Monday, November 30, 2009

Product Review: My Beauty Diary Mixed Berry 我的美丽日记复合苺味面膜

At a Glance:
Price: RM3.30 (approx. US$0.89)
Weight: NA
Made in: Taiwan
Likes: Cheap, REALLY brightens skin!! :D
Gripes: Stings my skin a little, not available locally!
Repurchase: Yes
Jenn's Rating: 4 Stars! Me Likey!! :D


Product Description

Translation (Please correct if you spot any errors!! My Chinese is really rusty!!):

Effective for: Even-toned glow, Refining, Clarifying

Suitable for: All skintypes, especially for those with uneven skintones, rough and saggy skin

Directions: After cleansing and toning, remove the protective covering and place mask on face for 20-30 minutes then remove. If there is any residue on your face, you can massage it with your fingers to aid absorption. There is no need to rinse off. Follow with your usual moisturizer / serum after to lock in moisture.

To Note: Place product in places out of reach by young children to avoid being mistakenly eaten (lol!! XD). If there are signs that this product is not suited for you or rashes / swelling, discontinue use immediately and consult a doctor. Do not use on injured skin or if you have rashes / swelling. Not suitable for infants and young children. If you have sensitive skin, please perform a patch test prior to using. If there is no adverse reaction from the test, you may use this mask.

Storage: Place in a cool dark place away from direct sunlight.

Manufacturing Date: Effective date: printed on pack.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:
This mask is more moist than the other "limited edition" ones that i've reviewed so far. The essence is light and i like that it doesn't leave a sticky feel after you removed the mask. This one smells like berries (duh!! lol!)! This mask stung my face a little after the 15 minute mark! :(


This mask is individually packed into a foil wrapping like your usual sheet masks. It also comes in a box of 10 i believe.

This mask is still a little big for my face:

... but consider very good already la! haha! :D

Time Test:
20-30 minutes, which is a little longer than what i'd like!

Price & Availability:
This mask is priced at about RM3.30 each depending on seller. I bought mine from beauty_zone33 from (but hmmm i think she's no longer selling these individually anymore?). Haven't seen this one in Guardian as well, so i guess is our only choice! lol!

IMPORTANT: There're lots of FAKE MBD masks in the market. Connie has a great write up on how to identify fake ones, so please read it before you purchase any! Whats this world coming to... :(

I use this mask for instant brightening! :D

My $0.02:

I'm really liking this mask!! It brightens my face really well and leaves it feeling soft and comfortable!! :D Here's how i look after using this:

The only things i didn't like about this one is that it stung my face a little after awhile, but that feeling went away about 5 minutes later! Also, that it's not available locally! :(

This will be the last review i have for My Beauty Diary masks for now, as i'm kinda paranoid about unintentionally buying fake masks online! This is really a shame because i happen to really like most of them! :( Now Guardian, if you're reading this, please lower the prices of the masks already, and i'm pretty sure that the sales figure for these masks will increase dramatically! lol! :D

Credits: Product photo from

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Drugstore haul! :D

I finally got around to go buy some drugstore stuff that i wanted to try out today (ok la, was partially suckered in by the "SALE" word too!)! lol! :D Here's what i bought:

I got the Maybelline Volum' Express mascara, Loreal Double Extension Mascara, Loreal Superliner Gel Liners (yayaya i know i havent even touched my Maybelline ones yet, but stop nagging already!! haha! :P) and the Loreal Ultimate Eye Kit! Happy now!! Do expect reviews of these coming soon! :D

So how have your weekend been?? I hope you're having fun!! hehehe! :D

ps: anybody wanna buy the Loreal Gentle Lip and Eye Makeup Remover for Waterproof Makeup off me? I bought the kit because i wanted the heated curler but not this one! haha! I'm selling it brand new for RM15 including Pos Daftar (add RM3 if you would like it shipped via PosLaju). Email me for banking details k! :) SOLD, thanks!! :)

Actual pic:

Manufactured date:

Friday, November 27, 2009

Jenn has been a very bad girl...

... because 1st, she didn't have a FOTD post today (excuse reason: lazy and haven't been putting on makeup for the entire week...). Sorry la! :P

and 2ndly, she has been buying some stuff online in the past month or so:

She's got mail! :D And what she got:

Not very surprised that it's everything MAC! :P I forgot to take pictures of the MAC Volcanic ASH and LUSH soaps i got though... :(

So Santa, if you're reading this, please don't write her off your Nice list yet because she's been pretty good for the rest of the year ya (lol, who is she kidding!). But if you do, it's alright, because she's got more stuff coming in the mail... =X

Hahaha!! Enough crap for now! :D It's Thanksgiving, so your count blessings, get together with your loved ones, and girls in the US, get ready to shop until you drop! :D As for us girls in Malaysia, enjoy your long weekend too! Take care and stay safe! *hugs* :D

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Product Review: Rosken Skin Repair Dry Skin Cream

At a Glance:
Price: RM32.90 (approx. US$8.89)
Weight: 375ml / 12.7 fl. oz.
Made in: Australia
Likes: Moisturizes really well and quickly, nice scent!! :D
Gripes: None!
Repurchase: Yes! :D
Jenn's Rating: 5 Stars! Holy Grail Moisturizer! :D


Product Description:

Every day your skin loses moisture and precious nutrients from the sun, wind, air-conditioning or exercise. A simple daily routine of moisturizing your face, hands and body after showing is essential to replace lost moisture, and help prevent and repair dry skin.

Rosken's trusted formulation contains rich emollients including:

  • Dimethicone: Penetrates the skin to moisturize and relieve dry and chapped skin. It then forms a protective layer to seal in essential moisture.
  • Olive Oil Extract: Contains natural antioxidants that penetrate and moisturize the skin while allowing it to breathe.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:

This lotion spreads easily unto your skin! I like how it absorbs in almost instantly and it leaves no stickiness behind! It has a mild lime smell which i kinda like! :D


This lotion comes in a squeeze bottle with a flip top cap! The dispensing hole's size is perfect too for controlling the amount you pour out! :D

They've since repackaged this to include a pump in it:

Time Test:
This lotion sinks in almost instantly, and my skin feels moisturized for the entire night! :D

Price & Availability:
This lotion is priced at RM32.90 (approx. US$8.89), which i think is alright! Other than this size, this cream comes in smaller bottles of 75ml at RM12.80 and 200ml for RM22.40. It also comes in a plastic tub of 250ml at RM25.80. This lotion is found in most Watsons / Guardian outlets! :)

Since this one is so light, i find myself reaching for this one both day and night! It's perfect! :D

My $0.02:

This is my husband's actually! I stole some of this to use, and needless to say, it's mine now!! hahaha! XD

I love how light this one is!! All of us Malaysian girls can testify how hot the weather is over here! And like i said before, humid weather + heavy lotion = DISGUSTING!! hahaha!! :P This one's definitely suited for our weather!

But most importantly, i'm really really amazed at it's healing power!! This is my horribly dry heels:

And this is just ONE day after using this cream (3 applications):

Can we say AHMAIHZING or what?!!! lol!!

Ok, the angle of my foot is probably a little different, but it really did moisturize and soften my feet ALOT!! I'm really really amazed by this one!! I feel like abandoning all my other lotions for good already!! hahaha!! :D

Psssst: This lotion is currently going at RM26.24 only at Watsons, so go grab one now already! :D

Credits: Product photos from

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

MAC All Ages, All Races, All Sexes Collection

Lipsticks: $14.00USD
* Myself - Creamy pale yellow beige (Lustre) (LE)
* Equality - Light mid tone mauve with pearlized pigments (Lustre) (LE)
* Empowered - Creamy mid tone neutral brown (Satin) (LE)
* 5N - Sheer plum brown (Lustre) (LE) (Repromote from N Collection)

Lipglass: $14.00USD
* Glamour for all - Sheer pale baby pink with pearlized pigments (LE)
* Spirit & Soul - Frosted dark cool brown (LE)
* Liqueur - Frosted mid tone pink brown (LE) (Repromote from Cult of Cherry)
* Naked Frost - Sheer taupe with silver pearlized pigments (LE) (Repromote)

Eye Shadows: $14.50USD
* All Races - Cool light mauve taupe (Matte) (LE)
* Cross-Cultural - Dark yellow brown (Matte) (LE)
* Banshee - Warm taupe with frost and sparkle (Lustre) (Repromote from Rebel Rock)
* Showstopper - Deep blackened brown (Matte) (Repromote from Icon: Diana Ross)

Pigment: $19.50USD
* Universal Mix - Sparkly white gold (LE)
* Rich Life - Dark cool brown with silver pearlized pigments (LE)

Impeccable Brow Pencil: $15.00USD/$18.00CAD (New and Permanent)
* Blonde - Pale yellow brown
* Dirty Blonde - Cool light brown
* Taupe - Mid-tone taupe
* Black - Blackened dark neutral brown

Penultimate Brow Marker: $16.50USD/$20.00CAD
* Universal - Sheer netural brown

Brow Set: $14.50USD
* Mink - (LE) (Repromote)
* Clear - (Permanent)

Brows: $15.00USD
* Lingering - Soft taupe brown (Permanent)
* Spiked - Rich brunette (Permanent)

Beauty Powder Blush:
* Personal Style - Light mauve taupe (LE)
* All's Good - Cool deep rose (LE)

Blot Powder/Pressed: $21.00USD
* Light
* Medium
* Medium dark
* Deep dark

Hmmm... this to me is like another Warm and Cozy collection, with nice neutral colours all around. There seems to be an emphasis on brows though for this collection, with two new brow products being introduced (and i'm super curious about the Penultimate Brow Marker!!)! :)

Personally i'll probably be picking up the Naked Frost lipglass which i missed out on earlier this year, and maybe the beauty powder blushes (amazing texture btw) if they're nice! :D The rest will have to wait until i see them in person before i decide whether to bring them home with me or not! :D

This collection will be available on the 7th of Jan next year in the States. For every where else, do contact your local counter to see when will they be bringing in this collection! :)

How about you? See anything you like from this collection? :D

Credits: All pictures from erine1881 @

Monday, November 23, 2009

Product Review: The Face Shop Fresh Fruit Aloe Mask Sheet

At a Glance:
Price: RM9.90 (approx. US$2.68)
Weight: 20ml / 0.67 Fl. Oz.
Made in: Korea
Likes: You get ALOT of essence in every sheet, Moisturizes ok.
Gripes: Fragrance is a little overpowering...
Repurchase: No
Jenn's Rating: 3 Stars! Not too bad, but won't be repurchasing!


Product Description

Aloe for comforted and revitalized skin.

The Benefits of Aloe: Aloe soothes and hydrates sensitive skin without irritation.

Made from all natural pulp for the gentle delivery of Aloe extract, this refreshing juice-like mask sheet comforts and revitalizes skin.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:
This mask is really wet!! It dripped all over my dressing table when it took it out of the pack! haha!! XD This one does leave a little stickiness behind after you remove the mask, but its very minimal. The scent of this one is quite overpowering!! Phew!! :P


This mask is individually packed into their respective foil packs and is sold by the piece. Like the Grape and Lemon ones i hated the fit of this mask! The mouth part is just too big:

Time Test:
15-20 minutes! :)

Price & Availability:
This mask is priced at RM9.90 each and is available at all The Face Shop outlets. It's also available on at $5 for two pieces :)

My $0.02:

Wow, this mask is really wet!! It literally dripped all over my dressing table! haha! :D

This mask moisturizes ok, but to be frank i didn't feel that my skin was "comforted" in any way. I also didn't like that the fragrance was pretty strong!!

This is how i look after using this mask:

All in all, i think this is alright, but i won't be repurchasing simply because i prefer my masks to have at least some brightening properties to them! :)

Psssst: i know i said last Monday in my The Face Shop Imperial Herbs - Yang Mask Sheet review that the Neutrogena Deep Hydrating Mask is going for RM34.88 at Guardian. I just found out that it's even cheaper at Watsons now with their Christmas Sale which started last Friday at RM31.92! :)

Read my reviews on the other masks in this range:

The Face Shop Fresh Fruit Acerola Mask Sheet
The Face Shop Fresh Fruit Grape Mask Sheet
The Face Shop Fresh Fruit Lemon Mask Sheet
The Face Shop Fresh Fruit Pomegranate Mask Sheet

Photo credit: Product photo from

Friday, November 20, 2009

FOTD: A little bit of purple...

... makes a whole lot of difference!

Sorry for the lame title! I ran out on title ideas so that will do! lol! I wanted to do a look that matched my purple shirt, but as you know, i'm terribly afraid of wearing purple shadows because they tend to make me look as if i've been punched in both eyes! lol! :D I then thought that lining my eyes with purple would be "safer", and yes it is - it turned out much nicer than i envisioned it to be! haha! :P

Sorry about the smudged part! i accidentally swiped it with my finger :P

Stuff i used:

The Face Shop The Skin Extra BB Cream SPF20 PA++
Pond's Magic Powder

MAC Sweetness Beauty Powder Blush
MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush (contour)

Maybelline Line n' Design Brow Pencil in Dark Brown


MAC Solar White es (highlight)
MAC Silverthorn es (inner crease)
MAC Strike a Pose es (outer crease)
MAC Charred es (creaseline)
Silkygirl Funky Eyelights Pencil in 04 Pure Purple
MAC Photogravure Technakohl (tightline and outer lower lashline)


MAC 1N Lippie
MAC Sugarrimmed Dazzleglass

I know i say this every Friday, but oh dear, where did the week go??? Time really flies!! What do you have lined up for the weekend? :D
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