Monday, November 2, 2009

MAC Holiday Collection Review + Swatches - Palettes! :D

ps: Masking Mondays will be on hiatus this week to make way for this post. It will resume next week! :D

As promised, here're the swatches for the rest of the holiday collection! :D

Let's start with the Palettes! :D

I personally don't really like this year's design! :( Instead of the round thingies, i thought that the swirls in the promo pic would look better on them palettes! lol!! I hope they come up with nicer looking ones next year! haha! :D

With that being said, lets go onto the swatches! :D

The Eye palettes (US$36 / RM180) are up first! :D

Oh My Darling (Frost) - pale ivory. This one took many swatches to show up! :P
Dare Ya! (Veluxe Pearl) - light peachy pink. I thought that this one was quite lovely! :D
Sorcery (Satin) - dark burgundy. This one goes on super chalky... yuck!
Gold Tease (Frost) - frosty gold. Though not terribly unique, i thought i was a nice color!!
Prankster (Veluxe Pearl) - frosty olive. This one reminded me a little of Henna that was released with the Brunette Blonde Redhead collection earlier this year.
Devilishly Dark (Frost) - brown with gold shimmers.

Don't shoot me but I personally think that this one is the most blah out of the 4 palettes... :P

Fire in Her Eyes (Frost) - sheer cream. This one also took a few swatches before it showed up.
Wide-Eyed Wonder (Frost) - taupe with a hint of purple.
Black Magique (Veluxe) - a sheer black. Nice to see MAC releasing a dying Veluxe finish again.
Spell No. 9 (Satin) - a creamy pink. This one goes on quite smoothly, but it's sheer!
Deception (Frost) - a frosty gold brown. This one is quite shimmery! :D
Smoke and Mirrors (Satin) - a nice chocolate brown. For something that inspired the name of the palette, i was hoping that it was more special! :(

Of the 4 palettes, this one impressed me the most! Buttery smooth shades with nice colors! What's not to like? :D

Cool Incantation (Frosy) - frosty gold white.
Blue Enchantment (Satin) - dark turquoise. Not sure if MAC did a mistake by listing this as a Satin on the website, but this one definitely feels more like a frost to me! :D Ma favouritest color of all the palettes!
Deep Secret (Frost) - a dark blue with some purple in it. Thank God MAC did not put another Deep Truth in this palette, otherwise i'll vomit in my mouth!! hahaha! :P
Shhh, Don't Tell (Satin) - a super light pink. This one doesn't really show up on me though! :(
Rose Potion (Veluxe Pearl) - frosty rose.
Violet Vow (Satin) - a cool toned brown. The texture of this one is a bit hard to work with! :P

I was SERIOUSLY lemming for this palette when i read about it online, but somehow it didn't wow me as much in person. Still, the colors are beautiful, and the textures, wonderful! :D

White Rabbit (Frost) - Frosty basic white. Reminds me of the Unbasic White eyeshadow from the Love that Look collection, lol! :D
Hold My Gaze (Satin) - a greenish grey. This shade is SERIOUSLY unique!!! :D
Edge of Dark (Lustre) - charcoal grey. This is a Lustre so i'm not suprised at it's chalky texture!
Altered State (Veluxe Pearl) - dark purple.
Hypnotizing (Frost) - a super frosty greyish mauve.
Magnetized (Veluxe Pearl) - light lavender. The last 3 shades have a BEAUTIFUL texture! :D~~

Next, Let's look at the Lip Kits (US$22.50 / RM120)! Hmmm... to be very honest i do not like lip palettes in general because they almost always get all over the insides of the palette! Also, i can almost envision germs having a field day spawning themselves in there... yikes! :(

Barely Visible - very light nude with gold shimmers
Floating Lightly (Lustre) - light milky pink.
Heavenly Dish (Satin) - brownish beige.

Sweet Smile - shimmery rose.
Laugh a Lot (Lustre) - rosy pink.
Tickled (Lustre) - shimmery rosy brown!

I almost missed out the Viva Glam palette as it's placed away from the main stuff! I personally think that this make a great gift as 100% of the price of this goes to the MAC Aids Fund, and it looks presentable and pretty! :D

Viva Glam V - a lovely neutral pink
Viva Glam VI - a warm brownish red
Viva Glam V (Gloss) - brownish rose

All 3 shades are permenant though, so you can actually purchase them separately if you want to (or if you're as germ-phobic as i am! lol!) :D

Next will be the face kits (US$38 / RM180)! I'm personally intrigued by the neat slide out packaging!! :D

Pretty Baby Beauty Powder - sheer pink. A repromote from the Diana Ross and Hello Kitty collections, this one's still as chalky as i remember it to be! :P
Peachykeen Sheertone Shimmer Blush - pinky peach. This one's permenant! :)
Sunsparked Pearl Beauty Powder - a lovely light peach. This one's repromoted from the Sundressing collection.

Golden Bronzing Powder - a golden tan. This one's perm! :)
Sunbasque Sheertone Shimmer Blush - a dark peach with a hint of brown in it. This one's a dupe for the LE Eversun Beauty Powder Blush.
Buffed and Polished Iridescent Powder / Pressed -light frost gold.

That's all for now! I'll continue with the rest of the collection tomorrow, so stay tuned! :D Have you checked this collection out yet?


  1. I'm thinking of getting Mystic Cool e/s but I'm seriously broke from the last round. Hmm. Oh and do you know when DSquared2 will be out? Is there a way to know when the collections arrive? I'm really excited. *teeth-baring grin

  2. Oh and do you know if the mineralized kits are available in MAC Gurney?

    I'm a curious kid..

  3. I've used the gold bronzer too, and loved it, but currently I'm using the nars laguna one, and love that one even more!


  4. hi jenn,

    i have already gotten myself the viva glam lip kit. i like the neutral shades and at the same time every sen goes to the Mac Aids Fund :D

  5. Thanks for the swatches! I don't know if Argentina will receive the palettes and holiday kits, we usually don't get them. I hope we do get them, though!

  6. *aly: haha icic!! What didcha get? :D

    I don't think we'll be getting D'Squared2! :( It's been launched quite sometime ago in KL already. Sad right? I want my sculpt and shape powder! T_T

    You can call the store and ask! We typically get the collections later than the US launch so maybe you can call them when you see the collections online to ask when will we get this locally! :D

    We won't be getting the mineralize kits as well, as those are store only items. Maybe you can get your friend in KL to buy for you? :)

  7. Toothfairy: icic!! I've heard so many raves about the NARS one!! It must be amazing! :D

  8. Choky: that's great!! :D Its always nice to get something lovely and at the same time doing charity! :D

  9. Marce: awww... that must really suck! I'm crossing my fingers for you!

    Do let me know if you need me to help you purchase anything! :D

  10. Thanks for the swatches! You managed to kill my lemmings for the eye palette (thank goodness, pocket cannot tahan!!) but I am still hung up over the blushes though. Le sigh. Australia gets everything really really late so I have no idea when this collection is reaching our shores.

  11. I hate going to MAC stores because I'll end up spending, so going to your site to check out swatches is good enough for me, thanks jenn!

  12. thanks so much for the swatches, the smokey and warm eye palettes are calling to me! xo

  13. Hi Jenn

    Bump into your blog via the link that Syen displayed on her blog. Wonderful FOTD u have. Love those looks.

  14. Eli: icic!! the palettes didn't wow me as much as i thought they would too! But the blushes, you MUST at least check them out! haha!! :D

    Maybe you can give your local counter a call and see when will they be bringing this on?

  15. Nikki: hahaha i so agree!! Everytime i step into that store i feel a strong compulsion to buy... yikes!! :P

    You're most welcome my dear! :D

  16. em: you're most welcome!! :D I hope you get to see this collection soon! :D

  17. Lavender: thanks for dropping by my site and leaving these kind words!! Much appreciated! :D


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