Saturday, May 1, 2010

Saturdays are for Sharing - April Version! :D

Ok i'm probably beginning to sound like a broken record but let me just say this again - HOW TIME FLIES!!! It still feels like i just got back from India not too long ago, but it's been 8 months already! Wow!! I feel older (and hopefully wiser) now... but sometimes i wish we all didn't have to age so quickly (i know, i'm getting more and more long winded as time passes)!! XD

Anyhow, it's time again to list down my favourite posts from a few of my favourite bloggers for the month of April, so do check them out! :D

Connie of Skin Deco finally finds a Sasa outlet that doesn't either scare or irritate the bleep outta you!

Kahani of So Loverly shares some advance tips on dating with us... and she's hilarious!!

Nailwhiz Nikki of Ask Me Whats shows us how to get this absolutely gorgeous nails!

Paris of My Women Stuff showcases her Guerlain Meteorites collection! Ahhh, what a beautiful sight!! :D

Xin of Pretty Beautiful looks absolutely adorable with fake bangs! :D

It's Labour Day today and I get to "labour" away at two activities lined up for the day (a fun fair and a BBQ! :D)! So excited! :D I'm hoping to be able to do some shoe shopping as well because my almost brand new sport shoes got stolen and this is not related to the shoe theft or anything at all but i'm itching for some cute new flats i saw days before tooooo. So irritating right?! I hope the thief gets caught soon - apparently its not the first time this has happened before in my apartment! :( Hopefully nobody else's shoes goes missing again!

That's all for now! For those who will be travelling during the long weekend - take care and drive safe! For the rest of all, enjoy your weekend and have fun! :D

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