Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Oh Wonderful Christmas Pressies...

... that came in the mail for mua!! hehehe!! :D

The first one is from the absolutely sweetly wonderfully Miss Plue! :D She can officially be my personal shopper already!! Really thankful to her for helping me get this:

Uber comfy leggings... this is officially the most "adventurous" piece in my wardrobe! I now just have to find the courage to wear it out!! XD

Shower gels from the TBS sale... only RM10 each!! Shoooo cheap!! :D

Not only that, she gave me these as well:

C&E Rosewater Hand Therapy, LUSH Happy Hippy body wash and a sheet mask from EH! :D

I have been lemming for the first two items for sooooooooo long already, so i'm really thankful to receive them from you hun!! Thank you so much!! :D

Happy Family pic:

So, what's in the 2nd package you wonder? Guess and see?

Got it? Okla, give you hint!! It's black, it's rubbery, and it's not available in Malaysia! :D

I think most of you would have guessed it by now!! hehehe!! Here're the boxes:

And the beauties:

Guess which colors i got???

Hahaha ok i shall stop this lame teasing now!! :D Here they are... open sesame:

Clockwise from top: Angelika, Gilda, Albatross and Nico

My Babies!!! <3 They're sooo pretty, i don't have the heart to use them yet!! hehehe!! :D

Who sent these blushes to me you wonder?? Well, i hope this doesn't remind you of Mr. Bean, but these beauties are my Christmas presents to myself!! :D After a long hard year, it's always good to reward oneself!! (haha, who am i kidding!! :P).

Ok enough nonsense for now! It's only two days away from Christmas!! Have you given out gifts / received gifts already? Do share with me!! :D


  1. so lovely! i love NARS alot too :) so sad they dont carry it here in Msia. :(

  2. Oooooh I love getting parcels so much! Gorgeous goodies :) xxx

  3. i want those nars blushes =)

  4. oh my nars!
    so jealous of those blushes :)

  5. woot! personal shopper ah? LOL. i don't mind la seriously :D

    merry xmas darling!

  6. Lovely gifts! :D Pomegranate shower gel sounds delish! Would love to see you rock Angelika - I'm not sure if I still have it or if I gave it away hmm... ;)

  7. Nars!! OMG! 4 of them!! OMG OMG! lol! :D Do review soon~~ :D

  8. awww on wonderful presents both from lovely friends and true enough, you need to send yourself gifts as it has been a great year for you :)

    happy holidays!!!

  9. Whoa, what an amazing stash! Have a happy Christmas! :)

  10. aretha: ya... really sad case!! :( hope they'll bring this brand in soon!!! :D

  11. WinterBlossom: me too!! It's like getting presents!! hehehe!! :D

  12. MIKY WILS: are they available where you live? :D

    Me wants more too!!!

  13. Erica: dun be jealous... you can buy them too!! hehehe!! :D

  14. plue: hahaha!! thank you for everything!!

    Have a blessed Christmas yourself too!! :D

  15. Paris: yes the pomegranate shower gel smells really delicious!! hahaha!! :D

    Haha ok... will post pics once i find the heart to start using it!! ;)

  16. Sue: hahaha ya... went crazy during the NARS sale! =X

    okla, will do a review once i start using them!! :D

  17. Nikki: but then again i've been saying alot didn't i!! :P :P :P hahaha!! XD

    Have a wonderful Christmas too Nikki!! :D

  18. Meldee: hahaha thank you!! Happy Christmass to you too!! :D

  19. Aww you got some fantastic presents! Love the Nars blushes.

    happy holidays!

  20. could you please do a review on NARS Angelika soon? i'm lemming it bad..
    btw,i have NARS Gilda & i love it! =)

  21. gio: hahaha a blessed girl i am!! :D

    Happy Holidays to you too!! <3

  22. farzana: haha ok, will do a review when i finally get around to use it!! :D

    Glad to hear that!! Gilda is beautiful!!! :D

  23. *gasp* Gilda looks wonderful! You definitely deserve a present for yourself after moving from India back to Penang. I have moved house over 10 times and it is NOT FUN.

    Have a Merry Christmas and a great weekend!

  24. Eli: wow... how didcha do it?! The pen-india-pen move is enough to scare me out of moving houses ever! lol!!

    Same to you... have a blessed Christmas!! :D

  25. can i know where did you get the NARS?

  26. SgDrugstore spree @ :)

  27. Oooh NARS! Nice, nice! I lavves Nico and Albatross plus 10 more, blush shades but steered clear of Gilda and Angelika, however would love to see how they look on you, pleej vevoow por uj?? :D


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