Monday, February 22, 2010

Product Review: The Face Shop Su Hyang Snow Replenishing Mask Sheet

At a Glance:
Price: RM9.90 (approx. US$3)
Weight: 22ml / 0.74 Fl. Oz.
Made in: Korea
Likes: Really softens skin, moisturizes and brightens well!
Gripes: Expensive, the fragrance is REALLY strong!! :P
Repurchase: No
Jenn's Rating: ! 4 Stars! Good product - but won't be repurchasing because of the overpowering scent!! :S


Got gold somemore, don't play-play k!! XD

Product Description

Oriental therapy sheet mask helps moisturize and optimize resilience of dry, dull skin.

The Double Water Capture System of Hyaluronic Acid and Betaine from sugar beet floods the skin with moisture while forming a protective barrier for ultra hydration. Song-i mushroom and Ginseng extracts, nano Gold and White Birch sap in the formulation immediately replenishes the skin with nutrients for a complexion that looks radiantly revitalized.

Illuminate your skin for a radiant, flawless complexion with traditional Korean herbal therapy all seasons throughout the year.


Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:
This mask is dripping wet, so be careful not to spill any essence when you take it out of the pack! This doesn't leave a sticky feel after using! :) The scent of this one is SUPER STRONG!! And the scent lingers on your skin... :P


This mask is individually packed into their respective foil packs and is sold by the piece.

Like the White Tree one, this mask comes in two pieces:

This is how it looks like on my face:

Time Test:
15-20 minutes is all you need! :)

Price & Availability:
This mask is priced at RM9.90 each and is available at all The Face Shop outlets. For girls in the US, you can get this at Walgreens at US$2.99 each (or get two at US$5!).

Since this brightens really well, its perfect to use before an event to make your skin glow! ;)

My $0.02:

I'm back from my CNY "break"!! I sure had the most wonderful time pigging out and meeting up with relatives and friends!! :D :D

Ok back to the review! lol!! I'm always game for brightening masks, so when i saw this mask going for almost 50% off, i HAD to get it! lol!! :D

The moment i put this on, my nose was greeted by an overpowering scent of flowers and powder!! lol!! Seriously, it's been an hour since i took it off my face, and i STILL can smell it on my skin!! UGH!!

That aside, i have to say that this is a pretty good sheet mask!! The thing i love most about it is that it made my skin felt SUPER SOFT after using!! I can't stop touching my face!! haha!! :D Also, it brightens up my skin and moisturizes well too!! :D

Here's how i look after using this:

So in a nutshell, this is a good product, but i wish they didn't put SO MUCH fragrance in there! I won't repurchase because of this!

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  1. you are seriously the queen of all masks Jenn! :) Love all your masks reviews! though I am very conservative with masks usage :) I like reading reviews!

  2. Thanks for the review. Sounds like a good products but it's too bad about the scent. I hate strong scent in beauty products too.

  3. Nikki: thank you sis!! :D I think i'm addicted to sheet masks!! lol!! :P :P

  4. gio: yeah its too bad!! It would have been perfect if it was fragrance free!! :D

  5. Welcome back!~ Did you get lots of ang pao?

  6. Thank you Lisa! No i didnt... i get to give out instead!! hehehe!! ;)

    How about you? :D

  7. i bought the box one with 6 small jars in a pack, I have used it once and seriously my face was whitened after a single application!

  8. Great review! I've always wanted to try out masks from all the various Asian brands, but never did as I didn't know how well they'd perform! Thanks!

  9. xin: sounds great!! Is that one so strongly fragranced like this one too? :D

  10. Musicalhouses: icic!! You're most welcome! Do give them a try... you might like them!! :D

  11. I will try this one out when TFS is having a sale. Hm, I gather since you're not into strong scents, you are not into perfumes/fragrances? =) Let me know if I am wrong! =P

  12. I do like perfumes, but i don't wear them because i find that they turn rancid on me! Strangely, only i seem to think that way... it smells perfectly fine to the people around me!

    Come to think of it, maybe that's why... my nose can't take it!! hehehe!! :D

  13. Those masks are all the rage these days, aren't they? I've been wanting to try 'em out... Thank you for sharing your experience!


  14. You're most welcome!! :D Do lemme know how do you find these masks!! :D

  15. Lovely blog! Just came across it!

  16. can you compare faceshop, philosophy, skin food and etude products?
    i have a combination skin type.. :(
    dreaming to bring back my supple skin but stress has been so powerful it ruined my skin.


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