Saturday, May 8, 2010

MAC Prêt-à-Papier Collection Review + Swatches

I got to check out stuff from this collection on Thursday! I wasnt very excited about this one, and seeing it in person confirms my indifference towards this collection! :P The only thing i was remotely interested in was the Instant Chic blush, but even that one didn't scream "wow" at me! :(

Unfortunately we did not get the Chromagraphic Pencils, so i apologize for not having swatches for them!

Ok, lets go straight on to the swatches! :D

Eyeshadows (US$14.50 / RM58):

Tissueweight (Frost) - Frosted pale peach. This one is not terribly unique, but it has a lovely texture! :)
Bamboo (Matte) - Light beige with peach. The texture is quite smooth for this one despite it being a matte shade! No hurries to get this one though, it's permenant! :)
Cut to Fit (Frost) - Frosted red bronze. This has the best texture out of the 5, and the color is gorgeous! :D
Memorabilia (Matte) - Dirty purple. This one is kinda chalky! This is repromoted from the Originals collection.
Gazette Grey (Velvet) - Dark green grey with gold pearl. What a unique color!! Unfortunately its a bit chalky :(

Impeccable Brow Pencils (US$15 / RM62):

Dirty Blonde - Cool light brown.
Taupe - Mid tone dirty taupe

This is a repromote from the All Ages, All Races, All Sexes collection. As i have mentioned in my earlier review, these pencils go on patchy. I felt they were kinda hard too!! :(

Paint Pots (US$16.50 / RM70):

Ground Work (Satin) - Mid tone neutral taupe. This one is permenant
Coral Crepe (Satin) - Soft coral. This is such a lovely color, but i dont see myself having much use for it!

I'll have to say that i'm pretty impressed with the texture of these two paint pots! The ones i've tried before are hard and difficult to spread, but these just go on like buttah! :D

Lipsticks (US$14 / RM63):

Archetype (Lustre) - Sheer light gold. This one is such a disappointment! The color is blah, and it is terribly sheer! :(
Made to Order (Lustre) - Creamy mid tone dirty coral. This color takes several swipes to show up.
Kraft (Amplified) - Creamy mid tone brown. This color will look beautiful on darker skintones!
Dressmaker, Dressmaker (Lustre) - Creamy light peach coral. My favourite of the bunch!! So pretty! :D

Lipglasses (US$14 / RM63):

C-Thru - Peachy beige with shimmer. This one is permenant! :)
Fold and Tuck - Mid tone bright coral with soft pearl. Methinks that this color will look good on most skintones!
Pret-a-Papier - Dark reddened brown with pearl. What a hot color!! :D

Blushes (US$18.50 / RM75):

Instant Chic (Sheertone) - Mid tone muted coral. This one is quite powdery, so if you have it remember to buff it into your skin!
Garb (Sheertone) - Light golden suntan. I'm quite surprised with this one - i thought it'd be darker in person!! :D

Mineral Blush Duo (US$23 / RM95):

From left: Marbelized side, solid side, both sides mixed

Light Over Dark - Orange yellow mélange / deep brown. Hmm... i don't remember this one being this light, but i thought that this one's lovely! :D This is repromoted from the Grand Duos collection.

Nail Lacquers (US$12 / RM42):

Two coats each. Please excuse the sloppy application!

Originality (Frost) -Sparkly copper bronze. This is such a beautiful color!! :D
Brown Bag (Cream) - Mid tone warm dirty beige. I'm not really feeling this color...

Thats all for now? What'dya think about this collection? Do you like it, or like me it felt a little blah to you too? BTW this collection is coming out on the 11th of May in Penang, so head on to MAC then if you want to grab something! :D Have a great weekend people! :D


  1. I like all the Lipglosses!

  2. Instant Chic looks pretty to me. I can't wait to get it soon :)

  3. i bought both blush, never bother bout the rest d.

    both were tad powdery but even for a sheertone, i felt they were pigmented.

    but yah, most of the items are blah! sien wan. :( the lippies are nice, but not outstanding. and light over dark was this light? i thought was darker!

  4. so many peachy coral colours :D
    i like! thanks for sharing :] x

  5. Originality is REALLY pretty!! <3

  6. For once I skipped everything in this collection. If the coral paint pot comes to CCO then I might pick it up there, but there was nothing that screamed wow to me. There have been so many coral products that have come out recently that I really don't need any more! :)

  7. I tried Instant Chic and Garb -- both BLAH!
    I already have Light Over Dark which I really like for eyeshadow (rather than a blush). I have archetype too and it looks like lip balm.

    I eh, bought, eh, Coral Crepe :p
    I have to be careful with the eyeshadow color I lay over it because it can look pink on me and pink is not at all a flattering color on me. I'm also feeling Cut to Fit but... nah

  8. Biba: icic!! Are you going to get them all?? :D

  9. Meri L: its quite lovely!! I hope you get it soon too!! :D

  10. plue: you blush addict you!! Yup i'm quite surprised at their pigmentation!! :D The rest of the stuff are boringggg.

    Yeah i remember light over dark to be darker too!!

  11. TINGkabelle CHAN ♥: you're most welcome!! Will you be getting anything? :D

  12. fuzkittie: i know right?? :D

  13. scarlettholly: i so agree with you!! Corals seem to be the rage nowadays!!

  14. Connie: yeah the blushes disappointed me as well!!

    I agree with Coral Crepe! Its such a pretty color, but abit hard to use leh!!

  15. This collection is disappointing!
    If the colour is right, the texture is off. And vice versa.

    I liked Gazette Grey (for the colour) but the swatch was VERY disappointing in payoff and texture.

    I also like Instant Chic for the colour but the texture didn't look pigmented enough.
    I think i'll stick with my NARS Torrid.

    Coral Crepe looks good! But it's a cream base and I avoid those cos I simply have no patience to work with them!

    Thanks very much for the swatches!

  16. I feel like Hipness and Instant Chic may look similar? Is this true? Do you mind comparing them for me?
    If you have one do you think you need the other? *unless you are crazy about blushers like me cough cough*

    thanks girl!

  17. Angeline: You're most welcome!! :D Yup this collection fell a little short for me too!! :(

  18. Happiness Sparkles: I don't own Instant Chic, so unfortunately i can't do comparison swatches for you. But from pictures i've seen, Instant Chic is a more muted version of Hipness - Hipness is definitely brighter! I personally think that they're different enough to justify buying both, but if you have to choose between this two, i'd go with Hipness (more pigmented, and the texture's better too!!) :)


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