Sunday, January 10, 2010

I know!!!

It's like i fell off the face of the planet right?? lol!! I'm shoooooo sorry!! I got carted off to the capital for 4 days at very very last minute (albeit a super fun) for the new year! There we sampled very good food... and i came back a very round and satisfied girl!! hehehe!! :D

What we ate in that 4 days (warning: pic heavy! And don't see when you're hungry:D):

Wahahaha!! Are you hungry now?? :D As a result of all those food, i have the Belt of Orion on my forehead now:

Shooo painful!!! T_T

We also manage to do a little shopping (just a little i promise!! haha!!)! Won't bore you with the household stuff we got from Ikea and Daiso, but i the only beauty stuff i got from KL are:

The Marks & Spencer Rose body cream and the Kiehl's scrub (was set on buying after reading Bee's review on it, but was completely SOLD when the SA tried it on my hand!!)

I also did a little clothes shopping:

Haha, i think you can probably tell that i have an OCD problem... XD

Andddddd, the best thing i got from Daiso:

It's called an Accessory Thing Box:

Huh??? Whats the fusss you wonder. lol! Well, i'm super happy to annouced that they fit MAC shadow pots nicely:

Ok, you can boo me now, but can you blame me for being anal about stuff fitting almost perfectly in their boxes? lol!! XD

Alright, that's all for now!! Transmission will return to normal soon once Jenn comes back to Planet Earth (hopefully in a few days' time)! lol!! XD

And oh, before i forget, I did something to my hair!! :D

This is before:

Double chin!!!!!!!! Argh i'm so round now!!! T_T

And this is now:

Ignore Alnilam, argh so ugly!! :P

The top is supposed to be a little puffier than this but its flat now because i didn't wash my hair... =X

I'm still getting used to the color... its abit lighter than what i'd like:

It's slightly lighter than this IRL! T_T

What sayeth you? Nice or not?? :P

Oklah, that's really all for now! Haha!! Have a wonderful week ahead!! (i'm dreading monday already... T_T)


  1. Just started following you, love the blog ^^
    I love your new hair, it's so pretty and romantic with the curls and the colour looks great on you!

  2. hi there!

    i've been a silent reader for quite some time now.. =D

    btw, i think your hair is cute..maybe you can do anime eyes..sorry, kinda imagining sailormoon.. *_*

  3. food porn at its best!!!! yumm yumm :)

    love your new hair! really pretty :)
    and the accessory box is also nice!

  4. ok that really made me hungry lol

  5. You look wonderful with your new hair colour! I'm so tempted to scoot off to the salon for some sweet pampering! haha :)

  6. OMG Jen! You're so funny. Orion's belt. Hahahaha. I was wondering what you're talking about!

    By the way~ If you love fish! You should try the famous steamed fish at Rawang. Or have you tried it yet? :)

    Ohhh and also do you still want somemore body lotion/cream? I'm gonna sell some of mine... 'cause my skin is reacting. :(

  7. Ooh, you look like such a doll! *pinch pinch*

    Is the pic between the tauhu and bread showing clear soup? Cos it kinda looks like water with tadpoles to me... =/

  8. i am so glad i've just got back from stuffing my face at pizza hut - to the point of feeling sick - or there would have been some serious droolage going on.
    (eye spy some seekh kabab! yummo!)

  9. love yr hair color!!!! :D round=happiness right?

    lemme guess...hmmm teluk pulai bak kut teh?

  10. OHEMGEEEE! Those are super yummy food photos! Food PORN indeed! girl girl girl! Godiva?? You didn't gain a single pound! and wow on your hair you look gorgeous! love the color too! I am in love with you! LOL

  11. i saw lor mee.. lol :D btw, your hair color is niceeeeeeee!! i don't even dare to color them so light! lol! maybe do another pic after you wash your hair! i wanna see the real kaler please :D

  12. Nice food! And I love your hair too. Wanted to make my fringe non-wave, like yours. But for some reason, I ended up letting the hairdresser curl it. :P

  13. cute blog! and as for myself i'm a makeups fanatic too. looks like i will be following you! lol
    by the way all those food look reallyyyy good yumm..


  14. haha even if i wasnt hungry at first
    i am now having the urge to munch on something

  15. I love your new hair, you look beautiful!

    The food looks yummy. I'm hungry now lol.

  16. LOL at the belt of orion :P

    Oooh nice hairstyle! So stylo-milo :P

  17. OHMYWORD! That's a LOTTA food babe! LOL. Glad you had fun going around and shopping and all. When are we going to meeet? =P

  18. I've realised that I take KL food for granted. That's a lot to eat!
    Aiyoh, pimples :( Nvm, they'l recover! Gah! I was looking looking looking at that box and wondered if my MAC shadows will fit. I hesitated and bout a cutlery tray instead -_- ok, next time I happen to go Daiso then I buy that box. Did you buy the thinner one (that ngam ngam fits) or the thicker one that leaves a lot of space above?
    LOVE the hair! That's the color I want for my hair (now it looks like rust)

  19. aww, you were in KL?? darn...some of the places in the makan pics are obvious, but is that Hai Peng I spot in the seafood pics? ;)

    heehee...the Kiehl's exfoliator is good rite? I in turn was influenced by Paris to get it... :p

    lovely haul though, and don't worry, the "orion's belt" will be gone in no time (plus you had a fab time right??) :D

  20. Hi there, I like your hair colour, do you remember what is the colour code?

  21. Jeri: Thank you so much for the support and those kind words!! :D

  22. goodies goodies: hey!! thanks for commenting!! :D

    I might someday!! ;)

  23. oOchaOo: hehe... yeah!! I always drool even at the thought of them... mmmm!!! :D

  24. Mavis: thank you!!! You should!! Didcha go?? hehehe!! :D

  25. Zoe: eh my friend did mention about the wonderful fish at Rawang... but we didn't go cuz it's abit far! Must try next time!!

    Oh dear... i hope your skin gets better! I still have a few bottles of lotions to finish so i think i better dun buy anymore right now! hehe!! :D

  26. Eli: Thank you dear! That's Balsamic in olive oil! Luckily you said tadpoles! My colleague said they look like sperm... -___-|||

  27. su-pah: hehehe!! Mmm... craving for pizza now!! :D

    Oh so it's not seekh kebab (didn't know that its supposed to spell like that... it's always spelled Shish Kebab / Kabob in Bangalore! lol!!)... but i can't remember the name of that one! haha!! :D

  28. xin: hehehe thank you!! But i dowan to be fat!!! T_T

    Yeah smart girl!!! You're correct!! ;)

  29. Nikki: hahaha you're always such a darling!!! *hugs*

    i didn't gain weight but i sure did gain inches!! hahaha!! XD

  30. Sue: eh... got meh?? Or is one of the dish called Lor Mee in KL?? hahaha paiseh i really blur!! :P

    I also have never colored my hair so light before!! Lesson learnt - always confirm the color if you let your stylist pick it for you!! >.<

    The pic i posted is after i wash it once already!! hehe!! :D

  31. Jyoan: icic!! i'm sure it looks wonderful on you la!! haha!! :D

  32. StuddedLilly: thanks for the support!! Hi5 to my fellow makeup addict!! hehehe!! :D

  33. gio: thank you!!! and sorry for making you hungry!! haha!! :P

  34. Tine: haha!! Aiyo you make me paiseh!! :P

  35. Syen: yah!!! Fat already!! hahaha!!

    Don't say already!! I felt so sad that i didn't get to meet you all!!! This was so last minute that i didn't have time to plan anything!! lol!! :D Will definitely meet up with you all the next time round!! :D

  36. Connie: hehehe ya i tend to take things for granted here too!! I got soooo food sick when i was India... everyday crave for Laksa and Hokkien Mee!! >.<

    I bought the thin thin ngam ngam one!! :D

    Eh i think this color would look GREAT on your skintone!! Go dye!!! :D

  37. Bee: yeah!!! So sad don't get to meet up with you all!! A few days before that Plue just asked me if i was going to KL... and i said i don't think so!!! ARGH!!! T_T

    The seafood place i went to is called Kwai Lam i think!! :D Where is Hai Peng??? Maybe check that one out when i go down next time! :D

    ya the Kiehls scrub is ahmazing!! Me loves it!!! <3

  38. Anon: i don't know the code, but it's called Copper Blonde i think! :)

  39. Next time we make Penang trip go raid you then you take us go makan k? :p I'll be heading up to Penang for CNY but mainland
    My cutlery tray didn't work *sighs* I'll go buy the one you got next time.

  40. does this mean you're not buying more MAC eyeshadows because your box is almost full? or did you buy a couple of boxes? :P :P :P

    I'm guessing its the latter!

  41. Connie: of course!! We go whack all that food together k!! haha!! :D

    Icic... do give me a holler if you come over the bridge!! :D

    I almost got that cutlery tray! I got this one instead because this has a lid! :D Go buy... but leave some for me!! hehehe!! :D

  42. Malditang Doktora: Your guess is right!! hehehe!! ;)

  43. Hi Jenn

    O my, you really r an EATer (like me!) I love to try new food. Looking at the photos, do you mind to tell which place you ate the middle eastern food? It looks good, the hummus.. hehe. And is the Godiva at Pavilion?
    By the way, did you do your hair urself? It's a nice color, if you did what hair colour brand did u use? : )

  44. Hi Intan! :D

    Ahaha woopss... i guess its no secret anymore that i love food!! hehehe!! :D

    I had the Lebanese food at Al-Amar. It's at Pavilion :) Ya Godiva is at Pavilion too!! :)

    I did my hair color at the saloon!! Thank you! I don't know what brand my stylist used... but i think the color is called Copper Blonde. Hths!! :D

  45. Jenn! Next time you come down must tell us >< Or maybe next time we go up we tell you ;) We go sapu all the Penang food :D

  46. Your new hair looks cute on you!!! But I think you should consider tinting your brows, it would really complete the look :)

  47. Paris: yes i will!!! And yes, please tell me when you girls come up... i'll bring you all to literally eat until you pop!! hahaha!! XD

  48. Anon: awww thank you!!! I'm still a little apprehensive about tinting my brows... but i do use a brow tint everytime i put on makeup!! hehehe!! :D


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