Monday, December 28, 2009

Product Review: Cellnique Advanced Bio Renewal Masque

At a Glance:
Price: RM159 / US$55
Weight: 50g / 1.7 Fl. Oz.
Made in: USA
Likes: Quite moisturizing, cleanses skin quite well, really brightens skin after use!
Gripes: A little expensive, it comes in a jar.
Repurchase: Yes
Jenn's Rating: ! 4.5 Stars! Me really likey! :D


Product Description

This unparalleled clay masque is formulated with bio-captured fresh fruit enzymes and acid complexes. Advanced Bio Renewal Masque effectively exfoliates dead skin cells, optimizing cellular renewal performance and deep pore cleansing, thus revealing a softer, fresher, and healthier skin.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:

This mask isn't as solid as the usual "clay" masks, so it spreads on smoothly. It has little scrubby bits in it which you can scrub for face with after you're done masking. This mask doesn't really dry completely even after the 10 minute mark:

Scent wise, when i first took this out of the box, the husband and i both thought this smelt like durians!! haha!! =X It's when i actually used it on my face that i realised that this actually smelt more like pineapples than durian!! :D


This mask comes in a rather heavy glass jar with a screw top lid, which i don't really like because it's not hygenic! It also comes with a plastic cap for the inner container to keep it clean:

Time Test:
10 minutes is all you need :)

Price & Availability:
This mask is priced at RM159 / US$55 each, and is available to buy from their authorized dealers as well as on their website itself (with free worldwide shipping! :D).

This is perfect for a weekly deep cleansing treat! :D

My $0.02:

The kind folks at Cellnique sent me this product (along with something else which you dear readers will find out tomorrow! ;D) to review, so thank you so much! :D

Like i mentioned above, when i first took this product out from the box, i thought this smelt like durians, which is cool for me (uber durian lover here), but i thought that some people might be put off by it. It was only when i tried it on that i realised that this actually smell more like pineapples than durians, so no worries for those who hates the king of fruits! :D

I like how this product spreads onto my face smoothly unlike some clay masks that can be quite hard to smooth on (especially after awhile when it starts drying up in the tube). I also love how it softens my face (quite surprising considering its kinda like a clay mask which is known to give the dry feeling sometimes) after use!! :D

And oh, look how glowy my face looked after using this:

This also did cleared the clog pores on my face somewhat, though not all of them at the first use (the Aspirin Mask is still the best for this):

The only gripes i have about this mask? At RM159 it is a bit expensive than what i'd like, but then again only a little amount is required for every use, so it's not that bad. Also, i didn't like how it came in a jar because its not very hygenic!

All in all, methinks that this is a great deep cleansing mask to add to your regime! Personally i would repurchase this, but as with all product junkies, i wanna try out other products first!! :D

Read what the other girls have to say about this mask:

This item is sent to yours truly by Cellnique for review purpose. I am in no way affiliated with them nor do I get compensated monetarily for this post. Kindly transact with them at your own discretion.

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  1. i like it too :D i find it works even better when i use moisturizing toner prior to application. somehow it feels better on skin :D

  2. hahaha.. durians! I didn't even thought of it! It does has a strong smell of pineapple :X and my.. i think the amount that I apply is way much more than u.. >.< greedy me.. lol! :D

  3. what lipstick/gloss are you wearing in your main picture, the one to the left?? :)

  4. Xin: icic!! I shall try that someday!! :D thanks for sharing! :D

  5. Sue: haha you're not greedy... i'm the kiam siap one!! :P

    i think my nose spoil!! haha!! XD

  6. sarah: the MAC 2N lipglass!! :)

  7. This sounds cool!! I'm tempted to try it but afraid I might have breakouts from this.

  8. Slowbrogal: yeah.. this one has AHA in it so if you're allergic to this you might want to be skip this!!


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