Saturday, January 30, 2010

Saturdays are for Sharing!! :D

Good things are even better when shared right? Hehehe!! Do hop by these favourite posts of mine by the other lovely girls in the Beauty Blogsphere! :D

Beetrice of Beetrice's Reviews showcases her Christmas gifts!!
Connie of Skin Deco wrote a really informative 101 on Eye Primers!
Nikki of Askmewhats shows us whats in her traincase!! :D
Paris of Mywomenstuff swatches her absolutely beautiful Dior palettes for us! :D
Plue of Beauty Up My Life makes me wanna get me some contacts too!!
Syen of So Loverly (aka Blush Princess) reveals the number of blushes she owns!! Jaw dropping!! :O
Xin of Pretty Beautiful makes us all jealous - she gets to fly an aircraft!!!
Yani of Red Luscious Lips gives a fact that would probably freak my husband out even more! XD

And oh... Saturdays are for Swimsuit Shopping too!! I'm having a minor panic attack now cuz i havent manage to go look for one yet (and my flight is less than 24 hours away...)! Worse come to worse i'll just have to wear my old "crunchy" one!!! Pray with me that it doesn't crumble apart when i put it on!! HAhahaha!!! XD

Have a great weekend ahead people!! :D

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