Sunday, March 14, 2010

MAC Too Fabulous Collection Review + Swatches

This is an anniversary from last year's Grand Duos. I'm really pleased to report that this year's blushes are not as glittery as last years! :D

Mineralize Blush (Duo) (US$23 / RM95) (Left is the lighter shade, Middle is the darker shade and right is both shades swirled together):

Two Virtues - Light blue pink & light violet.
Rhapsody in Two - Light pale pink & pale peach. This shade reminds me alot of the Moon River mineralize blush released last year.
Chic Couple - Light yellow brown & dark peach.

Bi-Tone - Rose pink & copper bronze
Buddy Up - Dirty rose & neutral yellow pink
Sun & Moon - Neutral brown & pink brown

Cremesheen Glass (US$18 / RM80):

Fashion Scoop - Clear pink. This shade is sold out already! :O
Partial to Pink - Light creamy yellow pink with light gold pearl. This repromote looks a little more pinker than the one released previously. Still pretty if you ask me! :D
Boy Bait - Light neutral beige with pearl. This is one of my absolute favourites!! See my swatches of this baby here.
Richer, Lusher - Peach coral
Just Superb - Dirty neutral pink. Me really really wants this one!!!
Deelight - Mid-tone neutral
Over Indulgence - Neutral brown
Loud & Lovely - Blue pink
Double Dare - Coral red. Me wants this one tooo!!

I've said this before, and i'll say this again - RM80 for a measly 2.4ml product is really a huge rip off!! This is launched barely a week and i had to scrape the sides of the tester tubes to get out some colour already. But then again, suckers like me will fall for their charm... Oh Just Superb and Double Dare, how i wants thee both...

Lip Pencils (US$13 / RM55):

Boldly Bare -Dirty red brown
Mouth Off - Deep peach coral
Trimmed in Pink - Bright blue pink
Chestnut - Intense brown
Naked Liner - Light neutral
In Synch - Bright yellow pink

That's all from me!! Didcha see anything you like from this collection? Got anything?? Do share with me!! :D

Sigh, it's back to housekeeping for me... i hope your weekend is more enjoyable than mine!! lol!! Take care and i'll be back really soon!! :D


  1. eeks!! the creamsheen glasses. urgh. luckily you emphasize on the rm80. LOL! but the colors are so pretty!! did you get anything in the end?

  2. I agree on the pricing. I think the cremesheens are permanent now, so we don't need to go crazy for them all at once. I really want Sun & Moon and Rhapsody in Two as well. This is going to hurt my bank account! :)

  3. I'm NC20-25. Do you think Rhapsody in Two will show up on me?

  4. ahhhhh bi-tone and sun&moon are gorgeous!!!! i wanttttt ( : thanks for the swatches!!

  5. i think i am getting the Chic Couple after all! Hahahahaha, but sad lah, I gotta work on a stupid weekend and both days till 11pm!

    how to go shopping??? :(

  6. The lip pencils look nice!

  7. Sue: So nice, but deadly to the wallet right?? haha!! :D

    No i didn't get anything from this collection... YET! :P

  8. scarlettholly: Unfortunately it's not permenant here in Malaysia! :( So we don't get to sit on getting it!! :(

    The two blushes you want are gorgeous!! :D

  9. Malditang Doktora: i think it will!! :D

  10. hannahhloves: you're most welcome!! So didcha get them?? :D

  11. plue: poor you!!! there's always online shopping!! ;)

  12. gio: i especially liked Naked Liner!! :D

  13. After seeing them in person, nothing i wanna buy. I really really really wanna try the new mineralize foundation but the SA told me we're only getting it in SEPTEMBER O_O
    And I think I became NC30 cuz my MAC foundations have been looking rather dark and orange lately. A little weary about getting the fdn from US. not sure of my color *sighs*

    BTW, missed you!!!!!! *hugs*

  14. So late!!! :S I would go bonkers waiting for it as well!! >.<

    icic! Maybe you can go to the local MAC store to have your foundation matched, then buy online?? But then again, different MAC foundations may be different - i'm a NC30 for their Lightful powder!! Crazy!! :D

    Awww... thanks yous!!! <3

  15. I really wanna try the "Rhapsody in Two" blush, but I don't have any mac store/counter arround here. And don't know any online place that ships to portugal without insanly expensive shipping costs :O

  16. Gigi: poor you!! Maybe you can try the clearance bin at! Saw someone selling it there! :D

  17. Thanks for the swatches. Rhapsody in Two looks gorgeous!

  18. You're most welcome!! It's gorgeous indeed!! :D

  19. Love your swatch! I think I might purchase me some MAC lipglossnow!

  20. I just wanted to let you know that you have one of the most helpful make up blogs I've seen. Really great.

  21. Turtle: Thank you!! :D

    So didcha get any in the end?? :D

  22. PS: Awww i really thank you for those kind words!! :)

    Glad you found my site useful!! :D

  23. the colours are really awesome! Will definitely go dwn the stores to get on the those delicious glosses! lol

  24. Yes they are!! Lemme know which ones you got! :D

  25. First of all, I've got to say I love your blog. The cremesheen glasses are really pretty but, shame on the tubes... Even though, I might get Fashion Scoop and Delight.

  26. Hi!
    May I know which shade for the Maybelline Angelfit liquid foundations fits for me?

    I am NW20 btw.

  27. The Allure House: Thank you!! Yeah its a crime that the lipglosses house so little product, but hey, they're gorgeous!! :D

  28. Joey: i'm NC20 and and i use N03, so you may want to check out C03. But then again i remember that it was a little darker on me, so you might want to test it out in person first before purchasing! HTHs! :)

  29. Fantastic swatches! The blushes are really pretty, but they're too shimmery for me. I like a couple of the lip liners too!

  30. Thank you!! Yeah i agree with you - the blushes are pretty but a little too shimmery for me too!! :D


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