Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Product Review: Biore Cleansing Strips Pore Pack

At a Glance:
Price: RM12.90 (approx. US$3.49)
Weight: NA
Made in: Japan
Likes: It gives me somekinda demented pleasure! lol!! XD
Gripes: Doesn't really work for me, may injure skin!
Repurchase: No!
Jenn's Rating: 2 Stars! Kinda pointless to have...


Product Description:

New Biore's Pore Pack with additional slits on the strips give a better fit to clean pores clogged with oil and dirt more effectively. It thoroughly removes blackheads on the nose instantly. When used once or twice a week regularly, pores will become less noticeable, giving you cleaner, smoother skin!

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:

This cleansing strip is has a cottony surfuce on one side, and a i dunno, waxy? surface on the other side that will turn sticky once it comes in contact with water! :D

Once dried, this strip will harden and you'll see the gunk stuck on them:

This smells abit like glue! hahaha! XD


These cleansing strips come in a box of 10! They're individually packed in their respective foil packs, which i really like! :D

Time Test:
It usually takes about 15 minutes for these strips to dry completely on my nose! :)

Price & Availability:
This pore pack costs RM12.90 each, and should be available at most Watsons / Guardian outlets as well as your local supermarket! :D

Although i don't recommend using this at all, i use this whenever i see them blackheads on my nose.

Here's how you use it:

Step 1: Wet your nose with water:

Step 2: Gently lift the strip off it's plastic backing

Step 3: Place the strip unto your nose with BOTH hands (i couldn't show both as i'm holding the camera with my other hand! haha!!)! :D

Step 4: Smooth the strip down with your fingers:

Wait for it to dry completely, then slowly peel it off from both upper corners inwards, and you're done! :D

My $0.02:

This review has been sitting in my drafts for months already!! Was debating if i should post this one and thought what the heck! haha!! :P

Ok before you start lecturing me on how harmful these strips are, i wanna tell you that I KNOW!!! Hahaha!!

But then again, if you have used this before, you should know how addictive these strips are!! hahaha!! Not that i'm recommending them or what, but these give me some sort of demented pleasure when i peel them off my nose and see those gunk stuck to it!! :P :P

Ok, back to normal transmission mode now! lol! :P I'm sure most of you would have came across these strips before, and have even used them before! :D So lemme talk about actually how effective these strips are.

To tell you the brutal truth, i don't think they work very well at all!! Maybe the first time yes, but after that, not any more!! Every time i use this now, all it pulls out are those tiny hairs on my nose!! lol!!

To show you what am i talking about, here's some pics for you!

ps: be grateful!! I have to "abstain" from squeezing those blackheads out and allow them to fester for two weeks to show you guys!! Faster say thank you already! hahaha!! :D

WARNING: They're not exactly pleasant to look at!

A side by side comparison for you! The blackheads are circled for your reference.

After using, they're STILL there!! No doubt my nose looks abit "cleaner" in the after pic (the strip probably lifted whatever dust / gunk leftover there! lol!), but it definitely did not remove my blackheads! :(

This is the used strip:


UGH, i don't see anything except for some nose fuzz here and there! I'm sticking to my trustly blackhead remover loop! lol!! XD

So conclusion is, DON'T use this. It doesn't really remove your blackheads, plus it MAY injure your skin!! Use a blackhead remover loop scrub instead!! :P

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  1. Haha I totally get what you mean when you said demented pleasure :P
    I don't use this pore strip too often though. But scrubs sometimes doesn't get the job properly done sometimes, so I still need blackhead remover loop xD

  2. I never bought any pore strips..I've used once but i think it gets to clean the moment you remove the strip but it'll all come back to you that's what I think! :)

  3. hahaha!! I'm in the same boat - demented pleasure for sure!

    I found that the white ones don't work for me, but the black ones..wahliao, very the power wan. Maybe it's more obvious to see cos it's black (my imagination kot!) but it usually pulls out most of my blackheads and the effects last about a week. :D

  4. Haha, I don't think I've ever done anything to clear my blackheads. I've tried this pore pack before and it hurt too much for me to peel the whole thing that I had to wet it with water to get it off! never tried it ever again after that. =P

  5. ok jenn, have u seen mine before?

    LOL. bet u will get the black one!

  6. We have a local charcoal version from a different brand, because biore isn't available in Manila, but it's the same principle. I use it only when I'm really frustrated about the blackheads already. So far, exfoliating regularly has helped lessen those little bastards hehe.
    BTW, I just ordered this Kose Softymo gel from Sasa, supposedly removes blackheads w/out all the pain of strips :D

  7. Shuu: ahahaha!! Hi5! :D

    i so agree with you!! I can't live without my blackhead remover loop! :P

  8. Nikki: yeah!! I so agree!! Mine comes back in a days or two time!! >.<

  9. beetrice: ahahaha! 3 cheers for us twisted ladies then!! hehehe! :D

    Wow... the black one sounds great!! But. must. resist!! This one no good for skin!!

    ahaha, who am i kidding man! :P

  10. *aly: yeah!! Sometimes when i left it on for too long it hurts so bad!! >.<

    This is precisely why we shouldn't use these strips!! haha!! :P

  11. Xin you evil woman!! >.< That looks almost euphoric!!! Look at those blackheads!! OMG!!!!

    hahahaha!! :P

  12. Kaye: icic! Thanks for sharing! Yeah, regular exfoliation should help reduce them blackheads!!

    Please do share about the Kose one when you've used it!! It sounds interesting! :D

  13. I tried pore strips once but removing them was painful and they didn't really work so I stopped. I'm sorry these didn't work for you.

  14. gio: icic! thanks for sharing! yeah i think the white one doesn't really work, but from the comments above, i'm really itching to try out the black one (i know i shouldn't!!)!! lol! :D

  15. hi there, first time visiting. u have amazing blog!
    as per the pore pack, im actually a huge fan of it. but, my favourite would not be the Biore's one.
    it would be from Watson's(malaysia).
    and, the way i do it, to enhance its ability is, prior to the pore packs, i usually put a thin layer of clay mask (St.Ives or clinique one works fine)..after 15 minutes, i wash it with warm water, and, while the water is still on your nose, i put on the pore pack. after 15minutes or so, i pull it off! should be able to see some disgusting stuff on it..;p
    lol..that works for me, everytime..

  16. hi Jenn..

    my trick to get the most black/white-heads out is to make sure u switch on ur aircon when u let the strip dry. ehehe.

    make sure ur face is really wet.. and then stick on the pore strip. switch on ur aircon.. full blast ok? mode 'cool', swing, 16 degress. wipe off excess water. and wait until it is dried up. don't follow the 15 minutes. strip it off.. and wallahh.. u won't be disappointed! :P


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