Thursday, November 12, 2009

Product Review: Maybelline Make-up Remover Eye & Lip

Sorry, i can't find the official product pic for this one! :(

At a Glance:
Price: RM16.90 (approx. US$4.56)
Website: NA
Weight: 70ml
Made in: China
Likes: Cheap, removes makeup well! :D
Gripes: The dispensing hole could be bigger!
Repurchase: Yes!
Jenn's Rating: 4.5 Stars! Me really likey!! :D


Product Description:
  • Efficient & Easy: This formula instantly removes all eye and lip make up, even waterproof and non-transfer.
  • Gentle: Formulated for sensitive eyes, it is especially very gentle for the delicate skin around yes.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:

This remover has two layers - a darker blue one (oily layer) at the top, and a watery layer beneath. This remover is basically liquid, so it pours out easily unto your cotton pad. This remover has a very faint perfumey scent, but it is almost undetectable!


This remover comes in a bottle with a screw off cap.

I personally find the dispensing hole too small for my liking! It would be great if it's bigger! :D

Time Test:
It took me less than 5 minutes to remove everything from my face! :D

Price & Availability:
This remover is priced at RM16.90, which i think is really affordable! It's available at all Maybelline displayers at Watsons / Guardian / Your local supermarket!

Pour this unto a cotton pad, hold in place for a few seconds, and wipe off in one swift stroke.

My $0.02:

I finally gotten around to test this one out after procrastinating for ages!! :P

I'm personally amazing by this little drugstore gem!! :D It removes makeup perfectly and i like how it isn't very oily!! :D

Here's my makeup plastered face (FOTD here):

Makeup removed from right (your left) eye:

Waterproof mascara, eyeshadow and liner all gone in a jiffy!! :D

This has been compared to the Loreal one alot, so here's my $0.02 on how they compare! :D

Let's start with the texture. I personally find that this one is less oily than the Loreal one, which i really appreciate!! You'll still need to double cleanse after this though, but it's alot better than the Loreal one! :D

Next, let's talk about the price. Alot of people think that this one is cheaper than the Loreal one, but its quite the contrary! :D

Loreal: 23.90 / 125ml = RM0.19 per ml
Maybelline: 16.90 / 70ml = RM0.24 per ml!

But that's just for fun la, since both removers are pretty affordable!! lol!! :D

Finally and the most important, the product efficiency! :D

To be very honest, both are virtually identical in this aspect!! Pictures to proof:



Side by side:

Left: Maybelline, Right: Loreal.

Both managed to remove every speck of makeup from my eyes, but if you squint, you can tell that the Loreal side left abit of an oily residue on my face!

So all in all, i would say that i actually prefer this one over the Loreal one just because this isn't as oily!! But then again, both are pretty comparable, so just stick to whichever you like!! hehe!! :D


  1. awesome review! so comprehensive without being overloaded :D I used to go through a lot of these last time. the l'oreal one didn't work for me

  2. awesome review!
    and great comparison!

    i've heard many saying that maybelline is really oily.
    they also say that elianto and loreal are less oily.
    i have the elianto one but i cant make a comparison since i dont have maybelline or loreal.

    was very tempted to get loreal one next thou.
    but thanks to your review, i'll have to reconsider :P

  3. i've gone through bottles of this! it's my favourite other than the Elianto ones :D

    this is pure love :D

  4. i love this!!!! i bought 4 bottles at one shot when it was on 20% discount..hehehe talk about

  5. Am I the only one that haven't tried this? :X Me on my 4th bottle of loreal but never tried Maybelline's one.. maybe after I finish then I'll try them! Great review! :D

  6. I've finished 2 bottles of these and 3 on L'oreal! :) So you know which one I like more :)

  7. I prefer L'Oreal myself mostly for the price point. But when Watsons has the maybelline ones going for RM11 then I pick them up. =)

    Asides from price I can't find anything to differentiate the two.

  8. i wanna try this! thanks for the review and comparison..

  9. Thanks for the review. I keep hearing lots of grat things about the Maybelline remover and I'd love to try since the L'Oreal one didn't work for me, but I don't think I have ever seen it here :(

  10. Connie: ahaha thank you!! Hmm... why didn't the Loreal one work for you? :(

  11. LyNn: eh, same here! I always have the concept that this Maybelline one is very oily, but i'm really surprised to find out that its actually less oily than the Loreal one! :D

    Don't let my review discourage you though... if you double cleanse after, the oiliness shouldn't be a problem! Pick it up during sale la! ;)

  12. plue: icic... Hmmm... wonder if i should pick the Elianto one up (i'm too addicted to the MAC Cleanse Off Oil di...) :P

  13. Xin: wah!! 4 Bottles at one go!! haha!! :D But 20% for Maybelline is hard to come by ler, so you should totally stock up when it does! haha!! :D

  14. Sue: Eh same here la! I use finish 3 or 4 bottles of the Loreal one before trying this one out... so you're definitely not too late! haha!! :D

  15. Nikki: icic!! Loreal is the winner for you then!! hehehe!! :D

  16. Kahani: icic... same here too! I can't really tell a difference product efficiency wise! They both work the same for me! :)

  17. Khymm: go pick it up already!! hehehe!! Don't forget to let me know what you think about it! :D

    And you're welcome! ;)

  18. gio: i'm sorry that the Loreal one didn't work for you!! This one is quite similar to that one, so you may want to skip this too! :(

    But lemme know if you want to try it out! I'll send one bottle your way! ;)

  19. This is super good! I always see reviews on the L'oreal one but not this. And none of them really compares the two. Great review.

    I only just stumbled upon the Maybelline one and also just reviewed it not long ago. Think I am sticking to it after seeing your comparison. No need to get L'oreal already. =)


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