Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Product Review: MAC Powder Blush in Hipness

At a Glance:
Price: US$18.50 / RM75
Weight: 6g / 0.21 US Oz.
Made in: Canada
Likes: Lovely color, amazing texture, great staying power
Gripes: None!
Repurchase: Yes, if i ever run out (and its being repromoted)! :D
Jenn's Rating: 4.5 Stars! Me really Likey!!! :D


Product Description

Colour for the cheeks and face. Various formulas. Different looks.

Actual Product Pic (Mine was from the Fafi Collection, so it looks different from the stock pic):

Pigmentation & Color:

This blush is really pigmented, so its wise to adopt a light hand whilst applying this! :D This shade is described as a intense coral with soft white pearl, though i personally think that it looks more peachy when applied than coral though! :D


This is how it looks on my NC20 skin (left side. Right side purposely left bare for contrast :D):

This is one gentle swipe with the MAC 187 skunk brush, so you have an idea of how pigmented it is! :D

The texture of this one is quite smooth, and it blends easily!! :D


I got mine from the Fafi collection, so this one has a different packaging. The size however is the same as the usual pot blushers from MAC :)

Time Test:
This blush lasts about 8 hours on me, which is really great!! :D The swatch that i did on my arm above actually lasted 11 hours (with 5 hours tending to a BBQ pit! lol!!), which is really amazing! :D

Price & Availability:
This blush is priced at US$18.50 / RM75. This is a LE item, but its going to be repromoted soon, so keep your eyes peeled! :D

This is one of my fool-proof colors to use! :D

My $0.02:

With the MAC To the Beach collection coming up soon, i thought i'd give my review on this blush which will be repromoted with this collection! :D

I'm actually glad that i managed to get my paws on this baby because if i remember correctly, this blush did not make it here to Penang when they launched the Fafi collection, so i'm really grateful to my friend for helping me purchase this! :D

This is a wonderful blush which for my skintone, goes with EVERYTHING! Blue eyes, green eyes, smokey eyes, neutral eyes, also can! haha!! :D

I also love how pigmented this blush it. Just one swipe with the skunk brush on each cheek and i'm done! The texture's lovely too! :D

There's nothing i don't like about this blush, maybe except that it's limited edition! :D Such a lovely shade should be made permenant already!

Photo Credits: Product pic from


  1. awwwww. it's gorgeous! i like it! This blush goes to my wishlists! :)

  2. thanks for reviewing Hipness! I really need to try it on me before getting it. Hey, any idea when Pret a Papier will be coming out in Malaysia? I so wanna check out Instant Chic and Garb blush as well as the Coral Crepe paint pot >.< bye bye money

  3. ooh thats nice! thats what NAR's O looks like on me. very very cute. love the packaging too


  4. This is a lovely blush! I want it!

  5. The blush looks amazing on your cheeks! :)

  6. Connie: Pret-a-papier launching on 7th, i check with Midvalley ady~

    jenn: i want this, i want instant chic and i want the highlight powder. good no? XD 3 things only for 2 collections! haha!

  7. Bea: yes it is!! You MUST have it! hehehe!! :D

  8. Connie: I KNOW!! Its been on your wishlist for ages!! haha!! :D Plue is right, Pret a Papier will be launching this weekend :)

    I gotta check out Instant Chic for myself too... the color looks gorgeous but there were complaints that its kinda chalky, so we shall see!! :D

  9. roxy: yeah the shade's kinda similar to NARS Orgasm... except that the NARS one didn't show up on my cheeks! :(

  10. Marce: You know you want it!! hahaha!! :D

  11. Tracy: awww thank you!! :D

  12. Plue: good girl!! Me getting quite a bit from To the Beach! :P So if i could skip Instant Chic it would be great!! haha!! :P

  13. Thanks, girls! Oooh, I'll be near a MAC store this Friday. hee hee hee

  14. where would u be? maybe can meet up? XD hahahaha

  15. Connie: God willing i will be toooo!! ;)

  16. Plue: wish i could join you all!! We go raid MAC together!! :D

  17. That's a beautiful shade, looks great on you!

  18. Thank you Giorgia!! :D Its such a beautiful color! :D

  19. Jenn, I was lemming for this product the LONGEST time ever! I remembered once it was out, it was gone in an instant (I think people reserve) and I ended up with nothing I forgot all about this and now, looking at your photos! Arrghh Lemming's back! You look gorgeous with this shade, made your cheek pop!

  20. Just nice I was looking for a review for this. Lemming for it now.. :P

  21. the color is so sweet! and it look great on you! =) good investment *wink wink* hee hee

  22. Nikki: icic!! Yeah this one was super popular back then!! Don't worry its not too late... GET IT NOW!! hahaha!! :P

  23. vivavoomz: ahaha... sorry!! =X

  24. Sue: hehehe... thank you my dear!! Will you be getting anything from this collection? :D


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