puppies nip. A lot. It's like when babies are teething. They'll be in that phase for a few months, so buy chewies for your puppy to play with/gnaw on. If you get nipped, as long as the skin isn't broken, it's okay.

  8. Oh, and some more stuff I remembered. Sorry if I'm bogging you down here, but I wish that I knew a lot of this stuff when I first got my dogs, and I hope that it'll help you!

    -When you feed your puppy/give them a treat, practice taking the food away from them, or the treat out of its mouth. It teaches the dog that you're the alpha. If not, your puppy, when it's full grown, will be freakishly possessive of its food and will growl at you whenever you come near it when it's eating. Do the same with their water bowl, too, the contents of which you should swap out with cool water every few hours.
    -If your dog does something wrong, do NOT use its name when punishing them. It sends them a really bad signal, and my vet pretty much said just don't do it. Instead, just say either, "Bad!" or "Bad girl!" For physical discipline, a little swat on the butt or snout (NEVER directly on the nose!) should suffice, but never more than once. Don't hit your dog with a rolled-up newspaper or spray it with water--it will be scared, then, of hoses or when you hold things up in the air.
    -If your dog goes to the bathroom in the house during its first few weeks/months of housebreaking, don't get extremely mad. The puppy couldn't help it. When she's older, though, a little swat or saying of "Bad!" will do.
    -Keep your puppy in a kennel when you leave the house, so it doesn't destroy it. (My dogs gnawed up a whole set of wicker furniture once.) So your puppy's more comforted, put an old shirt that you've worn quite a few times and don't care about anymore in there, so it's comforted by your scent. Put towels in there, too, so the puppy will be comfy. Make sure that the kennel is clean, too. It's their "house", so to speak; it's their safe spot. If they have an accident in there, though, they will FREAK OUT because of this (shaking, whining, etc.), so be sure to calm it down and not blow up at the dog. Dogs can sense emotions.
    -If you ever decide to have kids, ask your vet how to introduce the baby to your dog so your dog won't get freakishly territorial. If it's properly introduced to the baby, your dog will completely protect it.

    ...Wow, that's a lot. But I hope this all helps!

  9. If you want to be able to pick up your dog in the future, make sure to pick it up a lot now so it's used to it.

    Also, if your dog barks at strangers, it's a dog thing. It means they're protecting their house and the ones they love. It's also very good if you're ever at home alone, so you know when there's someone coming to the door.

  10. Correction: Not "it's a dog thing", I meant to type, "it's a GOOD thing". Whoops! All this dog talk has been getting me excited, so I end up typing it on accident! XD

  11. Jenn, I love dogs and your puppy photo made me want to visit you RIGHT NOW and give you and your dog a hug!!!! LOL

    I love the eye khols from MAC they look really nice

  12. awww....sho kewt! :D looks very intelligent, I'm guessing you can teach her a lot of tricks (or she'll probably teach you guys some!) hehe...what are you going to call her/him?

    PS: how about "sheavel"? LOL...that's the word verification I got!

  13. Fancy Nancy: Awww!!! What a darling!!! She's too adorable!! :D :D

  14. vivavoomz: thank you!! I'll let her know tonight!! hehehe!! :D

  15. Foxy Frangipani: Her name is Cookie!! :D

    Thankfully she's ok with the cage - though it breaks my heart to keep her in there!

  16. annie: thanks for the tip!! I'll start touching her paws daily then!! :D

  17. sindylicious: come to think of it yes, they're quite similar!! :D

  18. Lisa: thanks! Yeah, this is a great summer collection! :D

  19. TrippyPixie: thank you SO MUCH for the tips!! I'll definitely keep them in mind!

    Opps, i did spray her with water to teach her not to bark - and it worked! She's angry at the trigger sprayer though... she always attacks it whenever she sees it on the floor! haha!! :P

  20. SchwobChickie93: icic!! Thanks alot for the tip!! She's always content with us carrying her around, so hopefully that won't change! :D

  21. Nikki: ahaha come come!! :D I'll ask her to give you many kisses!! hehehe!! :D

    Yeah the eye kohls are pretty... especially Float on By! :D

  22. Bee: hehehe thank you dear!! :D Her name is Cookie! :D Hopefully its us teaching her tricks and not the other way around then!! hahaha!! :D

    Sheavel sounds jewish... i dunno! lol!! :D

  23. Congrats on the puppy! Trippy Pixie got most of the pointers down pat so I'll just say getting her toilet trained is an absolute must from Day One. Concentrate on the basic, "Sit, Stay" commands and make sure she has them down pat. My uncle's dog turned blind and nearly got knocked by a car when I yelled at her to "Stay". Thank goodness her training kicked in.

    My dog is fairly decent.

  24. Thanks girl!! :D We're almost there for potty training, but still working on the rest!! :D

    Oh dear!! That's really scary!! Thankfully you all trained her well!!

  25. LuckyLittleDuckyJune 9, 2010 at 2:30 AM

    Even though it's a nasty topic, if your puppy stars eating its poo, sprinkle meat tenderizer on her food. It'll make her stop eating it, then. (It's actually very common for dogs to do that. Don't know why, though. :X)

    Also, when you switch food brands/types of food, do it by slowly introducing the new food and swapping it out with the old. Don't just give her a whole new type of food, otherwise her stomach will be extremely upset until she adjusts to it. It takes dogs a while to adapt to a new kind of food if they've been eating another kind for so long. Again, kind of odd. XD

  26. The swatches look great! I ended up getting Beachbound, Lazy Day and Easy Lounger, all are beautiful! The superglasses look quite nice, maybe a bit sparkly for daytime? Maybee, might have to try...

  27. so cute puppyyyyyyyyy
    awwwwww :D can I play with her plsss? :P

  28. LuckyLittleDucky: thanks so much for the tips!! :D Thankfully the puppy doesnt like the smell of her own poo... she always snorts in disgust when she sniffs it!! haha!! XD

  29. greystrawberrys: icic!! Do enjoy your buys!! :D

    Yeah the superglasses are abit too sparkly and definitely not safe for the office!! hehehe!! :D

  30. Sue: of course you may!! :D

  31. omg the puppy is so cute!!! got name already? unfortunately im not that great with pets, but i am sure there are many here can give u enough tips already :D

  32. hehe thank you!! Her name is Cookie!! :D

    Yeah some girls have been really helpful!! I am no longer as clueless!! lol!! :D

  33. Awww such a cute puppy! I'm jealous =P

    I've been following you for a while, but I've mostly been a blogger. Today, I figured I'd introduce myself as well as ask a question, if you don't mind.

    I'm a complete MAC newbie, and I figured I'd start out slow first. If I could only get one MAC lipstick and one lipglass, which one would you recommend? (I don't like really dark colors; I like a kind of soft peachy-pink shine. Kinda like a lot of your lip colors that you post, actually xD)

  34. Hehe thank you!! Ya she's such a darling!! :D

    Of course i don't mind! :D MAC launches limited edition shades every now and then, so do check those out! For those in the permenant line, since you're looking for a peachy pink color, i would recommend you getting the Creme d Nude lipstick, then top up with either the Baby Sparks dazzleglass (baby pink) or the Boy Bait cremesheenglass (creamy peach). But its best to head down to MAC yourself and try out whichever colors you fancy! :D

    Have fun discovering!! :D

  35. Scorcher has made me want to buy high-end nail polish for the 1st time! Thks hon! ;-)

    In the buff is just poo! :-o

  36. Hi Jenn! That's quite a haul! ;) anyway since you are the mac pro(it's a compliment for ya!),what are difference between those two brushes in this back to the beach collection? It looks the same to me,only one the brush is shorter,another is longer. What are those brushes for? I'm clueless in brushes(eeks!) But I was told that those two are LE. I'm actually looking for a blusher/highlight/bronzing brush. Are those brushes catered for that? Please help.thanks!


  37. milktea: you're most welcome!! Scorcher is really hot ya??

    And yeah, the other polish is pure poo!! :P

  38. Hi Shyra - both brushes are quite different. The 130 is basically a denser and much shorter version of the 188 (meaning its rounded), whereas the 131 is kinda like a fibre optic version of the 190 (flat). I can foresee myself using the 130 to buff in creme products. As for the 131, its more versatile - you can use it for almost everything, though it being flat means that you'll have to use a blending brush to buff your products in later to prevent streaks.

    Since you're looking for a blusher / highlight / bronzing brush, i would recommend neither. For blush and brozer, i would recommend the MAC 187 or 188 depending on your face size. For highlighting, if budget is not a problem, go for the 138 brush - it's super soft and can be very precise!

    HTHs! :)

  39. your puppy is so cuttteeeeeeeeeee


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