Tuesday, October 27, 2009

MAC in Lillyland Collection! :D

Thanks to the amazing erine1881 over at Specktra.net, we now have the color story for this Lilly Pulitzer & MAC collaboration!! :D

Lipgelee: $14.00
Lush & Bright - Bright pink yellow coral with pink pearlized pigments (LE)
Preppy - Blue pink with pink pearlized pigments (LE)
Shift to Pink - Light violet with silver pearlized pigments (LE)
Resort Life - Off-white with pink pearlized pigments (LE)

Pearlmatte Shadow: $19.50
Flower pattern of 3 shades (white, green, pink) (LE)

Paint Pot: $16.50
Rubenesque - Golden peach w/gold pearl (Frost) (Permanent)
Bare Study - Soft beige wth gold pearl (Frost) (Permanent)
Fresco Rose - Pink with matching pearl (Frost) (Permanent)

Pearlmatte Face Powder (LE) $27.00
Flower pattern of 4 shades (LE)

Cremeblend Blush: (LE) $18.50
Joie-De-Vivre - Peachy coral (Permanent)
Florida - Bright fuchsia (Permanent)
Optimistic Orange - Bright coral (Permanent)
So Sweet, So Easy - Light yellow pink (Permanent)

Nail Lacquer: $12.00
Coconut Ice - Light yellow peach pink (Cream)(LE)
Steamy - Hot 'n' steamy hot pink (Cream) (Permanent)

#168 Large Angled Contour Brush - For expert application of cheek contour. This brush is a large angled contour - the fibres form a buffed edge and are soft and firmly bundled. $32.00USD (Permanent)

#239 Eye Shader Brush - Soft and dense to shade or blend eye shadow or emollient-based products. This brush has a tapered, rounded edge with smooth, firm, fine fibres. It can be used to build intense colour on the eyelid. $24.50USD (Permanent)

Technakohl: $14.50
Graphblack - Rich graphic black (Permanent)
Purpledash - Intense aubergine (Permanent)

And here're some swatches for you courtesy of erine1881 from Specktra.net once again (oh how i LOVE this lady!!) :D



Face Powder:

Creme Blushes:

This collection will be available in the US on the 7th of Jan next year! Personally i'm most excited about the new 3-in-1 eyeshadow and face powder!! They look so prettttty!! :D I also can't wait to check out the creme blushes!! :D The lipgelees look amazing too, but they're abit too sparkly for my liking, so i'll probably be skipping them! :D

See anything that ya like? Or are you skipping this collection? Do share!! :D

Credits: Color story and swatches from Specktra.net, product pics from Temptalia.com.


  1. i want the creme blush! looks pretty! are they LE or perm? Huh? I don't understand la MAC terms! :P

  2. Yeah they're LE!! :D Me wants them too... they look so nish!!

  3. Ok Ok, remember my post about packaging? Screw my post!!!! I want these!!! LOL

  4. hehehe!!! :D pretty stuff do sucker us in huh!!! :D

    I can't wait for the MAC anniversary! Word goes that it'll be a Disney Villains collection! I'll DIE if they release something called Yzma! She's my favourite baddie in Disney! hahahaha!! :D

  5. I want the face powder and eyeshadow too! They look beautiful!

  6. yes they are gio!! The best part is that they will have 3 different finishes!! So exciting!! can't wait to check them out!! :D

  7. too cute! lipgelees are great! I'm still wondering why I don't own any :-/

  8. i've heard many great things about the lipgelees too!! Too bad the ones from this round are a little too sparkly for my liking! Otherwise i'll definitely check them out for myself! :D

  9. Thanks for sharing! I haven't been around Specktra for ages, so I'd have missed out on the swatches, LOL
    If it weren't for the sparkles, I would totally pick up a lipgeleé. But what has caught my eye is the face powder, and one or two creme blushes!
    I agree on the Disney Villains, it would be *amazing*! LOL, I'm with Yzma. She's hilarious. Actually, the Emperors New Groove is hilarious. Recommended =D

  10. Marce: you're most welcome!! Ditto!! I would definitely pick up a lipgelee or two if it weren't for the sparkle overload! lol! :D

    Yes!! I'm really curious about the two products you mentioned too!! I wonder how they'll feel like in real life! :D

    Hehehehe... Yzma is so silly! Yeah that movie was HILARIOUS! Couldn't stop laughing throughout the movie! :D


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