Thursday, November 5, 2009

Product Review: LUSH Queen of Hearts Complexion Soap

At a Glance:
Price: US$6.95 for 3.5oz. (approx. RM25.72)
Weight: 100g
Made in: USA
Likes: Cleans well, softens and brightens face, quality ingredients!
Gripes: Not available in Malaysia, the smell is a little overpowering...
Repurchase: Probably not...
Jenn's Rating: 4 Stars! Great cleanser, but oh the scent!! :S

Sodium Palm Kernelate, Water (Aqua), Glycerine, Rose Petal Infusion (Rosa centifolia), Sweet Almond Oil (Prunus dulcis), Vanilla Pod Infusion (Vanilla planifolia), Fair Trade Cocoa Butter (Theobroma cacao), Perfume, Geranium Oil (Pelargonium crispum), Rose Absolute (Rosa centifolia), Violet Leaf Absolute (Viola odorata), Sodium Chloride, Stearic Acid, Triethanolamine, Cetearyl Alcohol, Methylparaben, Propylparaben.

Product Description:

Queen of Hearts is one of the few LUSH soaps you can wash your face with. Why? It's gentler on your face than body soaps because it's made with a base of rose petal infusion. (Please don't use our other soaps on your face; they're designed for much stronger skin.) Cocoa butter keeps skin flexible while moisturizing almond and balancing geranium oils make skin soft; the Queen cleans without drying out your face. If you must wash your face with soap, please choose this one.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:

This soap is quite soft, so be careful not to drop it! It foams up well once rubbed with water. This one rinses clean! :)

The smell is very very strong!! Phewwwww!! There's a really sharp smelling note which i can't really place a finger on what it is, and I didn't really smell the rose note until it was on my face! Thankfully the scent does not linger on your skin long, or i would have fainted from the intensity of it!! *giddy*


This soap comes in a block wrapped in LUSH wax paper! :D Since this soap is quite soft, it really make sense to cut it into smaller pieces, use the small piece and leave the rest in the container in the fridge like Plue did with her Coalface soap! :)

Time Test:
My feels really clean for a few hours after using this one! :D

Price & Availability:
This soap is priced at US$6.95 (approx. RM25.72), and should be available at most LUSH stores and their website! Sadly, i think this one's not available in India though! :(

My $0.02:

The wonderful Plue gave me a generous chunk of this one to try! :D

The first thing that strikes me is the smell! Poooohhh!! It's really really strong!! And where's the rose scent?!! lol!! Whenever i think of rose scents, i think of the sweet warm smell from Lovely Lace (lol!) or the Crabtree & Evelyn Rosewater series which i love! This one's definitely different, but i DO smell a hint of rose when i applied it on my face!! Like i said above, thankfully the strong scent does not linger long on my skin, otherwise i think i might just pass out everytime i use this! lol!! :D

Other than that, i have nothing but praises for this little soap bar! It cleanses nicely for me (do check out Plue's review on this one though, it didn't work quite as well for her in the evenings after a long day out!) without leaving my face feel tight! In fact, my face feels really soft and moisturized! It did brighten my face too!! :D

Alas, i cannot get over how strong the scent is!! Lush if you're reading this, please tone down the scent, and i'll be repurchasing this one again and again! :D Until then, it's a no-repurchase for me!

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  1. neat review! I'll probably pass on this too. I'm so dependent on my Cetaphil cleanser that I probably won't bother to use any other facial cleanser except for makeup removers :p

    LOVE LUSH body soaps though.

  2. Great review.. might give this product a skip and have a look at something else, possibly the Mask of Magnaminty :)

  3. Hi Jenn!!!

    I finally finished my exams !!! ewwww LUSH... I hate lush... it's way too smelly for me, Every time I walk past a lush shop, I have to literally hold my breathe....

    Your Halloween Pic scared me !!! I know you did a good job...cuz you seem almost ghostly...>< I still prefer our pretty and smiley Jenn!!!! You look really cute with pink shades eye shadow, should do that more often. It gives you a more friendly glow and seem to match your perseonality =)

    I've recently developed a rash after going to a picnic... I'm keen to blame it on seafood too.. sigh, i really dont know what happened. They look so bumpy and scary... any recommendations?? So scared they'd scar up... I havent wait until Saturday to see a doc... I couldnt wear my purple dress for Melbourne cup cuz of the rash... made me feel so sad...

    Do you know any remedies to get rid of white stretch marks?? i know yours is dark red, i think those ones are easy to get rid off...My growth spurt cuzed quite a bit of stretch marks... they're white since it's from my teens...I really wanna get rid of them...>< do let me know if you see any reviews on good products ok?

    I'm trying out olive oil atm... Was going to try bio oil but it's a bit pricey and there are mixed review about i'm not quite sure... I like more natural stuff really...

    I think I will visit some of your friends' sites too and see what they have. Thank you for your wonderful blog Jenn!!! =)

    Stay pretty~~

  4. i myself kenot tahan lovely laces rose smell, those are too strong for me and it smells too perfumy!

    but i found a trick to use this in the evenings, that is to double cleanse! :D

  5. Lush soaps are great but I hate it that its gone in no time!!! :) They are just too creamy and fabulous !

  6. Connie: Ahahaha actually same here la... i'm too addicted to my MAC cleanse off oil di! Though sometimes i do feel the itch to try out new ones, but i know i'll always return to this one!! :D

    And i reallllly gotta start using my Porridge! it's still brand new in the wax paper! hahaha! :P

  7. Glitterati89: thanks!! Yes i'm quite curious about that mask cuz of the rave reviews i heard

  8. Athena: yeah!! you did it! haha!! :D Now you can finally relax! How long holidays do you have before going back to school? :D

    i'll have to agree with you on their scents. I can smell their shop at the very entrance of the mall... pooh!! :D But then again they're products are quite good, so i'm willing to forgive that! haha! :D

    lol!! Sorry for scaring you!! :P :P Don't worry i won't be posting anymore scary FOTDs for awhile (probably until next year's halloween! haha!! :P)! Hmmm... i'm still not really comfortable with pinks actually! i much prefer blues and yellows and COLORS! lol! :D

    oh dear!! your allergy sounds bad!! Do take care k!! *kisses for you* hope you're feeling better now!! try not to scratch it k! :( Awww... maybe you should just wear it anyway to cheer yourself up! :D Have a safe fun trip k!

    YES!! Stretch marks are quite a pain to get rid of, even red ones like mine - they don't totally go away! >.< Don't worry, i'll definitely share if i've found a great solution to this problem! :D

    Do let me know if olive oil works! Maybe you can try out Vitamin E oil too! :D

    You're too sweet my dear!! Thanks in advance from my neighbours!! I'm sure they'll appreciate the support loads! don't forget to say hi! hehe! :D

  9. Plue: you and my husband sama gang... he also don't like that smell! haha!! :D

    Aiyo, don't think i can double cleanse ler! My face will become dry. Hmmm... how about using it in the shower... but it will melt super fast leh! :P:P

  10. Nikki: yeah!! We gotta careful not to wet it too much or run them under the shower!! :D :D

  11. hi jenn
    this is yer Indian follower:)
    love yer blog and following it from some time
    I like how you spy all the latest MAC release for us .. thank you :)
    btw when you were in India .. did you try any local stuff (like lakme , lotus . biotique ??)if yu have .. I wd love to read a review on that !!
    just wanted to ask what would you recommend from Lush line ?
    I have acne prone oily skin with loads of whiteheads and blackheads :(

  12. Hello!! *waves* :D

    thanks for the support! hehehe!! :D

    Unfortunately i didn't get to try those brands you've mentioned before i come back! I think out of the 3 i only saw Lakme stuff before, but then again i wasn't really looking so i may have missed them!

    Hmmm... the only thing i've tried from LUSH before that works for oily skin is the Coalface soap! I have a review of that one coming up soon so you may want to stay tuned! hehehe!! ;)


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