Saturday, October 31, 2009

MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief! Colour Collection Review and Swatches

So the holiday collection came to Penang so to the holiday collection i went!! :D Without much ado lets go straight to the reviews and swatches! :D

MAC Magic, Mirth and Mischief! Colour Collection:

Let me start with the thing that i personally think is the highlight of this collection - the mineralize blushes (US$21 / RM95)!! These two babies are soooo smooth and pigmented and just a dream to use!! :D

See how pigmented these are? Yum!! :D

Conjure up - a dirty plum. Still thinking if i should go back for this one...
Superdupernatural - a mid-tone coral. Contrary to its name, it won't be superdupernatural on your skin if you don't apply it with a light hand! hahaha! :D

Next are the Mineralize Eyeshadows (US$19.50 / RM80)! I'm not really a fan of mineralize eyeshadows, but these really surprised me with their quality! All 6 of them apply smoothly and are quite pigmented! I only wished that MAC would remove that stupid glitter crescent in there! I wonder why did they decide to keep that one despite so many complaints about it last year! :P

The glitters are placed at the top of every shadow, but they don't photograph (and adhere to the skin) very well!! Ugh! :P

Midnight Madness - dark dirty brown with a gold glitter crescent.
Devil-May-Care - light lavender with a silver glitter crescent.
Under Your Spell - pinkish purple with a bronze glitter crescent.
Mayham - brownish bronze with a silver glitter crescent.
Blue Sorcery - turquoise with a silver glitter crescent.
It's a Miracle - dark burgundy with a gold glitter crescent.

Then there're the Softsparkle Eye Pencils (US$14.50 / RM62). These should totally be called Hardsparkle Eye Pencils instead because they scratch your skin soooo badly!! I'm sure not allowing any of these near my eyes! :S Once again, i don't know why MAC brings this one back year after year! I know it's the holiday season and glitters are in, but come on already!! :P

Iris Accents - light lavender with silver sparkles.
Nightsky - black with silver sparkles.

Next are the lippies (US$14 / RM63)! I personally feel that there is something for everyone in this lineup - from sheer to super bright! haha! :D

Pervette (Glaze) - sheer bright pink with some purple iridescenc. This one's permanent.
Total Wow! (Glaze) - pinkish berry. This one looks alot less scary swatched than in the tube!
Surprise Me (Lustre) - mid-tone coral. I was secretly hoping that this one has abit more pink in it though!
Utter Fun (Lustre) - bright fuschia pink! This one is not for the faint hearted! :D

Then there're my favourite lipglosses! lol! :D These cremesheenglasses and dazzleglasses go for US$18 / RM80 each, which i seriously think is expensive for the miniscule amount you get! Still, suckers like me will buy so why am i complaining. :P

The first 3 are cremesheenglasses, and the next 3, dazzleglasses.

Ever So Rich - sheer lilac. This one turns pink on my lips!
Boy Bait - light peach. This one's shoooo pretty! :D
Partial to Pink - peachy pink. See the lip swatch of this one here.
She-Zam - very sheer silver with silver and red sparkles!
Phiff - very very sheer light peach gold sparkles . I wished that the sparkle particles weren't so big though! :(
Jingle Jangle - mid pink with blue sparkles! This one reminded me of a toned down version of the Steppin' Out Dazzleglass! Hmmm... wonder if i should get this one... :P

Lastly, here're the Nail Lacquers (US$12 / RM40):

Two coats each

Lucky Number - Metallic purplish pink. This one goes on streaky!
$$$$$ Yes - Metallic silver. This one is super streaky but i love it! haha! :D This one's repromoted from the Heatherette collection last year. :)

That's all from the colour collection! :D I have swatches for everything else from the other holiday stuff except the Mineral Exclusives, but i think i better separate them into two posts cuz there're tons of pictures, so stay tuned yeah! :D

And yes, i know you will be curious to know what i got from this collection! haha! :D So here it is, my MAC Holiday haul:

From left: Superdupernatural blush, Boy Bait cremesheenglass, She-Zam dazzleglass. Yesssss, i did manage to walk away from the Sorceress eye palette (which was a little disappointing irl), Phiff! and Jingle Jangle dazzleglasses and the Conjure Up blush! I sure hope i don't regret not getting these! :P

I also got the Stubborn Brown powerpoint to try since my Photogravure Technakohl finished already, as well as the MAC Charged Water to replace my empty Avene spray (review coming soon! :D)!

So didcha get anything from this collection? :D


  1. I've got the superduper-natural blush too!! Couldn't resist of the temptation. But funny thing, my superduper-natural seems light when I swatch on my hand but yours were so pigmented. Wondering why..Hmm...
    I want the Pinkzapoppin Mineralize Kit set too...But it's soo expensive. :'(

  2. please do a review and comparison for the stubborn brown powerpoint :) thanks

  3. nice haul! can't wait for your reviews!

  4. Hey, I really love your site because you're so far the only blogger in Penang and I love your personal descriptions on each and every shade of every item. So thank you!

    PS: You look a lot cuter in real life ;)

  5. WOW Love your swatches!! you seriously have the best swatches~ The Mischief Softsparkle Pencils in Iris Accents looks so pretty!!! All the colors look preetty~

  6. Great swatches!! This collection looks really pretty, I
    m SO happy that Partial to Pink Creemsheen glass is coming back

  7. slowbrogirl: hi5!! :D yeah sometimes it's like that! it happened to me with the colour craft collection. when i swatched it in KL, the testers were not pigment and quite glittery. but when i swatched them in penang, they were quite smooth and not so glittery! yikes! :D

    I wanted to get the fun in the sun one initially, but i figured that its not worth paying RM300 just for nuance. I didn't want the rest of the stuff in there! haha! :D

  8. Sammy: i will once i've tested it out enough, so stay tuned! ;)

  9. Dina: haha thank you!! Which item you want me to review? :D

  10. *aly: awww thank you!! You're too sweet!!! I'm not the only blogger in penang lah! There's the wonderful Sue too!! haha :D

    Eh, you from penang ke? When you saw me? :S Never come and say hi! :P

  11. Stacieee: thank you so much!! Your comment means alot to me!! hehehe!! :D

    Yeah methinks this is a wonderful collection with something for everybody! :)

  12. Stephanie: thank you! :D Didcha get yourself one (or more) then?? hehehe! :D

  13. hauled quite a lot! great for you!!! I love how the MAC there decorated the place and celebrated the new collection. Thanks for the swatches!

  14. I was waiting for your swatches, Jenn! LOL :D What draws me to this is only the cremesheenglasses -_- Did you do a makeover there btw? :D

  15. wah wah Jenn so famous liao :p

    I got Superduper-natural!! couldn't RESIST.... it wasn't hyper-pigmented on my skin la. I could never over apply it but the color laaaasts :D LOVE it. the box sets all repromotes. meh

  16. Great swatches, thankyou! Devil May Care and Blue Sorcery are stunning! Nice haul =)

  17. Nikki: hahaha... not really alot lah! :P :P

    Yeah they usually do a nice event for the holiday collection! :D

  18. Sue: lol!! Then fast fast go get it di!! :D Later OOS! :P

    Yeah i did! Pictures kambing this friday... ;)

  19. Connie: aiyoooooooooooooo don't tease me ler!!! where got famous?? hahaha!! :P

    methinks that superdupernatural would look GREAT on your skin!! But then again your skin can carry off most colors wonderfully ler! :D so jealous!

    ya the mineralize kits are all repromotes. Me wants Nuance but dowan to pay RM300 for it. So am praying that MAC will release it individually soon!! :P

  20. Marce: You're most welcome!! I hope you get your holiday stuff soon! :D

  21. i think i like the superduper natural, my favorite shade of blusher! and i like the $$$ nail polish...if i buy it it's really - $$$$. LOL.

  22. Xin: must buy!! it's really pretty!! :D

    Hahaha yeah! I was quite tempted to buy it too... too bad i seldom use polishes ler! :D


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