Friday, November 6, 2009

FOTD: MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief! Makeover! :D

Here's a makeover done by the wonderful MA Joanne during the MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief! collection event! hehehe!! :D

Stuff used:

MAC Studio Moisture Fix
MAC Lightful Powder Foundation in NC20
MAC Golden Bronzing Powder
MAC Mineralize Skin Finish in Medium

MAC Superdupernatural Mineralize Blush
MAC Dollymix Blush

MAC Charcoal Brown Eyeshadow
MAC Brow Set in Beguille


MAC Moisturecover Concealer in NW20
MAC Pearl Cream Colour Base
MAC Vanilla Eyeshadow (Highlight)
MAC Devil-May-Care Mineralize Eyeshadow (Inner crease)
MAC Beautiful Iris Eyeshadow (creaseline)
MAC Blue Sorcery Mineralize Eyeshadow (Outer crease)
MAC Flashtrack eyeshadow (over Blue Sorcery)
MAC Reflects Transparent Teal Glitter (mid crease)
MAC Rapidblack Penultimate liner (upper lashline)
MAC Graphblack Technakohl (Tightline & lower lashline)
MAC Inky Liquidlast Liner (Upper Lashline)
MAC Mascara (sorry, forgot which one :P)


MAC Dream lippie
MAC Dervette lip liner
MAC Baby Sparks Dazzleglass

And the guru behind this look:

The chair is too adorable!! Me wants!! hahaha!! :D

It's Flyday already! Do you have any plans for the weekend? :D


  1. omg you got your make-over at MAC?
    i wished i can work there but i dunno how's the qualifications. ;p boo!

    btw u look pweeety! ;)

  2. Yes!! I got it during the Magic Mirth and Mischief! event! :D

    I'm not too sure about this as well (i think you'll need to to possess a cert / diploma from a makeup school, but i may be wrong), but yeah, it'll be great to work there!! hehe!! :D

    and awww.. thank you! :D

  3. This look is so flattering on you! And I LOVE how smooth and glowy your skin is - 100% flawless! <3

  4. hi you are so cute! what's your height?

  5. cantik!

    lol! u look awesome! and ur dress and cute pink shoes! is that a croc or something? LOL

  6. you look gorgeous!!! I love this look! Though I love fresh natural look on you, its not bad when you look sexy and feisty!

  7. awww u look as adorable as the chair lah! love the makeup on u!

  8. You look gorgeous, I love it! Your skin looks flawless.

  9. hi. i always follow your blog. you look so pretty here! no, you look so pretty always but you rock this look =)

    keep posting more =) my make-up addiction is starting to grow..i can feel it! and sites like yours just make me inspired all the more. good luck to everything. you're one of my favorite beauty bloggers around..not to mention one of the prettiest too =)

  10. hahaha.. finally your makeover pics :D

    btw, Joanne's hair color changed? so pretty~~

  11. Jess: thank you for your kind words! Must be the MAC foundation lah! haha! :D

  12. Malditang Doktora: ahaha so are you!! :D I'm not tall... about five three :)

  13. LyNn: ahahaha 4 words: THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! XD

  14. plue: thank youuuu!! Yeah it's a crocs prima! not very comfortable for me though cuz of my broad feet. But then again it looks cute right, so i can forgive it! XD

  15. Nikki: ahahaha! Don't think i can ever be labled as sexy, but feisty i am!! don't make me angry!! hahaha! XD XD

  16. Xin: hope i'm not as round as the chair lah!! hahaha! XD

  17. Glitterati89: thank you dear! :D

  18. gio: thank you!! It's the wonderful MAC foundation! :D

  19. jimae87: thank you for your kind words!! your last sentence made me blush!! :P :P

    I wish you all the best too on your makeup addiction journey... its a wonderful thing!! hahaha!! XD

  20. Sue: yesh!!! hers is bright red now! I love the way the bun up her hair for this event!! So princessy! :D

  21. I love it! YOu look great!! I had my Magic Mirth & Mischief makeover last week too! :)

  22. Awww thank you Livia! :D You look absolutely gorgeous too!! ;)


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