Saturday, March 27, 2010

Saturdays are for Sharing - March Edition! :D

Oh dear. It's the end of the 3rd month of the year already!! How time flies!! I know, i know, i've been a naughty blogger with only two posts this month - i know you'll think that its an excuse, but really, its the house! lol!! I've also been sick as a puppy these few days, so its been an overally pretty lousy few weeks!! I know that things should be picking up soon for me, so please bear with me!! :D

In the meanwhile, do check out these awesome blogs:

Beetrice of Beetrice's Reviews spots a new hair color!
Connie of Skin Deco spills her reasons of not getting local drugstore eyeshadows!
Nikki of Askmewhats looks awfully cute with the TBS Kiss of Colour Cheek Blush!
Paris of My Women Stuff shares what she thinks of these totally adorable fruity handcreams from The Face Shop.
Syen of So Loverly reviews the goegeous MAC Ripe Peach Blush Ombre. Ohh what a beauty!! I've yet to open mine yet! :P
Yani of Red Luscious Lips looks smoking hot wearing the Calvin Klein Lacquer Finish Lip Color!

I'll be flying off to Bangkok soon for a much anticipated break - can't wait to shop until i drop!! So pray with me that the situation there will be ok!! :D :D

Until we meet again, take care and stay pretty!! :D

Sunday, March 14, 2010

MAC Too Fabulous Collection Review + Swatches

This is an anniversary from last year's Grand Duos. I'm really pleased to report that this year's blushes are not as glittery as last years! :D

Mineralize Blush (Duo) (US$23 / RM95) (Left is the lighter shade, Middle is the darker shade and right is both shades swirled together):

Two Virtues - Light blue pink & light violet.
Rhapsody in Two - Light pale pink & pale peach. This shade reminds me alot of the Moon River mineralize blush released last year.
Chic Couple - Light yellow brown & dark peach.

Bi-Tone - Rose pink & copper bronze
Buddy Up - Dirty rose & neutral yellow pink
Sun & Moon - Neutral brown & pink brown

Cremesheen Glass (US$18 / RM80):

Fashion Scoop - Clear pink. This shade is sold out already! :O
Partial to Pink - Light creamy yellow pink with light gold pearl. This repromote looks a little more pinker than the one released previously. Still pretty if you ask me! :D
Boy Bait - Light neutral beige with pearl. This is one of my absolute favourites!! See my swatches of this baby here.
Richer, Lusher - Peach coral
Just Superb - Dirty neutral pink. Me really really wants this one!!!
Deelight - Mid-tone neutral
Over Indulgence - Neutral brown
Loud & Lovely - Blue pink
Double Dare - Coral red. Me wants this one tooo!!

I've said this before, and i'll say this again - RM80 for a measly 2.4ml product is really a huge rip off!! This is launched barely a week and i had to scrape the sides of the tester tubes to get out some colour already. But then again, suckers like me will fall for their charm... Oh Just Superb and Double Dare, how i wants thee both...

Lip Pencils (US$13 / RM55):

Boldly Bare -Dirty red brown
Mouth Off - Deep peach coral
Trimmed in Pink - Bright blue pink
Chestnut - Intense brown
Naked Liner - Light neutral
In Synch - Bright yellow pink

That's all from me!! Didcha see anything you like from this collection? Got anything?? Do share with me!! :D

Sigh, it's back to housekeeping for me... i hope your weekend is more enjoyable than mine!! lol!! Take care and i'll be back really soon!! :D

Saturday, March 13, 2010

MAC Spring Colour Forecast Collection Review + Swatches

First of all, i'm sooooooooooooooooooo sorry for neglecting this blog lately! I've been really busy with our new place! From rushing here and there to meet up with the electricians / lawyer / previous owner / plumbers / painters / renovators to purchasing furniture / fixtures / lights / electrical goods / kitchen supplies / little knick knacks / etc etc etc, and not to mention the about 40 boxes of stuff we carted back from India that just needs to be cleared out! *faints* We're about halfway there... just need to hang on and finish everything up - hopefully soon!! :D

This is how our place looks like fresh from the previous owner:

Let there be light(s)! :D

After a fresh coat of paint:

And finally, the furniture:

The husband's study:

A bit too BLUE for me, but oh well, the bear gets to pick his "cave" color...

... and i get to pick our bedroom color!! XD

No prizes for gussing which color i picked! Hahaha!! The look on the husband's face when he saw this was PRICELESS!! He says it gives him a headache!! Hahaha!! XD

But really, it's not THAT bad right?? *bats lashes* Hahaha!! :P

Ok enough sidetracking!! Let's go right into the main topic! :D

This huge collection comes in four parts - Pink, Coral, Amber and Plum, so there's definitely something for everyone! :D I personally feel that this collection was a little blah though, but then again that could be caused by my disappointment of not having a cartoon anniversary like the previous years! :(

Lets start with the star of the collection - the Blush Ombres (US$25 / RM105 each)!! :D

Azalea Blossom -Light cool pink. There's definitely a hint of lavender in it as well! :)
Ripe Peach - Light coral. My personal favourite!! It gives such a healthy glow to your face! :
Springshine - Neutral suntan. Methinks that with a light hand, this might work for even light skintones to give a healthy sunkissed look! :D
Vintage Grape - Mid-tone violet pink. This reminds me of a darker On A Mission beauty powder blush, which i love!! :D

All 4 blush ombres have medium pigmentation, but they can definitely be built up to your desired intensity! :D

Crushed Metal Pigments (US$32.50 / RM135):

Both Stacked 1 and Stacked 2 have amazing pigmentation, and although lumpy, they go on pretty smoothly! They're really frosty too (definitely not office safe! :D)!! I personally HATED the stacked jars though... they don't look very sturdy at all (in fact, one of the tester jar has a giant CRACK on it already!) and i can just imagine the jars unscrewing themselves out of their previous holders and making a huge mess in your makeup bag!! Haha!! :P

Eyeshadow x 4s (Quads) (US$36 / RM135):

Mink Pink (Veluxe) - Neutral soft pink. It's really there in my swatch, you gotta just squint really hard to see it! lol!! That says alot about the pigmentation for this one...
Bruised Plun (Veluxe Pearl) - Frosted mid-tone dirty mauve. This color's beautiful, both pigmentation and texture wise! :D
Black Tulip (Frost) - Frosted dark grape. This color's not terribly unique, and the texture could be better!
Jungle Moon (Matte) - Blackened deep eggplant. What a cute name for an eyeshadow!! lol!! :P

Manila Paper (Veluxe Pearl) - Pale frosted white gold
Flip (Frost) - Bronze gold.
Aztec Brick (Veluxe Pearl) - Frosted true copper.
Creole Beauty (Frost) - Frosted dark golden brown.

This palette is BEAUTIFUL!!! All 4 colors compliment each other perfectly, and they have the most amazing pigmentation and texture. Now be still my heart... youdontneedthis, youdontneedthis, youdontneedthis!! XD

Eyeshadows (US$14.50 / RM58):

Rosy Outlook (Satin) - Frosted baby pink. This has quite decent pigmentation despite it being a Satin finish! :D
Da Bling (Veluxe Pearl) - Pink with gold pearl. This one's permenant, so no hurries in getting it! :D
Lala (Frost) - Mid-tone pink. I kinda like this color, though i question how often do i actually want to use it!! :D
Very violet (Frost) - Dark violet. This one goes on a little chalky (just a little), and i kind of expect the color to be darker! :D

Nanogold (Lustre) - Sheer yellow beige with pink pearl. As you can see, the pink pearl in this one is quite obvious! And this is probably one of the nicest Lustres you can find texturewise (the other one being Tempting!)! :D
Straw Harvest (Veluxe Pearl) - Frosty light yellow orange. This color reminds me alot of the Evening Aura eyeshadow from the Neo Sci-fi collection! :D
Perky (Satin) - Light salmon pink. What a sweet color!! It has beautiful pigmentation too for a Satin! :D
Hot Hot Hot (Satin) - Mid-tone coral. This color is hot hot hot indeed! lol!! :D

Lipsticks (US$14 / RM63):

Phlox (Glaze) - Sheer light pink. This one is really, really sheer!
Bubblegum (Glaze) - Light lavender pink.
Laugh A Lot (Lustre) - Mauve pink.
Pink Burst (Frost) - Clean bright pink with pearl.

Colour Me Coral (Frost) - Frosted light coral. This looks so beautiful in the tube, but unfortunately my lips didn't like this one... it just enhances every imperfection there is!! :(
Victorian (Frost) - Frosted light golden pink.
Fresh Salmon (Lustre) - Sheer bright pink orange.
Rose Maiden (Frost) - Frosted bright berry.

Beigeland (Frost) - Frosted light pink beige.
Bronzilla (Frost) - Frosted mid-tone yellow brown

Radiccio (Lustre) - Sheer mid-tone blue mauve
Hang-up (Cremesheen) - Deep berry.

Lipglasses (US$14 / RM63):

Cultureclash (Frost) - Clear baby pink with pearl
Hush, Hush Rose (Frost) - Mid-tone blue pink with pearl
Electric Fuchsia (Frost) - Bright violet with blue pearl

Ember Glow (Cream) - Creamy light apricot
Kumquat (Frost) - Frosty tangerine
Cha Cha (Frost) - Mid-tone pink with gold pearl

Almondine (Frost) - Pale gold with pearl. This one looks more white than gold to me!! :D
Gold Dust (Frost) - Mid-tone copper with pearl

Lavender Wind (Frost) - Lavender with pearl
Purple Rage (Frost) - Dark berry with pearl

Phewww, i'm finally done!! :D I'm sorry that i do not have swatches for the nail lacquers as the testers were not available, but there're a ton of swatches out there already so be sure to check them out! :D There'll be an event for this collection in Penang starting this coming Monday (15/3), so be sure to drop by if you wanna get some stuff! :D

Andddd, Too Fabulous is out already as well, and i have swatches so stay tuned!! :D In the meanwhile, do lemme know what didcha / you wanna get from this collection?? :D
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