Friday, June 11, 2010

FOTD: Yet Another 5-Minute Look! :D

Ok, ok, i know you girls are probably ready to pelt me with rotten potatoes by now, but hey, at least i'm trying to put on makeup at least once a week ya! lol!! :P

I've neglected the MAC Artistic License technakohl i got from the MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics collection last year, so here's super quick look i did this morning! :D

Excuse the bloated hamster face please. Damn water retention!!

Stuff i used:

Pond's Magic Powder
MAC Charged Water

MAC Joyous Beauty Powder Blush
MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush (contour)

MAC Brow Set in Beguille


MAC Artistic License Technakohl (upper lashline)
MAC Powerpoint Eye Pencil in Stubborn Brown (tightline)
Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in 02 Ocean Blue (outer lower lashline)

There's nothing on my lips today as i was gonna have breakfast soon already! :D

Alrighty, its my favourite day of the week, so i'm soooo looking forward to just going home and crash!! Hopefully i get to do a bit of shopping during the weekend too!! Haha!! :D

What do you have in store for the weekend? :D


  1. really amazing eyes!!! love the color!

  2. Thank you!! I love the bright blue liner too!! :D

  3. love the ocean blue liner, add spark to ur eyes.

  4. if you don't mind me asking your advice, what's the best color for the eyeshadow to get natural and fresh look?
    could you show me to your review if you have discussed this before.. :)
    thank you..

  5. PinkyLicious: yes!! This color certainly does brighten up the eye area!! :D

  6. Gessi: It really depends on your skintone! :) Try using a shade that is slightly darker than your eyelid area (generally taupes and light greys are perfect for this)! Try to avoid super frosty shades as well for a more natural finish!!

    HTHs!! :)

  7. very pretty :D oh what hair dye you using now? below is what me using

  8. you look so fresh, just came out of a gorgeous vacation or something! and your hair color suits your skintone! really!!! Love it!!!

  9. Sherry: thank you!! I got mine done in a salon!! :D

    Icic... do show your new hair color! :)

  10. Nikki: ohhh, i SO need a vacation!! :D Can't wait to just leave work behind and just chilllll!! haha!! :D

    You're always so kind and generous with your compliments!! Thanks a bunch!! <3

  11. Beautiful colours, you have amazing eyes! <3


  12. This is so pretty, love the blue liner.

  13. greystrawberrys: aww thank you so much!! :D


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