Sunday, September 20, 2009

MAC Well Defined Collection Review (And a sneak peak at the Flirt with Fall lashes)! :D

So the Well Defined stuff FINALLY landed on our shores... 7 months after they've been launched! lol! Oh well, like they say, its better late than never, and more appropriate for this case - good things come to those who wait!! hahaha!! :D

The Studio Sculpt foundation (US$29.50 / RM120) blew me away!! It's offers beautiful coverage without look heavy or cakey, and just a small amount is needed for each application, so the tube should last you quite awhile! :D

Here're some swatches for the foundation:

There're actually more shades than these 5 pictured (22 shades in total)... i stupidly assumed that there're only 5 shades because only these 5 were pictured! haha!! :P The NC shades do run a little too yellow, so don't be afraid to try out the NW shades to see if they're a better match for you! :)

The Studio Sculpt concealers (US$16.50 / RM72) are great as well... they don't sink into fine lines and feel quite moisturizing too!! Me likes! :D

And me likes them so much that i brought both of them home with me!! Hehehe!! :D

I'll do a review on them once i've tested them out, so stay tuned! :D

Oh yeah, before i forget, here's a look at the Flirt with Fall lashes:

They go for RM45 each just in case you're wondering! :)

And last but not least, a very Happy Hari Raya to all my Muslim readers!! Have a wonderful holiday and celebration k! As for the rest of us, enjoy the long weekend!! Wheee! :D

ps: the swatches of the technakohls from the MAC MAC collection is up over here already, so do check them out! :D


  1. thanks for the swatches, I'm really off with what's around down here...not even sure if we have this already :) will be waiting for your reviews :D

  2. Nikki: haha you're most welcome!! :D I'll review them once i've tested them out! :D

  3. Jenn!!! pls pls do it asap k? i am looking for foundation, and also eyeing on bobbi concealer. i want to read yr reviews first before making up my mind!

  4. Xin: ahaha i'll try to k!! Must test them out a few times first!! :D

  5. Blovet Beauty: yes they are!! :D

  6. ooh! I'm looking forward to the studio sculpt foundation review! I'm never keen on MAC foundations in general but you've got me intrigued :)

  7. Connie: ahaha! Same here... most MAC foundations are quite yuck! But im really impressed by this one!

    Stay tuned! ;)


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