Sunday, September 6, 2009

MAC Makeup Art Cosmetics Collection Swatches & Review! :D

So the MAC MAC collection came to town, so i went and check it out yesterday! :D

This collection comes in 3 parts, each part featuring different products inspired their "masters" - artist Richard Phillips, illustrator Maira Kalman and photographer Marilyn Minter.

Let's start with the stuff under Mr. Richard! :D

Here're the lippies:

Front Lit (frost) - this was alot less frosty than i imagined it to be, which is really great! This looks great layered over another lippie or just simply alone on your lips! :D
High Strung (frost) - this is a frosty dusty rose with silver shimmers, which i think is quite unique (though this one's perm)! :D
Lovin It (Lustre) - a brownish shade with a tinge of orange in it! I thought this will be too dark for fair skinned girls, but it looks surprisingly natural when applied with a very light hand!
Hold the Pose (Lustre) - a plummy kinda color (haha ok i'm bad at describing shades! :P)! This one goes on alot more sheerer than it appears in the tube, so no worries! :D
Full Body (Lustre) - a reddish plum. What a beautiful color for fall! :D

Next lets look at the lipglasses:

Young Thing - a milky light beige? This one reminded me alot of C-Thru! :D
New Spirit - a pretty orange! This one goes on alot less orange on the lips though! :D
Personal Taste - a darker pinky shade with pretty gold shimmers! :D
On Display - a dark purplish red. Perfect when paired with the Full Body lipstick! :D

Then comes the quads:

Photo Realism (Photo Realism (Frost), Fresh Approach (Veluxe Pearl), Image Maker (Frost), Grey Range (Veluxe Pearl)) - i had really high hopes for this one because MAC seldom comes out with palettes with frosts and veluxe pearls only, but i was quite disappointed with this one. All 4 shades apply beautifully, but the colors are quite blah and just didn't appeal to me! :(

In the Gallery (Lightfall (Satin), Look at the Eyes (Frost), In the Gallery (Matte), Private Viewing (Matte) - the MAC model was wearing the colors from this range and they looked so pretty on her. Personally i find that the texture of this quad quite a problem! Also, Lightfall is virtually invisible on my skin so methinks that its kinda redundant! :P

Notoriety (Skintone 1 (Lustre), Skintone 2 (Frost), Notoriety (Velvet), Rich & Earthy (Veluxe Pearl) - this palette is surprisingly quite nice, especially for the office! All 4 colors are reasonably pigmented and smooth, plus they compliment each other beautifully! :D

And the final item is the blushes! :D

The Perfect Cheek (Matte) - this one has a kinda chalky texture! The color is quite subtle on my skin too, so this definitely has to be layered on for the color to show!
Notable (Satin) - this shade looks scarily dark in the pan, but with a light hand this one can give you a really lovely healthy sunkissed look! :D

That's all for Mr. Richard's part! Now let's go onto the eyeshadows and eyeliners from Maira Kalman! :D

Let's start with the eyeshadows! :D

Crest the Wave (frost) - a beautiful sunny yellow! Just in case you're wondering, this one is not quite as yellow as Going Bananas, but they're close :) This is a repromote from the Naughty Nauticals quad Stowaways last year!
Off the Page (frost) - what a lovely orange color!! The texture's beautiful too! :D
Haunting (Satin) - this has a horrible chalky texture, which is a real shame because the color is gorgeous! Putting a base under this one will help abit! This is a repromote from the McQueen collection in 2007.
Maira's Mood (Satin) - this is sold as Maira's Magic over here. This one looks really pretty in the pan, but what you see in the pan is darker than the actual color. This one is a little chalky as well!
Purple Shower (Satin) - this is described as a dirty blue pink on the website, but i think it's more purple than pink! The texture of this one is slightly better than the previous two satins, but still abit hard to blend! This one's a repromote from the Turquatic collection in 2006.
Violet Trance (Matte) - like Maira's Mood, the color you get is much lighter than what you see in the pan. This one's chalky too! This is a repromote from the Balloonacy collection in 2007.

And i'm SO SORRY, i must be having a brain fart or something because i actually swatched the liners and FORGET TO TAKE PICTURES OF THEM!! *slaps forehead* I'll swatch them when i goto the counter again, but in the meanwhile, do check out Karla Sugar's awesome swatches of them! :D

Here're the swatches for the Technakohls:

Obviously Orange - a unique burnt orange liner. I love the color but i'm thinking if i'll ever have much use for it or not!
Full of Fuchsia - a pretty pinky purple liner which methinks will go beautifully with pale pink shadows! :D
Artistic License - a super beautiful frosty bright aqua blue! My favourite item of the whole collection! :D
Colour Matters - a technakohl version of Bitter! It's quite bright, although i wished it wasn't matte! :(
Graphblack - a rich basic black. This one's permanant! :D

And finally, the stuff from Marilyn Minter! :D

We did not get the pigments for some reason, so i apologize for not having any swatches for them. Here're the swatches for the glitters! :D

These were swatched with the Pearl Cream Colour Base beneath.

Gold - Chunky gold glitters! This is really pretty but they need a sticky base to minimize fall out!
Reflects Copper - a orangey copper shade! this one's alot more fine than gold and very pigmented.
Reflects Rust - a orangey red shade. This one's even more pigmented than Reflects Copper! :D
Fuchsia - this one is not fuchsia at all, but a rich purple!! It's really pretty!! :D

That's all for this collection!! :D What'dya think? Didcha see anything you like? Bought anything? Do share with me!! hehehe!! :D

Have a great weekend ahead! For those of you lucky girls who'll be enjoying an extra day off on Monday, have fun and i hate you!! lol jk!! For the rest of us, enjoy the last day before another long week at the office! Take care!! haha!! :D

ps: i've update the swatches for the Love that Look eyeshadows... now they're complete! Wheee!! :D


  1. out of everything I was only attracted to Off The Page and Violet Trance but lemming totally killed when I went to swatch them. Violet Trance no need to say la... Off The Page wasn't like sooo pretty that I just had to have it, ya know. Lol. BUT I forgot to swatch Tete a Tint which I've been seeing a lot of lately and looks so pretty in FOTDs! thankfully it's a permanent color. hehe

  2. Loved your swatches! :D Do you take them in the store? I find the store lighting a little orangey/yellow. :)

    BTW, what did you get from them? :P

  3. hi jenn. once again, thanks for your informative blog and wonderful swatches from M.A.C. have us all drooling i'm sure. BTW, a suggestion, could you include the prices for all items reviewed next time??? will help us tremedously, cos' the prices sometimes vary for M.A.C. LE items. Thanks ya! ^_^

  4. Connie: icic!! Yeah Off the Page was a little less vibrant than what i've envisioned it to be! But i guess i'll still be getting it cuz i don't own anything similar! :D

    Eh, you got me curious about Tete a Tint now! :D

  5. Sue: you're most welcome!

    Yeah the lighting in the store sucks lor! I take my swatches in the store la... must use flash! haha! :D

    I havent get anything... yet! hahaha!! Need to think over what to get first! :P

  6. Anon: you're most welcome! Thanks for the suggestion! I'll try to do that moving forward! ;)

  7. The swatches are fantastic! =)
    I really want Off The Page e/s, Young Thing & Personal Taste l/g...

  8. Thank you Marce!! :D

    Hope you get to see this collection soon! :D


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