Saturday, April 10, 2010

MAC Give Me Liberty of London Collection Review + Swatches

I've been looking forward to this collection ever since i first heard about it on! :D And i'm happy to report that this looks even more beautiful in person than in pictures! So glad that the prints are actual prints on the items instead of stickers! *unlike koff Fafi kofff Dame Edna* Some of the stuff in this collection costs a little more than the usual items, but its well worth it! :D

Eyeshadows (US$14.50 / RM61):

Give Me Liberty of London (Matte) - Flat creamy pink.
Free to Be (Matte) - Creamy true coral.
Dame's Desire (Frost) - Frosty mid-tone reddish purple. This is a repromote from the Royal Tour Eye Trio of Dame Edna last year.
Bough Grey (Satin) - Mid-tone blueish grey.
Birds & Berries (Veluxe Pearl) - Frosted dark green blue.

All 5 shadows have beautiful texture and pigmentation, which i'm really pleased with!! And the different flower print on all 5 makes it all the more prettier! :D

Lipsticks (US$14.00 / RM66):

Peachstock (Satin) - Neutral peach. This is a permenant Pro product.
Ever Hip (Cremesheen) - Creamy light coral.
Blooming Lovely (Amplified) - Creamy greyed lilac mauve.
Petals & Peacocks (Amplified) - Creamy bright magenta pink.

I'm so glad that MAC decided to release pigmented lipsticks for the whole collection again (pretty sick of sheer lipsticks now! :P). All 4 lipsticks are quite pigmented, Ever Hip being the most sheer out of the lot.

Lipglasses (US$14.00 / RM66):

Frankly Fresh -Neutral pink beige with soft pearl.
Perennial High Style - Creamy bright pink coral.
English Accents - Creamy mid-tone blue pink.
A Different Groove - Deep purple brown with pearl.

Like the lipsticks, the lipglasses are quite pigmented this round too, and i really like the color variety! :D

Blushes (US$18.50 / RM79):

Prim & Proper (Matte) - Neutral nude.
Dirty Plum (Matte) - Sheer dark plum.

These two blushes are quite pigmented, so be careful to adopt a light hand when applying these! :D

Beauty Powder (US$18.50 / RM105):

Shell Pearl -Pale peach with gold pearl. I get the hype about this now! it kinda reminds me of my beloved Pearl Sunshine beauty powder from Barbie - beautifully soft yet pigmented!! :D Though originally from the Sundressing collection in 2006, this has been repromoted several times - most recently in last year's Graphic Garden.
Summer Rose - Soft violet pink with pearl. This is a repromoted from last year's A Rose Romance collection. This is definitely swatches better (and more pigmented) than last years! :)

Nail Lacquers (US$12.00 / RM42):

Two coats each.

Blue India (Cream) - Creamy dark green blue with pearl. What a unique color!!
Vestral White (Cream) - Creamy white. This goes on streaky!! This is a repromote from Hello Kitty! :)

So, what did i get? :D

I'm totally in love with the prints on the box!! Love!!

Out of the box - check out the pretty flower print inside the boxes!!

Open sesame! :D I got all 5 shadows, Ever Hip lippie, Perennial High Style lipglass, Prim & Proper blush and of course, Shell Pearl!! :D Ok, my bread and water diet starts now... :P

That's all for now! I have swatches from a couple other MAC collections coming up, so stay tuned! :D As for now, enjoy your weekend and take care!! XOXO!


  1. thanks Jenn for the swatches! YOU ARE BACK baby!! I think this collection is quite cute, I have a lot of shades that I like, I like the matte blushes!

  2. Nice haul!! Birds and Berries looks sooooo pretty

  3. Fabulous haul!! You really make me want to get Shell Pearl now!

  4. i love your swatches all the times, so clear and nice ! nice haul, cant wait to see you try !

  5. pretty haul! love the packaging :) and you're back!

  6. The packaging look pretty but nothing really attracts me in this collection.

  7. that's a HAUL!! :D
    i love this collection, my friend got me Ever Hip liptstick, can't wait to see her and try on!
    thanks for the swatchs :)

  8. ooh weet, that's a haul!

    Only Peachstock caught my eye but I can live without another nude lippy! the colors this time not so me. Maybe the summer collection...

  9. How did you get the 2 matte eyeshadows to show up in the swatches? after seeing the swatches of the heart also starts stirring ;)

    And that's really quite a haul!!!! :D

  10. I don't feel like any thing looked super amazing for my skintone, which I think is close to yours. I ended up buying a lipglass in ember glow. If you don't have it, you should check it out:) It's a peachy color a bit stronger than 2n.

  11. Great haul! I wouldve purchase the same exact things as you did. I also like peachstock lippie. :]

    bread and water diet..LOL!

  12. LOL. Wow. That's quite a haul babe! I'm just a teensy curious about Ever Hip and Birds and Berries. LOL.

  13. I like Perennial High Style lipglass too. Wow! That's some loot you've got. Can I ask what does Beauty powders do? Is it an all over powder like Benefit's boxes of dandelion/georgia...etc?

  14. Nikki: you're most welcome!! :D i may be back physically but my heart is still in bangkok!! Wahaha!! :D

    Do check this collection out in person!! The packaging is really pretty!! :D

  15. Stefanie: thanks!! Bird & Berries is my favourite eyeshadow from this collection too!! :D

  16. Livia: Don't want to enable but Shell Pearl is gorgeous!! You should get it! :D

  17. Jessying: thanks so much for the kind words!! :D give me some time... i still don't have the heart to scratch their surface yet!! XD

  18. Nix: yes the prints of the compacts are gorgeous!! Love them loads!! :D

  19. Slowbrogal: That's good news for your wallet aint it?? :D More moolah for Bangkok then!! :D

  20. TINGkabelle CHAN: haha yeah i went abit crazy with the hauling =X Ever Hip is gorgeous... i'm sure you'll love it! So nice of your friend to get you this! :D

  21. Connie: icic. Ditto! I wanted to get Peachstock at first, but those colors look dead on me, and 1 already have 2 corpse lipsticks so i skipped!! haha!! :P

  22. Vonvon: those 2 are applied neat without any base, so that speaks alot about their pigmentation! :D

    Thank you! :D Didcha get anything from this collection? :D

  23. PS: icic!! But thats money saved for you yeah? :D

    I did try Ember Glow but its too orangey on me, so i didn't get it! :(

  24. ♥ Miss Nikka: Hi5!! Great minds think alike yeah? :D

    Yeah, only bread and water for me now... especially after this AND bangkok!! :P

  25. Syen: haha well i haven't bought anything in awhile (yea rite!! :P) so i went crazy!! :P

    those 2 are beautiful!! :D And GO GET THE BLUSHERS NOW!!! before they run out!! haha!! :P

  26. Ivy: Yeah!! :D

    Yup the beauty powders are kinda like the Benefit box o powders! You can dust them all over your face for a subtle glow, and if they're pigmented enough they can double up as blush! :D

  27. woah! so muchie u bought! and i am so lucky i didn't get the ARR summer rose since this texture is better! LOL. the lipglass u bought so pinky leh! they say creamy milky colour emphasize liplines? i think so >_< a different groove looks good hor, but i think better for the autumn/winter season though :P

    aiyo. i oso on water & bread diet now. =_= i think i got one collection i need to buy, pret-a-papier i think. blush looks nice leh!

  28. plue: ya!! But i'm still loving my ARR summer rose - the imprint is just too pretty!! :D

    its more coral than pink lor! :D yup milky lipglosses might settle into lines, but with a lip primer should be ok la! :D

    Oh dear, i totally forgotten about pret-a-papier!!! T_T

  29. Managed to control myself this time, and got only Birds & Berries, Shell Pearl and the Medium makeup bag! :)


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