Saturday, February 13, 2010

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection Swatches + Reviews

Before i begin, i would just like to THANK ALL OF YOU from the bottom of my heart for your understanding and concern!! The mil has been discharged from the hospital (and up and about at home already nagging at everyone - it's a good sign, really! lol!! Don't tell her that i said that though! XD), and given a clean bill of health, so it's really great!! Just in time for CNY too!! :D I'm sure your well wishes and prayers must have helped!! *hugs*

Onto the main topic! I manage to go swatch this collection which has finally arrived on our shores after one grand month! *yawns* And i'm MAJORLY PISSED that they did not bring in the Beauty Powder Blushes, which are the two items that i've been dying to check out!! MAJOR SIN!!! ARGH!!!

I've had high hopes for the new brow pencils and the brow marker, but sadly, the are a disappointment. Will elaborate more later! And i did not swatch the items available in the permenant line (brow sets, eye brows and blot powders) due to time constraint so i apologize for that!

Ok enough rambling for now. Lets go onto the swatches! :D

Lipsticks (US$14 / RM63):

Equality (Lustre) - Creamy pale yellow beige. This reminds me of a sheerer, more wearable version of the Fleshpot lippie... still thinking if i should go back for this one...
Myself (Lustre) - Light dirty mauve with travelling pearl. This goes on sheer and its not terribly unique, but i have a strange feeling that this will be the first color to sell out! :P
5N (Lustre) - Plummy sheer brown. This lippie would look lovely on darker skin tones. This is a repromote from the N-Collection.

Sadly, we did not get Empowered so i don't have the swatch for this color! Sorry! :(

Lipglasses (US$14 / RM63):

Naked Frost - Sheer taupe with silver pearl. I wanted to get this color initially, but was reminded of why i didn't get it the first time around when it came out with the Chill collection - it's a little too frosty!
Glamour For All - Sheer pale baby pink with pearl. Not another terribly unique color, but it's really pretty!! :D
Spirit & Soul - Frosted dark cool brown. This one is quite pigmented, and methinks that it would look great both by its own or layered over a similar lippie!
Liqueur - Frosted mid tone pink brown. What a hot color!!

Eyeshadows (US$14.50 / RM58):

All Races (Matte) - Cool light mauve taupe. This is quite a unique color, but is really sheer!
Banshee (Lustre) - Dirty taupe with frost and sparkle diamond cluster. This has gotta be one of the nicer Lustres MAC has released so far! It doesn't go on terribly chunky or glittery... its quite smooth in fact! :D
Cross Cultural (Matte) - Dark dirty yellow brown. Not a very unique color, but the texture is nice!! :D
Showstopper (Matte) - Deep blackened brown. Like Cross Cultural, it's not very unique, but the matte texture is a dream to apply! :D

Impeccable Brow Pencils (US$15 / RM62) & Penultimate Brow Marker (US$16.50 / RM65):

Blonde - Pale yellow brown.
Dirty Blonde - Cool light brown.
Taupe - Mid tone dirty taupe
Black - Blackened dark neutral brown.
Universal - Universal (lol!)

As you can see from the swatches above, these pencils go on patchy!! :( And as "universal" as they want to market the Universal Penultimate Brow Marker, methinks that its abit too light for asian skintones! :(

Pigments (US$19.50 / RM82):

Universal Mix - Sparkly white gold. This doesn't go on very opaque, so its best to layer it over another eyeshadow! :)
Rich Life - Dark cool brown with silver. This goes on beautifully, and methinks that the silver sparkles give it a nice twist to the otherwise boring brown!! :D

ps: i know alot of people have been complaining about the new packaging for pigments containing less product at the same price so i won't mention it anymore, but i'll just have to say that i HATED the new packaging!! It looks / feels cheap IMHO! :P

That's all for now!! Didcha get anything from this collection? :D

It's Chinese new year's eve, and i'm ready to stuff my face silly with all that good food already!! I've been meaning to do CNY FOTD, but i've been sick (gross runny nose ewwww) so that'll have to wait!! How time flies... this is my second year giving out red packets already!! :P And no, i'm not having babies anytime soon, so please don't ask unless you want me to whack you with an empty Kuih Kapit milo tin! lol!! :D

To all my dear Chinese readers, i wish you a wonderful and prosperous Chinese New Year!! Travel safe and have fun k!! To those of you who're not celebrating, do have a great weekend too yeah! :D


  1. hey dear, Happy CNY to you too! BTW, MAC doesn't really appeal to me anymore. =\ donno who's fault anyway. hahahha. but did you get anything this time? do share! =D

  2. I'm not into natural shades so this collection didn't appeal to me at all.

    Happy CNY hun!

  3. Sue: I'm not feeling the current collections too... but MAC definitely have a few collections coming up that got my heart afluttering! haha!! :D

    I didn't get anything from this collection... yet! :P Only get my staple Cleanse off oil! lol! :P

    Happy CNY to you too!!! :D

  4. gio: icic!! I personally think that MAC has enough neutrals in their permenant line already!! haha!! :D

    Happy Chinese New Year to you too... though i know you don't celebrate!! hehehe!! :D

  5. thank you very much for the swatches! i bought a lot from this collection. it's always great to see how the swatches look on other people's skin!

  6. glad to know things are looking up a bit :) And hey, Happy Valentine's Day and Happy CNY!

  7. Happy Chinese New Year to you as well! Even though I am not chinese, I celebrate it, haha

  8. I'm only interested in the BPBs, otherwise I think this collection is blah! It hasn't even come out in my country. In fact, none of this years collections - and it is already mid February!

  9. Blusherine: you're most welcome!! :D What didcha get from this collection?? :D

  10. Nikki: awww thank you sweetie!!! Same to you my dear!! Happy CNY and Valentines!! :D

  11. hagelschaden: icic! Happy Chinese New Year to you then!! hehehe!! :D Hope you've had a great one! :D

  12. Ms: Yikes... that sucks huh!! Where're you at?

  13. Finland. Greeting from here up north!

  14. Oh!! Hello!! :D I hope the MAC collections make their way there soon enough!! :D

  15. Hi Jenn,
    Just wondering, when will the MAC In Lillyland collection be arriving the shores of Malaysia? Any idea? Thanks a bunch!

  16. Not too sure about Penang, but i believe it's out in KL already! :)

    Do give your local counter a call and see! ;)

  17. Hi Jenn,

    just to let u know that the counters carry the Blushers (both of them) now. the stocks came in a lil later than the rest of the collection. as of yesterday, they still have stocks for both. I just got the Personal Taste.

    BTW, spring forecast is here now. :)


  18. Thanks so much YS!! Are you from Penang?? :D I can't wait to check out the spring forecast stuff!! :D


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