Saturday, November 28, 2009

Drugstore haul! :D

I finally got around to go buy some drugstore stuff that i wanted to try out today (ok la, was partially suckered in by the "SALE" word too!)! lol! :D Here's what i bought:

I got the Maybelline Volum' Express mascara, Loreal Double Extension Mascara, Loreal Superliner Gel Liners (yayaya i know i havent even touched my Maybelline ones yet, but stop nagging already!! haha! :P) and the Loreal Ultimate Eye Kit! Happy now!! Do expect reviews of these coming soon! :D

So how have your weekend been?? I hope you're having fun!! hehehe! :D

ps: anybody wanna buy the Loreal Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover for Waterproof Makeup off me? I bought the kit because i wanted the heated curler but not this one! haha! I'm selling it brand new for RM15 including Pos Daftar (add RM3 if you would like it shipped via PosLaju). Email me for banking details k! :) SOLD, thanks!! :)

Actual pic:

Manufactured date:


  1. great haul!!! i have that maybelline mascara and it's the best!!!!

  2. Thanks mimi!! Ohhh, you're making me really wanna rip it open and try it out now!! haha!! :D

  3. jenn you naughty naughty girl :P
    haul after haul eh? :P

  4. woah.. terror lah. LOL!! The ultimate eye kit looks interesting :D

  5. I want a heated curler too :p heard the panasonic one's the best

  6. have u tried Maybelline Volum' Express mascara? was it nice?

  7. LyNn: ahaha dun tease me!! This will be the last already... *fingers crossed tightly* :P

  8. Sue: Haha... now got sales mah! :P

    ya its quite worth it la, since you get a free heated eyelash curler! :D

  9. Connie: yessss i've heard too!! But i'm too cheap to pay 50 bucks for it! :P

  10. kerrieleow: I haven't tried it out yet! But when i do, i'll definitely post a review, so stay tuned! :D

  11. Great haul! Can't wait for the reviews.

  12. Great Haul !! Talking about trying everything out !!! lol.. You never know when you'd find your next HG, I hate it when my HG gets discontinued... I loved herbal essense mouse and they discontinued it, so not cool...

    I remembered there was a particular mascara that i've always wanted to get my hands on by maybelline, it had wands at 2 ends, 1 is clear booster and 1 is black mascara. You wouldnt happen to know the name of it, would ya?

    Thanks for the eyelash curling youtube tip! I think it just takes alot of practice.

    Cant wait for your reviews. In terms of being naughty, I think as long as it makes you happy and it's not breaking the bank, it's ok =)

    Sorry that I havent been visiting, been having a bit of prob with personal life. Anywayz, You take care Jenn. Stay happy!

  13. gio: ahaha thank you!! You'll have to stay tuned then! ;)

  14. Athena: yes!! But then again i'm always itching to try out new products so a HG may not be a HG anymore in a few weeks! haha! :D and YES, it SUCKS when the products we love gets discontinued!! Still mourning for my disconed Loreal Translucide loose powder! :(

    Hmmm... i think that one's called XXL or something! Did i get it right? haha! :D

    Yes!! Practise makes perfect!! I'll be trying out my new heated lash curler so i hope that one works better for me! haha! :D

    Hahaha... but i'm always naughty! woops! =X But yeah, as long as i'm happy without having to sleep on the streets i guess its alright! XD

    You poor girl!! I hope things are better now for you!! *hugs* do take care and keep me posted on whats going on in your life!! Stay strong ya!! :D


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