Wednesday, April 7, 2010

I'm back from the Land of Smiles! :D

Did anybody missed me?? Hehehe!! :D

I had a fun filled holiday across the border (and wished i didn't have to go back to work and reality!! lol!!)! The situation there wasn't as bad as the media potrayed it to be - in fact, nobody would know of the "chaos" if they didn't happen to pass by the affected areas!

As usual, my tummy had a field day digesting all that goodies... the food the Thais have to offer is AMAZING!! :D~

And of course, me did a little shopping. Ok, not so little, but i did shop alot lesser than i thought i would! :P

See... not that bad right?? Haha!! :P

A closer look at the beauty items i got:

Neutrogena Wave, refill pads and the Maybelline BB Cream! :D

The old school Clairol Herbal Essences shampoo... the smell is sooooo amazing!!

I know i'm totally bad for buying these despite having tons other bodywashes, but i cannot resist! They cost only 99 baht together (approx RM10.42 / US$2.89)!! Read my review on the scrub here.

I'm abit bummed that i didn't get my NARS fix as the protestors blocked the road in front of the Siam Area, so all the shopping malls on that stretch closed! :( Also, i manage to get only 3 Pond's Magic Powder after scouring 3 different Watson outlets (all of which went to friends! :D)! Oh well, there's always next year! *ahem husband, hear that?? :P*

I'm also grateful to be able to finally visit the floating market! :D

Abit touristy if you ask me personally, but a must-visit nevertheless! :D

And i'll never forget the breathtaking view from the Baiyoke Sky revolving view point:

Plus, where else in the world can you find RM15 foot massages? :D

All in all its been a great getaway from me. I feel more refreshed and ready to face the world now! I just gotta stop thinking about all that food... :P :P

That's all for now!! :D Lemme end this post with a beautiful sight i saw the other day:

Take care and i'll post soon (promise!!! :D)! :D


  1. Wow. Splendid! You did entice me into booking a trip to Thailand. Now that you're back, please bombard us with more reviews =)

  2. Haha i'll try!! Stay tuned!! ;)

  3. wah. tom yam kung. *slurps*
    i wannn =(

  4. don't want to enable, but it was really really REALLY good! :P

    i miss that place so much...

  5. i still haven't blog bout my BKK trip! LOL. i supah failure. =_=

    alot of hauls lor! i regretted din buy the Neutrogena wave in BKK, so much cheaper than Msia!

    and the Ponds, u shud have gone to 7-11! got sell there!

  6. Oh my God, I love BKK! I was there for two whole weeks last November!! ^.^ I got lots of stuff from Platinum, and a Clinique Eyes to Go palette at the airport. Stayed at Holiday Inn, too, which is right in the shopping district. (Swoons) Congrats on your safe and happy trip!

    I'm very happy that you're back! ^.^

  7. thailand is <3

    bkk is <3 <3 <3

  8. owh my!
    i wantt maybelline bb cream!
    how much is it ya?
    i heard thailand got the bb cream concealer also!
    ish why not available in malaysia..
    neurogenaa wave cheaper in thailand?
    approx how much ya?
    i want that tooooo
    owh and the ponds loose powder which you raved in terms of oil control,

    grrr why all not available in malaysia

  9. Hanny: wow!! 2 weeks is a long time!! How i wish i can be there as long as you were!! :D

  10. Malditang Doktora: i know!! I love the place so much that i can stop going back!! :P

  11. plue: apala!! faster blog!! :D

    And i didn't know!!! Nooooooooooos!!! T_T The next time i'll take note of that!! >.<

  12. LyNn: The BB Cream is 199 baht! :) Didn't see the concealer there, but i saw their shine free blush that's not available here as well! :D

    The Neutrogena Wave is only 355 baht there! :D

    Ya its abit annoying that some goodies are not available locally. Watsons Malaysia, if you're reading this, please bring them in already!! XD

  13. I definitely Missed you dear! welcome back! and I love your hauls, I see a lot of gorgeous outfit! I love shopping for clothes in Thailand! and you look gorgeous with that hair color and shades! Soooooo gorgeous! :)

  14. Hi jenn,

    This is my first time comment. Anyway, me too has always liked Thailand. Cheap things and good food. :) Welcome back! i know how it feels to have to come back to the real world.

    I like ur haul, especially maybelline bb cream, seems to be very interesting and u looks great with curl hair...

  15. OMG!! Super nice hauls!! I can't wait for my coming BKK in Oct. ^^
    Gonna save money for my trip then. Any recommend on what must-buy stuff there?

  16. Wow! how does that floating market work? Beautiful pics

  17. Nikki: thank you so much sis!! :D

    Yeah its a dream to shop in Thailand!! Such pretty clothes at a steal!! :D

  18. Nani: thanks for commenting! :D Yeah Bangkok is my favourite place to go unwind yearly!! :D

    Yeah the BB cream looks interesting! Will let you all know what i think about it soon! :D

    And thanks for the kind words! :D

  19. Slowbrogal: you'll enjoy BKK!! Have fun!! :D

    Must buy? Definitely the Ponds Magic Powder! :D Do check out the NARS counter if you like their stuff. Also, Lays Potato Chips (particularly the cheese and onion flavour... i can't stop eating it)!! Haha!! :D

  20. Babybubblz: it's a small canal where traders sell their stuff off their boats! it's interesting! :D

  21. sloppy: yes!! they're too pretty (and cheap) to resist!! hehe!! :D

  22. I have been putting off going to Bangkok for a year now, because of all the chaos report everyday. BKK just hit the headlines on my local paper again!

  23. Jyoan: icic! Yup, it's abit scary to learn that Bangkok is in a state of emergency now! :(

    I hope things will be ok soon!!

  24. Welcome back! I'm glad you had a nice time.

    Great haul! The dresses look so pretty!

  25. bangkok! i love that place! i miss especially miss the thai teas, haha. anyway, the herbal essences, i love the smell too but my hair ends up really dry with it.

    btw, were you able to go to Cosmeda shop? they have gino mccray eyeshadows, which are really pigmented.:)

  26. gio: thank you!! :D I'm loving my new frocks too!! :D

  27. Steph: icic!! yeah the old one dries out my hair too, but i'm hoping that they reformulated it already since it's been eons since i used it! :D

    I didn't know about this brand so i didn't go looking for them!! Thanks for sharing!! :D

  28. damn, i just went in dec last year and you're making me want to go again now! >.< lemme know what you think of the neutrogena wave though - always seen but never tried..

  29. I just came back last week and i'm already itching for my next trip there already! Ahh, if only money grows on trees!! XD

    I will, so stay tuned!! ;)

  30. goodie! you're back! waaahhhh so many new stuff. and wow, a Maybelline BB cream! Waiting for your review, as always ;)

  31. Yeah... it kinda suck to be back at work already!! T_T

    I'm on it... so stay tuned! :D

  32. hi, do pond's magic powder have variants there in thailand? i live here in the Philippines and these was phased out.. too bad, i love this powder... we have pink, tan and whitish blue pond's loose powder... and im obsessed with searching and buying this product....


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