Monday, December 14, 2009

Sorry! :(

Masking Mondays will be on hiatus today and maybe next week(s) too. Ditto FOTD Fridays! I've been so busy nowadays that i can't even find time to sleep... so tired! T_T

Hopefully things will get better after Christmas! Please bear with me in the meanwhile!! There'll still be scheduled posts every now and then so please check back soon! :D

Have you done your Christmas shopping yet? I havent... i know, somebody shoot me already! :P


  1. aw take care ok :( rest more and will be waiting for your updates to resume :)

  2. LOL..don't worry sweetie, you're not the only one (I share your shame, so we can both stab ourselves with skewers..!!)

    will be waiting for you to get back - just take time out and enjoy the holiday season..easier said than done, but that's what Christmas is for right? :)

  3. Taking a break is healthy...
    We'll be here when you get back :)
    Take care, k?

  4. xin: thank youuuuu!! hope to be freeee soon!! i need sleep!! haha!! :D

  5. bee: ahaha really?? You take care too k!! :D

    Hope to be able to chill soon!! Once this madness ends i'm so going to break the bank "releasing" all those pent up tension... >.<

  6. Connie: awwwww... thats so nice to hear!! I will be back soon enough... so wait for meeee!! :D :D

    You take care too!! *hugs*

  7. Take care and enjoy the holidays hun.

    will all be waiting for you to come back :)

  8. thank you hun!!! <3 I hope to be back sooon!!! :D

    Happy holidays to you too!!


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