Monday, October 26, 2009

Product Review: My Beauty Diary White Truffle Fantastic Whitening Mask 我的美丽日记璀璨白金篇白松露极致美白面膜

At a Glance:
Price: RM6.50 (approx. US$1.76)
Weight: 30g
Made in: Taiwan
Likes: Really brightens face, moisturizes well! :)
Gripes: Sheet is a bit flimsy, not available locally!
Repurchase: Yes!! :D
Jenn's Rating: 4.5 Stars! Me really likey!! :D


Product Description

English description (Taken from their website):

Multiple Soothing Crystal Bright
Multiple plants extracts from rose hips, white mulberry root bark and cactus, help to clear accumulated dead cells and cutis, improve roughness and dullness, lighten skin pigmentation spots, sooth and nourish skin. After use, a perfect exture of glow, translucence, radiance and suppleness will be immediately observed on skin.

Japan-introduced mask material, fragrance and alcohol free
Introduced from Japan, the highly fitting mask material is 100% fragrance- and alcohol-free. With a gentle and pure texture, it offers the skin fresh feel without discomfort!

Triple Whitening Compounds
An innovational version combined previous French white truffle and two highly effective whitening ingredients: m-tranexamic acid and SAP, a vitamin-C derivative, works terrifically on improving dullness and eliminating uneven skin tone.

Nano-Biotech Double Vehicle
Active ingredients wrapped in multiple layers of bio substance. Through a controlled time-released effect, these ingredients work on skin by degrees and are absorbed more easily in epidermis.

Actual Product Pic:

Texture & Scent:
Similar to the other two from the luxury range, this mask is really moist even after using it for 30 minutes! :D I like that this one doesn't really leave a sticky feel after using! This is fragrance free! :)


This mask is individually packed into a foil wrapping like your usual sheet masks. It also comes in a box of 10 i believe.

This mask is much thinner than the ones from the usual line, so i guess it does give a better fit.

However it is easily torn though (like what happened to me when i used the Camellia mask, so be careful whilst using this!

Time Test:
20-30 minutes, which is a little long! :P

Price & Availability:
This mask is priced at about RM6.50 each, but can be cheaper or more expensive depending on seller. I bought mine from beauty_zone33 from There're lots of other sellers there as well!! I haven't seen this particular one in Guardian though, so i guess its not available there! :(

This one brightens really well, so it's great to use before an event go make your skin glow! :D

My $0.02:

Masking Mondays is back!! Didcha miss it or not? Hehehe!! :D

Once again, this mask is really similar to the other two in this series! It moisturizes really well, leaving my skin feeling plump and soft. This one brightens really well too!! Am loving the glow i get from this one! hehehe!! :D

Here's how i look after using this:

Radiance from within, but i'm not preggers! hehehe!! :D Now, if only i can make this effect last 24/7... lol!! :P

Read my reviews on the other two masks from the Platinum Luxury series:

My Beauty Diary Camellia Mask 我的美丽日记璀璨白金篇极润保湿面膜
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Credits: Product photo from


  1. I'll definitely purchase My Beauty Diary mask if I have the chance to go to HK, I felt bad I didn't purchase any when I was there!

  2. yippee, your mask reviews are back! :D I always like to see your masking pics :P I haven't tried these range yet.. but its a little expensive compared from the normal range ones :)

  3. Nikki: awww don't feel bad!! There're lots of online sellers selling these too, so you may want to check those out! Or let me know which ones you want... i'll send some your way! hehehe! :D

  4. Sue: hahaha thank youuuu!! :D These are realllllly good!! Yeah they're more expensive than the usual ones, but they're moisturize better! The usual ones need to apply moisturizer after that! hehe!! :D

    BTW, MMM launching this Friday!! You going?? :D :D :D

  5. i have not tried the high end one before, would really like to try it when i get my mask stock next time :)

  6. Xin: yeah!! must try!! :D They're wonderful for that price!! :D


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