Wednesday, April 14, 2010

MAC Art Supplies Collection Review + Swatches! :D

This collection snuck up on me, and before i can check it out, most of the stuff are sold out already!! T_T Anyhow i hope these swatches are useful to those of you who're looking for them! :D

Greasepaint Sticks (US$17.50 / RM70):

Below Ground - Blackened bronze.
Dirty - Blackened taupe with pearl.
Brown, Now - Blackened burgundy.
Charred Mauve - Blackened violet.
Greengrease - Blackened forest green.
Uniformly Blue - Blackened navy.
Zinc Zone - Dark gunmetal.
Slick Black - True carbon black.

These greasepaint sticks are a dream to use!! They're creamy and pigmented, and once they settle in they don't budge!! :D I personally don't think i'll have much use for them, otherwise i'll definitely bring a few of them home with me!! :D

Pearlglide Intense Eye Liner (US$14.50 / RM62):

Black Line - True black.
Undercurrent - Blue teal.
Industrial - Periwinkle grey.
Petrol Blue - Deep navy.
Almost Noir - Dirty plum.
Designer Purple - Iridescent violet

These eyeliners are absolutely gorgeous!! Creamy and pigmented, these are safe for the waterline too!! :D Nowonder they're all sold out already (except Almost Noir) !! :D

Pro Longwear Lipstain Markers(US$16.00 / RM72):

Full of Flare - Bright yellow coral
Stylesetter - Hot pink
Tomorrow’s Coral - Mid-tone blue red
Runway Ripened - Berry plum red
Sunset - Coral brown
Point of View - Light neutral
Purposefully red - Dirty red coral
A Classic - Rose Red
Modern Mocha - Light brown

These markers REALLY stay on! I swatched these last Friday, and up till Monday they're STILL on my arm. Scary stuff! :S

That's all for now!! More swatches are coming up, so stay tuned!! :D

ps: its been a horrible week at work so far... T_T


  1. thank you for the swatches Jenn, i am so sorry to read about the horrible week, I hope things start to look up today!!!

  2. You're welcome dear!! :D

    I hope things get better soon too!! :D :D

  3. Greengrease stood out for me! Oh, those markers are scary...

    I hope your week gets better *hugs*

  4. icic!! i'm digging the blue and grey ones personally! :D

    Yeah man, those markers are seriously scary! imagine using it on your lips day after day... wonder if they will be permenantly stained or not! >.<

    I hope so too!! Thanks a bunch!! :D

  5. I heard the lipstains and pearlglide are the should buys. But for some reason, I just ain't tempted by this collection.

    I keep asking myself, what do I need another colour eyeliner for, when I have so many and never use them. And the lipstains... I have enough lipstuff to last for a few years I think.

  6. I hope your week will get better!

    Thanks for the swatches. Those lip markers look nice.

  7. the swatches are pretty!! but me tahan. lol!

    hope your week gets better kayz!

  8. Is pearlglide really stay on waterline? I need to get a good pencil liner on my waterline~~

  9. I love your swatches, they're fantastic! I don't think I'll get any GPS's, maybe a Pearlglide or two :)

  10. Thank you for the swatches!

    Anyways, visit my blog too if you want :)

  11. Jyoan: thats good news for your wallet aint it? :D

    You have fantastic self control girl!! ;)

  12. gio: thank you!! its getting better!! and im recovering from my flu!! thanks alot! :D

    And you're welcome!! :D

  13. Sue: good girl!! :D I also tahan!! :D hahaha!! :D

    thanks alot!! i can't wait for the week to be over!! TGIF!! :D

  14. Slowbrogal: i'm not sure as i have never used them on my waterline before! Maybe you can try them out in the store! :D

  15. Marce: thank you so much!! :D Ya the pearlglides are really pretty!! :D I love the GPS too but i don't think i'll have any use for them so i didn't buy any! :D

  16. Kittynail: you're welcome!! :D


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