Tuesday, January 19, 2010

MAC Love Lace Collection Review + Swatches! :D

This is kinda like a repromote of last year's Chill Collection, with cool colors for winter! :D I'm kinda disappointed that they did not repromote the Snowscene snowscene (which i thought i could skip... sigh!!!) this round.

Eyeshadows (RM58 / US$14.50):

Pincurl (Frost) - Dusty White. This one's kinda chalk and doesn't behave like a frost at all!! This is repromoted from last year's Brunette Blonde Redhead collection.
Hypnotizing (Frost) - Frosted grey mauve. A full sized one from the Sorceress palette from the last Holiday collection. It's beautiful, and i'm still thinking if i should go back for this one!! :D
Suave Intentions (Veluxe Pearl) - Light frosted silver blue. Super pretty with the perfect buttery texture.
Love Lace (Veluxe Pearl) - Frosted mid-tone greyish blue. I'm kinda on the fence about this color because i *think* i have something similar in my collection, but the texture's beautiful!! :D

Lipglasses and Lipsticks (RM63 / US$14):

Icescape - Sheer pale pink with pink pearl. This is repromoted from last year's Chill Collection
Utterly Discrete - Sheer frosted cool icy mauve. This one looks more brown than mauve to me!! haha!! :D

Pretty Please (Lustre) - Pale pink pearl. This color's a bit sheer! This one's permenant! :)
Intricate (Frost) - Frosted cool icy taupe. This is such a unique color!! :D

Eye Kohl / Kohl Power Eye Pencils (RM65 / US$14.50) / Eye Brows (RM60 / US$15):

Facinating Eye Kohl - Intense matte white. This one's permenant. This has been on my wishlist for AGES!! :D
Raven Kohl Power - Intense red with black pearl. This one appears more plummy brown than red on me!! :D
Sense of Style Kohl Power - Blackened deep marine blue. I've had SO HIGH HOPES for this one, but it looks just blah in real life! *sobs*
Feline Kohl Power - Rich black. Me wants this one!!! Now somebody kick me for not getting this!!
Stud Eye Brows - Deep rich blackened brown. This one's permenant! :)

Nail Lacquer (RM42 / US$12):

Light Affair (Cream) - Creamy pale grey taupe. This goes on a little streaky!

So what did i get from this collection? :D

Haha, typical of me i know... i'm just a sucker for blues. Now somebody convince me that i don't need Feline or Hypnotizing please!! XD


  1. I got Love Lace & Suave Intentions and I'm trying to decide if I need Hypnotizing too.

    I did however get Feline and I love it. =) *bad influence*

  2. thank you for doing all these, I don't have to go to MAC counters myself to checkout collections but all I need to do is check out your site!

  3. oh, i have to say that love lace eye shadow is soooo gorgeous. the lipgloss icescape and lipstick pink please melt my heart...

  4. Allie: lol!! I'm trying hard to resist Feline since i hardly ever wear black eyeliner... but i'll admit that it's hard!! :D

  5. Nikki: you're most welcome!! It's my pleasure!! hehehe!! :D

  6. ning * star: yup those you mentioned were gorgeous, especially the eyeshadows!! :D

    Didcha get anything from this collection?

  7. gio: they are!! I love all colors (except Pincurl)! :D

  8. darling- feline is already our of stock.. hhehehe >.<

    if there is anything else like.. 'by candle light' mineralize skinfinish..we still have that... >.< give Joanne a call!~~ hehe..

  9. lol! I don't know about you but I used to have feline and it smudges like crazy on my eye :S

  10. Ooh, I love the eyeshadows but I'm not a big fan or the nail poilsh colours.

  11. nix: alamak!! Money saved for me then!! lol!! :D

    Don't tempt me la... you know how i had to resist getting that one!!! XD

  12. Sue: ya i heard it smudges on some, and is virtually budgeproof for others! really need to try it for myself someday!! >.<

  13. keepingbeauty: yep the eyeshadows are gorgeous!! I'm not feeling the dirty white polish too!! >.<

  14. I'm not too keen on this collection, it's too cool coloured for me, but i love love love raven! it is the best brown eyeliner, a mua used it on me in a makeover and it's replaced my black! i love the little sparkly bits XD I like your love lace look (pretty!!) xoxo

  15. Icic!! Yeah Raven is such a beautiful color!! :D

    And thank you!! <3


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