Friday, January 29, 2010

No FOTD today...

... because the one i intended to post up (but forgot to take pictures of until the end of the day) got smudged pretty badly, so i thought i'd do a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) instead! :D

I've been receiving quite a few emails asking these questions, and though i don't mind answering them personally to you lovely readers who took the time to write me wonderful emails, i thought i'll put some of them here so those of you who had or have the same questions will now know the answers to them! lol! So here it goes! :D

1. Are you a full time blogger / Tai tai?
Oh how i wish i am! Unfortunately money don't grow on trees or in threes for me, so i need a job to feed my makeup addiction myself!

2. What nationality are you? You don't look Indian! (lol!)
I'm Malaysian Chinese, but a true born Penangite - i live to eat and not the other way around! lol! I relocated to India for about a year, but back to my little island for good.

3. Can you review product X?
If it's something you saw me posting in my haul posts, then yes, i'll most probably do a review on it (please shoot me a comment / email if i didn't post it and you want a review on it! Don't be shy! :D)! But if it's something i don't own, please understand that i may not review it because:

1. It's impossible both practically and financially for myself to buy something just to try them out
2. Not everything is available where i live
3. Um, i'll actually need to be at least curious about the product before i feel the urge to buy it? Ok stop throwing rotten eggs at me now, just being honest here! XD

4. What do you recommend buying in India / Bangalore?
Max Factor, Bourjois and LUSH if you're from Malaysia... since these brands are not available here. And Lays potato chips at only 20 rupees each (RM1.60 / US0.45)!!! I miss them already!! :D

5. Is MAC cheaper in India?
No! For example, eyeshadows cost 820 rupees (approx. RM67), lipglosses cost 870 rupees (approx. RM71) and lipsticks cost 920 rupees (approx. RM75).

6. What products do you recommend for acne / acne-prone skin / how to stop pimples?
I get a surprising amount of emails on this question! And to be very frank, i really don't know the answer to this as i'm not acne prone, so i'm really sorry! My suggestion is to visit a dermatologist - he or she will be able to provide you with a solution!

As for the occasional pimple here and there, i love dabbing the Queen Helene Mint Julep Mask on it overnight, or covering it with the Nexcare Acne Patch! :)

7. Can you review more drugstore items?
I always try to include both drugstore and departmental store brands in my reviews, so stay tuned! :)

8. How can you afford all that makeup??
Well i can't!!! lol!! Seriously, its something i work hard for. Some people spend on expensive gadgets, some people splurge on cars. My "thing" just happen to be makeup! At the end of the day i'll just have to make sure that it's not something i have to starve myself to get you know?

Argh i know i'm just rambling on here, but there's really no graceful way to answer this! :(

9. Can you show us your makeup collection??
Maybe i will someday!! ;)

and finally, the most asked question ever:

10. What lipglass is that in your avatar? :D
It's the 2N lipglass from the N-Collection 2 years ago (coming to 3 already... sigh!!!)! If you wanna get your paws on this baby, get it NOW with the Warm and Cozy collection. Just cross your fingers that it doesn't smell as bad as mine!!

That's all for now!! I'm soooo looking forward to the long weekend when i'll be off to Langkawi (so i apologize for not being able to reply to your comments / emails promptly, pleaase bear with me k!!)!

What do you have in store for the weekend?


  1. SO Happy!!! I'm going back to Penang for the weekend!!
    Gosh, I miss Penang Food.. SO SO SOOO MUCH!!!! Last time i went back, i put on 3kg~~ hehee

  2. Wow... that's great news! Have a fun safe trip home k!! :D

    Where are you at now?

  3. Enjoyed reading the FAQs! Couldn't agree more with #3, #6, #8.
    Langkawi! :D Love that place to bits. Have fun! This weekend I'll be having brunch and that's all I think.

  4. i also wish i could be a tai tai and grow $$ at home..LOL

  5. don't we all wish money grow on trees and let's not have a full time job and just play with makeup? hahaha love the way you answer questions, I've been asked why I can purchase a lot of makeup too! We do earn for it :)

  6. Connie: me too!! Can't wait to get away from the madness of work and just chill and drink (cheap) beer for a few days!! :D

  7. Xin: i don't want to be a taitai and grow money at home... i want to be a taitai and SPEND money outside!! wakakaka!! XD

  8. Nikki: ya don't we all?? But methinks that working hard to get something just makes us appreciate it all the more ya? ;)

  9. ts a nice FAQ session..

    n yes,Lay's os supercheap i end up plumping myself SO SO much in india..

    lost 8kg since i came back (still,took me 2 years to lose dat much..sigh~ naik senang)

    and im so going again..Air Asia thru and fro promotional is only rm479!!

  10. Wow!! I need to be disciplined like you!! I also need to lose 8kgs!! Now i know where i got those kilos from... damn those evil potato chips!! hahaha!! XD

    Ya!!! I'm bugging the husband to bring me to the Taj Mahal already!! hahaha!! XD


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