Tuesday, October 13, 2009

MAC Baroque Boudoir Collection

Thanks to the wonderful erine1881 and tinkerbelle2001 over at Specktra.net, we can have a glimpse of this year's couture collection from MAC! :D

Baroque Boudoir Lipstick $22
Baroque Boudoir - Creamy dark plum (C)
Privé - Creamy light blue pink (C)
Treasured - Creamy warm nude beige (C)

Baroque Boudoir Lipgloss $22 (double barrel tube packaging)
The Lap of Luxury - Sheer baby pink with white and pink pearlized pigments (F)
Preciousness - Sheer metallic pink with white pearlized pigments (F)
D'Nouveau - Sheer dusty rose with light pink pearlized pigments (F)

Baroque Boudoir Compact/Sheer Mystery Powder: $60
Light Medium
Medium Plus

Boudoir Clutch $65
chic black clutch in a brushed crinkled nylon fabric

Anddddd, some swatches for all of you! :D

The lipsticks:

The Lipglosses:

Personally, i feel kinda meh about this collection. The colors are nothing unique, and the packaging, though pretty, didn't scream TAKE ME HOME to me! I guess i'll be skipping them again this year! :D Still, me thinks that this year's is definitely alot better looking that last years! XD

What'dya think of this year's couture collection? :D

Credits: Color Story and swatches from erine1881 @ Specktra.net, Pictures from tinkerbelle2001 @ Specktra.net.


  1. the package of this collection is really nice though..!


  2. *Drool* look at the packaging! Beautiful! I can't wait to get my hands on the lipgloss.

  3. Toothfairynotes: yeah its definitely nicer than last year's!! hehehe!! :D Are you going to get anything from this collection? :D

  4. keepingbeauty: i can't wait to see the glosses too!! :D

  5. true to what other commentors say, the packaging looks really nice!

  6. Nikki: yeah it is!! :D I can't wait to see how the clutch looks like!! I'm sure its pretty! :D

  7. I agree with the others, the packaging looks gorgeous!

  8. hehehe... looks like all of us think that the packaging is purrrty!! :D


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