Saturday, January 16, 2010

MAC Warm & Cozy Collection Review + Swatches! :D

I know!! I'm so behind on these updates!! lol!! Have been really busy so by the time i hit the store, most items are gone already! T_T

I was really excited about this one because i'm into neutrals lately, and i realise that i don't own many neutral colours! But when i did checked them out in person, i was sorely disappointed! :(

Eyeshadows (RM58 / US$14.50):

Chamomile (Satin) - Creamy pale yellow. This one's not creamy at all!! It's quite chalky, and i had to swatch like, 8 times to get it to show up in the pic above!!
Modelette (Satin) - Mid-tone warm camel. This is actually really beautiful both color and texture wise, and i'm bummed that it's sold out!! T_T
Mulled Cider (Satin) - Dark warm brown. This one's a little better than Chamomile in terms of texture, but still chalky!!
Embark (Matte) - Intense reddish brown. This is permenant, so no hurries to get this one! :D

Shadesticks (RM68 / US$16.50):

Cuddle - Frosted light golden yellow. This one goes on lumpy!! :S
Nurture - Frosted pale neutral peach beige. This one's a little better than Cuddle, but it's still a little lumpy!! haha :P
Warm & Cozy - Frosted burnt amber with red and gold pearl. This has beautiful texture!! :D
Relaxed - Frosted dark chocolate brown. This one has the best texture among the 4! :)

Lipsticks and Lipglasses (RM63 / US$14):

Warm Me Up (Amplified) - Creamy mid-tone neutral pink. This one's really pigmented and smooth!! :D
Siss (Satin) - Muted golden beige. This one goes on smoothly as well! I LOVE the color!! :D This one's permenant! :)
Spiced Tea (Glaze) - Warm bronzed brown. This being a glaze requires a few swipes before you can get a opaque colour, but the color's pretty! :D

2N - Creamy neutral yellow pink. This one's a little pinker than the original 2N!!
Feeling Dreamy - Pale neutral pink with pink pearl. This color's not terribly unique, but it's pretty!! :D
Light that Fire -Mid-tone burnt coral with pearl. This one's GORGEOUS!!!
3N - Neutral brown with gold and pink pearl. This one would look lovely on WOCs! :)

Nail Lacquers (RM42 / US$12):

One coat each

Blissed Out (Cream) - Creamy light nude. This one's hardly noticable!!
Dim the Lights (Cream) - Creamy warm dark chocolate. This one goes on streaky!!

Mineralize Skinfinishes (RM115 / US$27):

By Candlelight - Golden pink. Smooth and buttery - this has gotta be my favourite MSF ever!! I had to literally peel myself away from it lest i give in and bring it home!! lol!! :D
Comfort - Golden bronze. This looks a little orange, but i think it'll look lovely on darker skintones!! :D

That's all for this collection!! Stay tuned for the Love Lace collection! ;)


  1. I ended up hauling a lot from this collection - shadesticks and MSFs weren't even planned and somehow they have a new home in my drawer! ;) Modelette is a surprisingly beautiful color - I've ended up using it a lot since I got it home.

  2. warm me up lipstick caught my attention big time! :)

  3. I like a lot from this collection, it's Macs best one for some time IMO - I picked up Nurture shadestick and By Candlelight MSF but I want to go back for Warm & Cozy & Relaxed shadesticks

  4. ahhhh I am sooooo tempted to get the Spiced Tea lippie :D Thx for the swatches!

  5. Warm Me up is gorgeous, but I kenot bring myself to buy it :P

    The MSF is pretty right?? I love By Candlelight, but I need ask u something since I bought online...

    When I receive it, it got powder flying all over the container, dunno if it's open b4 or swatch b4 or not. I a bit paranoid la...

  6. the eyeshadows are! sowee.. hihi. the only thing appeals to me are the lippies and glossies :P but i don't think i'll spend any on these collection..

  7. Warm me up and Light That Fire are gorgeous! But everything else looks boring to me, esp the eyeshadows.

  8. scarlettholly: icic!! Congrats on your new items!! hehehe!! :D

    Yeah Modelette is really beautiful, and i'm heartbroken that it's sold out here!! :(

  9. Nikki: icic!! The texture's beautiful too!! ;)

  10. Stefanie: ic!! Yeah the darker shadesticks are pretty!! :)

  11. Shilka: haha you're most welcome!! I hope you manage to get it!! :D

  12. plue: by candlelight is realllly pretty!! had to literally force myself to put it back onto the shelf man!! :D

    Ya that's normal la. Especially for mineralize products! Don't worry la! :)

  13. Sue: ya, the eyeshadows disappointed me in real life. MAC definitely has better neutral shades in their permenant line!! :D

  14. gio: icic!! Yeah the lippies are gorgeous... the texture's beautiful too!! :D

  15. gah!! I need to look away from By Candlelight... tis so pretty :(

    idontneedthis idontneedthis idontneedthis!

  16. ya youdontneedthis youdontneedthis youdontneedthis!!!

    but you sure want it!! wakaka!! XD

    But seriously, i had to peel myself away from it too!!! It's too pretty!! >.<


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