Monday, October 19, 2009

(Hopefully a) Short Hiatus for Masking Mondays!

I woke up last Friday with horribly pink cheeks that were hot to the touch! T_T

I don't know what happened because i did not use any new products! Could it be something that i ate? :'(

This was taken a day after:

The redness subsided a little, but is still quite obvious! To avoid aggravating my skin further, i decided to not use anything on my face other than sunblock. So far so good! Thankfully (and fingers crossed) its better now, and the skin didn't peel!!

Because of this, there will be no Masking Monday today! I'm really sorry for that!! Hopefully i will be able to resume my usual skin care regimen soon enough!! Wish me luck k!! :D


  1. good luck with the skin! hope it'll feel better soon. you still look awfully cute though. hehe but I won't pinch today ;)

  2. wise decision girlie!
    love your mask reviews though and can't wait till you start them up again, when you can.

    i got a sample sheet mask - aqua sherbet by etude house. it seems like their new line. can't wait to try that.

  3. LOL. can i say the red patch makes your cheeks cuter? :P

    hope u are feeling better by now already :)

  4. same with prettybeautiful, I know its bad to say this but with red cheeks, you look really cute! lol..something good does come out from something bad eh? Take care and get well ASAP!!!

  5. Hi Jenn! Long time no see !!!

    Exam in a week so I've been busy. So stressed... I think my skin is suffering from stress...*sniff*

    You look so cute in pink cheeks !!! hahahah Seriously, that's not red at all, you wanna imagine mine !?!?!? It's like 10x redder than what you have now. I naturally have red cheeks, it's so annoying...You have to give me makeup tips for redness coverups for my xmas party....

    hmm... I dont want to wear foundation, do you think green makeup bases from maybelline will do the trick?? I know you love mac but they all seem to feel a bit cakey... or maybe it's my inability to blend properly.... they all look so great on you but when I try them at counter, makes me wanna take them off straight away....

    You look so cute in mermaid FOTD !! Somehow colors goes on really well on you, a little stronger eyeliner makes me look goth... what does that mean !?!?!? O_O so not cool....

    I'll have to take care of my skin after my exams, I cant wait until exam's over and I can go through your wonderful blog carefully. =)

    oh... You're gonna make people chase you down the street for complaining about your triple eyelids.. lol.. Your eyes are beautiful ok!! Far out, I'm yet to find something that will fix my eyes, One side has prominant double, the other is more hooded... when I dont sleep enough, it gives me big and small eye trouble... err...... I know people use eye tape and stuff... I dont think I know how to use those... besides, they cost rediculously in Asian beauty stores. I heard they've invented eye glue... or eye clippers in Japan... Why am I not in Asia !?!? so not fair....

    If there's any MAC stuff you need and dont have in M'sia, let me know ok? I'll see if I can find them here. Aussie dollar is a bit strong atm, so I dont know if it's economical for you. Will give you some MAC price indication to compare next time.

    You take care and hope you've been having good weeks =) Stay cheery !!!

    p.s. word verification is "redderid".... how...

  6. Hi this is my first time on your blog and really am enjoying it! Great reviews! I really love the lip color on your default picture (with the lipgloss in your mouth) on the top left of your page and was wondering what it was. Thanks and hope to hear from you soon. I have a blog but it's more towards fashion....

  7. I hope that your skin is better now.

  8. Aww, I hope you get better soon! Maybe it was just a heater, or something?

  9. Connie: hahaha thank youuuu for not pinching!! :D

  10. su-pah: don't worry, i think i should be able to resume masking this week, so MMs will be on again next week! hehehe!! :D

    Sounds interesting! Do let me know what you think about the mask! I'll be sure to check that one out the next time i'm there! :D

  11. Xin: lol seriously!! I look "sunburnt" in real life!! T_T

  12. Nikki: lol!! I suppose yeah, at least something "good" came out of it, as long as people don't think that i overapplied my blush! My MAC MA actually thought i did!! lol!! XD

  13. Sue: much better di!! thanks a bunch! :D

  14. Athena: hello girl!! :D

    First up, all the best for your exams!! Just do your best and don't stress yourself out k!! Take care!! :D Awww... don't worry, after your exams you can have all the time you need to give your skin the pampering it needs already... just hang in there!! just one more week to go!! :D Maybe after your exam you can splurge on one and experiment on yourself! :D

    Awww... i'm sure your cheeks are not that bad!! haha!! mine look sunburnt (or like i applied too much blush, which is embarassing!! :P)

    Yeah MAC foundations are a little thick! Maybe you can test out the studio sculpt one and see if you like it or not - its sheerer! :) A green base will definitely help neutralize the redness a little, but methinks that you'll still need a bit of coverage to maximize the effect! :D

    hahaha thank you!! yeah i think you can tell that i love colors!! Methinks that everybody can rock colors, as long as you find your sweet spot and know what works for you! :D

    Hohoho... my triple eyelids are HORRIBLE!! Honest! I have a Bobbi Brown cleansing oil review coming up, so you'll get to see my triple eyelids up close on bare skin... then you'll know what i'm talking about! lol! :D

    Yeah i've seen girls use the tape and glue with great results, but i don't know how to use them too!! haha!! :P

    Awww... you're too kind! Thank you!! I usually get friends to help me buy from elsewhere, or just simply forget about buying it if the item i want is out of stock! :D yeah i know MAC is quite expensive in AU! :(

    You take care too!! And all the best for your exams!! Don't stress yourself out, and stay pretty! :D :D

    ps: lol at the word verification! my blog knows me well indeed!! hahaha!! XD

  15. gatalivre: i'm using the MAC 2N lipglass in that pic! It's limited edition, but it will make a comeback on boxing day this year, so if you want it, remember to pop by your mac store and check it out! hehehe!! :D

    and you have a nice blog and great fashion sense!! oh, what won't i give for those pair of legs!! hahaha!! :D

  16. gio: thanks for the wishes!! yes, it's much better now already!! *hugs*

  17. keepingbeauty: Not too sure... but whatever it is i hope it doesn't come back!! haha!! :D thanks for the wishes!! :D


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