Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Product Review: LUSH Coalface Cleanser

At a Glance:
Price: US$10.95 for 3.5oz. (approx. RM40.52) or Rs. 560 for 100g in India (approx. RM45.71)
Weight: 100g
Made in: USA
Likes: Cleans well, not-so-offensive scent, quality ingredients! :D
Gripes: Grey is such a horrible color... hahaha! :P
Repurchase: Probably no for myself, but the husband says yes! :D
Jenn's Rating: 4.5 Stars! Great cleanser for oilier skin types! :D

Liquorice Root Decoction (Glycyrrhiza glabra), Propylene Glycol, Sodium Palm Kernelate, Sodium Stearate, Rosewood Oil (Aniba rosaeordora), Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Powdered Charcoal, Sandalwood Oil (Santalum album), Glycerine, Sodium Chloride, EDTA, Tetrasodium Etidronate, *Linalool, Perfume, Silver Edible Lustre (Potassium aluminum silicate, Titanium dioxide, Iron oxides and hydroxides).

Product Description:

Removes impurities and tones combination skin
Who would have thought charcoal and liquorice could get along? One is tough and gritty, the other sweet and syrupy. But charcoal and liquorice could just be the odd couple of skin care, teaming up to fight oily, troubled skin in our Coalface cleanser. Powdered charcoal removes impurities and mildly exfoliates while liquorice heals naturally. Sandalwood oil tones the skin (and mediates should charcoal and liquorice disagree about anything).

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:

Like the Queen of Hearts one, this soap is quite soft, so be careful not to drop it! It foams up well once rubbed with water. This one rinses clean too! :)

This smells like licorice, which i'm not sure if everybody likes it (i personally find it weird, but i guess i can live with it!)!


This soap comes in a block wrapped in LUSH wax paper! :D Since this soap is quite soft, it really make sense to cut it into smaller pieces, use the small piece and leave the rest in the container in the fridge like Plue did with hers! :) I also like how this isn't as "melty" as some of the other LUSH soaps! This sample lasted my husband almost 3 months (he use this once a day)!! :D

Time Test:
My feels really clean for a few hours after using this one! :D

Price & Availability:
This soap is priced at US$10.95 (approx. RM40.52), and should be available at most LUSH stores and their website! It's also available in India for Rs. 560 per 100 grams! :D

My $0.02:

I got a generous sample of this one from the wonderful Plue! Thank you so much!! :D

I know this soap is more for people with oily skin, but i decided to try it anyways! :D For my combi-dry skin, it cleanses really well but it does leave my face feeling a litttttle bit tight so i'll probably reserve this for days when i really sweat alot! :D

It's wonderful for my husband with combi-oily (dry cheeks, oily t-zone) skin though! This restored my husband's face after his nasty experience with the Mandom Deep Current Facial Wash within days! His skin is so nice now! haha :P The husband is very pleased with this one as well! In his own words: "This one is good, but i don't like it because i don't have blackheads to squeeze now!!"


Anyways personally i have no complaints about this one, except the color! Blackish grey is soooooo unappealing! lol! :P

I asked my husband if he would buy this one again, he said yes initially! But when he found out that this costs over forty bucks, he said forget it (that silly boy is STILL looking for facial cleansers below RM10... and if you know any that works well and fits that budget, please gimme a hola! lol! XD)! As for myself, i won't be repurchasing this one because it's more for oily skin! :D

ps: i bought him a block anyways. But it came looking like it was wrapped in newspaper:

lol!! :P

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  1. You hubby is SO funny! I LOLed! :) Thinking of trying this cleanser one day. I've tried so many things (from LUSH as well) for my combination acne-prone skin, nothing seems to work well. But in case I won't like it my hubby will "enjoy his turn". lol

  2. LOL. i know! buy those cleansers in small size :p all below 10. i kinda like this soap too :D plue also gave me a piece to try.

  3. actually i got samo alot stash in the fridge! hahahaha!

    if u want tell me la~~~~~ :D :D :D

  4. we have the same hubby personality! hahah my hubby loves trying new stuffs too! the first photo looks like an external hard drive or something, thanks for the review :)

  5. lol!! both you and your husband are so funny. guys just love squeezing out blackheads, don't they? well, I like to pull blackheads outta his nose too. they'll happily use your expensive shampoo as body shampoo but they won't buy their own -_-

  6. I actually thought this is a body soap and I re-read it twice and was dumbfounded when this is a face cleaner. -_- the outlook of this soap doesn't look like it's meant to be use on the face. hahaha.. look so much like charcoal.. pretty interesting too!

  7. Your husband is so funny!

    The soap dosn't look very appealing but I think it could work well for my combination skin. Thanks for the review.

  8. nice! i actually got this (and another soap bar for hair)from Bangalore. Haven't tried it though, need to find something to stash the smaller piece hehe...

  9. HeavenNRJ: hehehe ya he's abit silly sometimes! XD Do try this one and lemme know how you like it! Which other LUSH products didcha try before? :D

  10. xin: the laogong still say "expensive" cuz "so little amount for RM7?!"!!! Really sweat with him la! haha!

    so nice of her huh!!! haha!! :D

  11. plue: ya man, imagine that piece you gave lasted almost 3 months already. One big block like that sure last for ages!! :D

  12. Nikki: ahaha hi 5!! :D Yeah the picture does look like a hdd! Add a circle in the middle plus some electronic thingies it'll BE one already!! haha!! XD

  13. Connie: oohhh yes!! But not only guys la... i'm obsessed with squeezing mine out too!! hahaha!! XD

    It's the other way around for my husband and me... i'm always stealing his stuff! =X

  14. Sue: oh really??? why is that so?? haha!!

    yalah, this one looks very ugly!! >.<

  15. gio: ahaha!! do give it a try and see how you like it! ;)

  16. SerraQuaL: icic!! So how was your BLR trip?? Didcha stock up on Lays? hahaha! ;)

  17. Thanx for replying! :) I have kind of "love-hate" relationship with LUSH. First I buy, then try, later regret, and then go for more. lol Btw, my hubby uses my stuff all the time. Lately I found out he uses Honey I Washed the Kids soap for his face! Can you imagine? lol

    PS in case you are interested in my LUSH experience, check my blog, I've posted 5-part series a couple of days ago. :)

  18. I din get to go BLR at the last minute lo, I got 'scrapped' off the trip 5 days before departure, some budget cut *sigh*. My colleague still went on, and got me those Lush items

  19. HeavenNRJ: ahaha!! I'm the same with shoes!! I know those heels will probably kill my feet but i'll still buy them, then complain later! :P

    Wow!! Your husband has good taste!! The HIWTK soap smells very nice!! :D

  20. SerraQuaL: icic!! That sucks huh!! :(

    Thats really nice of your colleague!! :D


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