Saturday, October 17, 2009

MAC Style Black and Dazzleglass Creme review + swatches, plus a quick look at the new Zoomfast Blacklash

We finally got the shipment of Style Black stuff... and i'm pissed!! Though there were testers for most of the products, the stocks for some products did not (and probably will not) come in! And then there were some items whose testers did not even make it here! Grrrrrr! Come on already MAC!!

With that rant aside, let's go onto happier things, aka the swatches! haha! :D Lets start with the lippies (US$14.50 / RM63 each):

Black Knight (Cremesheen): This is not an opaque black, and it does not go on very smoothly!
Midnight Media (Mattene): This one is more opaque than Black Knight, but still not as opaque as i'd like! The stocks for this one did not make it here :(
Night Violet (Mattene): This dark plummy shade is soooo much more beautiful that i'd imagine it to be!! :D Too bad that i don't think i can ever pull this color off!!

Next up aree the Glimmerglasses (US$18 / RM80):

Blackware: a creamy grey! No stocks for this one as well!
Bling Black: a super gorgeous sheer grey with gold sparkles. I think it would look amazing layered over any lipstick! Heartbreakingly the stocks for this one did not make it here as well... :'(
Blackfire: Sorry, no swatches for this one as even the tester did not make it here...

By now, you must know how frustrated i am already right?! No glosses for the lipglosseater?!! What the h?! Wanna die issit?!! hahaha!! Just kidding!! :D

Let's go onto the mineralize eye shadows (US$19.50 / RM75):

The swatches on the left are swatched dry, and those on the right, with the Fix+... which made them amazingly pigmented and sparkly!! :D

Gilt by Association: A dark bronze! This one is already quite pigmented when swatched dry! :)
Blue Flame: This one's more like chalky grey + some blue sparkles here and there when swatched dry. But when swatched wet, it looks amazing!! :D
Young Punk: Purple sparkles on a black base. This one is the most sparkly when foiled! Unfortunately this one's sold out already!
Cinderfella: Black with silver glitters. This one's quite lovely... and it almost came home with me! lol! :D

Lastly, lets take a look at the nail lacquers (US$12 / RM40):

One coat each

Seriously Hip: A very dark greenish olivey black with gold shimmers. Very pretty but it goes on streaky!
Baby Goth Girl: Very dark purple - this one goes almost black on me! :D
Nocturnelle: We did not get the tester nor stocks for this one, but it should be perm. at the stores!

I'm super heartbroken that we did not get the Cream Colour Base and the Greasepaint Stick! No sight of the Volcanic Ash stuff too!! ARGH!! So sad! :(


Enough about Style Black! I noticed a lipgloss displayer behind the Style Black stuff, but had mistakenly thought they were the Euristocrats II Dazzleglasses until my dearest MA Joanne pointed them out to me that they were indeed the much anticipated Dazzleglass Cremes! :D

So needless to say, i HAD to check them out (after being gloss deprived by Style Black! lol!! XD)! So here are the swatches for them! :D

These glosses are definitely more pigmented than the usual dazzleglass, which is much appreciated! But unfortunately, most of these colors go on streaky, and some of them have glitter "chunks" that are not really nice to look at up close! Some of them feel gritty too (but this is easily rectified by using the Prep + Prime Lip underneath as adviced by Joanne!) :D If you reallllly MUST anyhow buy these, go for the darker colors - they go on smoother and are less gritty! :)


Lastly, the Zoomfast Blacklash is here as well!!

Despite hearing alot of booboos about this mascara, i actually kinda liked it! It doesn't give a whole lotta volume, but gives just enough to make your lashes look as if they're naturally thicker! :D Still thinking if i should go back for this one or not...

That's all for now! You must be dying to know what i bought right? Don't want to tell you!! hahaha! :P

Okla, i'll let you know tomorrow (technically later today?) cuz i don't have pictures of them yet! Gotta catch some Zees first ya! :D was just teasing you!! hehe!! Here they are! :D

The Prep+Prime Lip (omg... where have you been all my life?!!) and the Black Knight Lippie! :D

Not sure if i'm ever gonna use the black lipstick, but i just HAD to buy it cuz MAC seldom comes out with black lippies!! haha!! :D

After this, i went over the H20+ store and got this:

Like finally!! lol!! Have been reading so many raves about this product that i just HAD to try it out for myself. Thanks to Kahani for sharing that some H20+ products (including this one!!) are going at 20% off for the entire month of October to celebrate their 20th anniversary! :D So go grab yours already before the sale ends!! :D

And oh, to all my Indian readers, a happy Deepavali to all of you!! Have a wonderful celebration yeah! To the rest of us, enjoy the long weekend! Take care! :D


  1. can't wait to see what you got!!
    i got young punk from style black and sublime shine from the DGCs.:)

  2. hehehe... soon! soon!! :D

    Great choice!! Young punk is gorgeous and was sold out within a day of launching over here!! :D

    How'dya find the dazzleglass cremes? Do they go on smoothly or are the glitter particles big? :D

  3. I wanna see FOTD with the dark lippie! So curious la.. hahaha

    BTW, the mineralize eyeshadows look so prettieee when swatch with base underneath.

    Also also... pls pls pls do a review on H20 face oasis :D I wonder if it is so magical ar.. hehehe TQTQ taukeh~

  4. Nooooooooooooo... don't think i will ever post a pic of myself wearing the black lipstick! I look positively hideous with it. Even Joanne got a shock when i tried it on! hahaha!! :P

    yeah, the MESes are to die for when swatched wet!! :D

    I will definitely do a review when i use it for quite sometime di!! So stay tuned!! hahaha!! :D

    I not taukeh laaaa! :P

  5. everything is like OOS already in KL... I don't even bother >.< I'm digging the greasepaint sticks but I'm not sure what to do with them. they are really thick when applied even though utterly smudge proof. Volcanic Ash didn't make it so i'm asking a friend in the US to help me get a tube. that is, if it's still in stock... blergh!!

  6. jenn, i really like sublime shine. it really is as creamy as the cremesheens but you're right there was some grittiness, but not too much, so i can live with it. the formula is pretty thin though, as in it sits on my lines in my lips, rather than smoothing over them.

  7. I'm so waiting for a FOTD with the black lippie!

  8. Connie: Yeah, tell me about it!! The greasepaint stick will make a wonderful base for smokey eyes! :D I'm also eyeing either this one or the black cream colour base... but both didn't make it here to penang! argh!!

    If the volcanic ash is out of stock, maybe you can try ordering via SgDrugstore! I just placed my order for both Volcanic Ash products! hehehe!! :D

  9. su-pah: icic! yeah, same experience here! It looks ALOT better over the Prep + Prime lip though, so maybe you want to try that out! :D

  10. Carro: hahaha... to be very honest i don't think i'll ever post one! I don't want to scare people away from my blog! hahaha! XD


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