Thursday, December 31, 2009

It's time...

... to review how many NYRs have i achieved this year! *gulps*

Looking back, this year was not as eventful as last year, but i'm grateful for all the blessings i have received nevertheless. It's definitely great to be back home for good!! :D

Ok, enough blahblahs for now. Read my resolutions for 2009 here.

Legend: Green means achieved, Yellow means partially achieved, and Red means Uh oh...

1. Finish using all these lotions:

Well i did finish all of them... with the exception of the TBS Pink Grapefruit and TFS ones, because i couldn't for the life of me find where they are (my shipment from India are still in their boxes while we wait for our new place to be ready!), i pray that they're not lost!! T_T

2. To be more selective of what i buy (especially when it comes to MAC... i have this nasty habit of buying things just because it's LE!!)!

Yes!! :D Nowadays i will think hard and fast about something before purchasing!! :D Of course i did fail every now and then (damn you MAC... you sure know how to break your fans' defences down!!), but most of the time i guess i'm alright!! :P

3. To excercise more often and tone up!! I'm getting really flabby!! Yikes!!

I'm gonna put this as yellow because i do get lazy sometimes!! But there was progress compared to last year!! haha!! XD

4. If everything goes as planned, to find a job once we get back! :)

Yes! :)

5. To develop my own dressing style! I need a new wardrobe (notes to self: you are no longer 18...)!

Still work in progress. On the bright side, i bought my very first leggings this year!! Now i just have to find the bravery to wear it out! hahaha!! XD

6. To spend significantly less on makeup than this year!! I hope not to exceed that X amount that i've set for myself!

Oh dear. What happened?!! I was doing really well for the first half of the year, and things just went downhill after Style Warriors and Double Dazzle! :S

7. To learn how to apply eyeshadow properly!! I just can't apply eyeshadow nicely past my creaseline to save my life!!

Well i think i've improved a little compared to last year, but still by no means an expert yet!! Still have alot alot to learn!! T_T

8. To stop ABUSING my EYEBROWS! They look like crap now... somebody confiscate my tweezers already!!

Haha... yes!! They have been largely "untouched" for most part of the year! Yay! :D

9. To care less about what people think. I can't please everybody!

I think i've finally learnt how to let go of this. It does feel nice being more confident of yourself!

Well well, 4 outta 9! An improvement from last year ya!! hahaha!! XD Let's see how i fare next year!! :D

My resolutions for 2010:

1. Lose 7 kilos and fit into my old jeans again (actually not that old... those jeans were bought just a year ago!!!). I know alot of you will go "hey you're not even fat" but I'm serious - i can't even pull those damn jeans up past my midthighs! If i were to tell you my actual weight now you'll be shocked so please spare me the embarassment and don't ask! hahaha!! XD Don't know how or why did i gained 6 kilos in India!!! :S

2. To learn how to manage my anger better. I would think that i'm a pretty patient person but morons (these are found abundantly in the office) get to me and make me so violent that all i want to do is to dig out their brains and leave them out in the sun to dry up (since they don't need theirs anyway).

*ahem* I'll just have to learn how to deal with them without dying of HBP first.

3. Save X amount of money by the end of the year! :D

4. Spend not more than X amount of money on makeup!! With loan commitments and a bare house to furnish i have a really really really x10 limited budget for this next year, so i can't afford to go crazy again!! Wish me luck!! Now chant with me, Idontneedthis... Idontneedthis... Idontneedthis!!! XD

5. To finish building my makeup storage!! This has been put off for the longest time ever so i hope i'll finish doing this by the end of next year!! lol!! :D

And lastly, this is not really a resolution, but i want to furnish my house nicely!! hahaha!! XD

What NYR do you have yourself? Or don't you believe in NYRs yourself? Do share with me!! :D


  1. well done jenn :P maybe i should copy paste your NYR to my NYR. LOL. why all of them sound so much like what i want to do :p

  2. ahaha!! Then lets jia you together!!! :D :D :D

    Happy New Year!!! :D

  3. Happy new year Jenn! :)

    PS: Are you back for good in Pg already?

  4. gosh, you actually tracked your resolutions? LOL...I think I forgot all of mine.. :p

  5. idontneedthis idontneedthis...

    I don't dare look back at the resolutions I made last year >.<

  6. Tine: Happy New Year to you too Tine!! Ya i'm back for good in Penang already! :D

  7. Bee: hahaha i did! cuz i'm nerdy like that! =X

  8. Connie: hahaha don't we all cringe sometimes when we think about things we're supposed to do, or not supposed to buy!! lol!! XD

    idontneedthis... idontneedthis... XD

  9. Oh! You've a new house. Super! Shopping at IKEA? Like you, I am also in the 'on-off' process of furnishing my new home. But since I am not in SG much, plans are moving at tortoise speed.
    I visited IKEA and LURVE the looks. Was hooked on their catalogues since my teens. But I found their pricing on the high side and the quality of sofas/TV consoles/wardrobes are not as great as expected.
    Guess I have to look harder to find value for money but quality options to achieve the Swedish look. =)

    I am looking forward to viewing your makeup storage. It must be a treasure trove! Heehee.


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