Tuesday, September 1, 2009

MAC Love that Look Collection Swatches & Review

I headed right to MAC after touching down and having lunch (super sleep deprived, lol!) on Sunday to check this collection out! :D

I'm happy to report that this collection did not disappoint me! The starflash formula is still as lovely and buttery smooth as last year's, and there are colours for everyone! MAC should totally make them permanent already! :D

In my sleep deprived stupor, i missed out Glamour Check, so i apologize for that! I'll swatch them again this coming weekend when i go check out the MAC collections! :)

Die-die must have shades: Strike a Pose, Rated "R", One-off, Smoke & Diamonds
Got money only buy shades: Glamour check, Fashion Groupie (skip if you have Satellite Dreams), Grand Entrance
No need to buy shades: Unbasic White (highly dupable), Dreammaker (flakey texture), Fashion (if you have Tilt), Style Snob (glittery and blah), Ego (highly dupable as well).

I was kinda disappointed by the Pearlglide liners though... they felt quite rough on my eyelids, though the colors are gorgeous! :D

So what did i get from this collection? :D I got:

Top: Unbasic White, Ego, Fashion Groupie
Bottom: Rated "R", One-off, Strike a Pose

On another not-so-happy note, I think some of you must know that MAC will raise the prices of some of their products from today onwards! Eyeshadows will be RM58, the Brush Cleanser will be RM45, and the worst raise is the 182 brush, which will be RM160 from the usual RM130!

side rant: i bought my 182 for a friggin RM180 during the Fafi launch!!! Whyyyyyyyyyyyyyy the discrepancy!!!! T_T *curses under breath*

So i got these items to save me some bucks:

Brush cleanser, 272 brush (discontinued) and the powder puff! :D

Family potrait of my hauls on Sunday:

I'm happy for now... until this Friday when the Makeup Art Cosmetics collection launches then!! *gulps*


  1. Great haul and great blog!

    I love the Starflash formulation. From this collection I got Style Snob, Fashion Groupie.


  2. wow..just right after touch down you went to MAC? If you don't call that passion for makeup, I don't have another word for it! LOL :)

    thanks for the swatches, and great haul girl!

  3. wah wah wah! mac should pay u to be their ambassador loh. plue told me about the price raise the other day. i dont own anything from mac..and if they are going to increase the price, i guess i will not own anything frm them forever. lol.

  4. Those liners look TDF. Too bad they were rough. :(

  5. Wish i could try them too =)
    *sad* MAC is too pricey here in phils =(

  6. Haha, Jenn, the die-die must have shades....I got 3 out of the 4, except Strike A Pose. Had wanted to get Ego and Dreammaker, but my MA advised on the contrary....

    Used the latter 2 shades in their store only. Quite like them....but decided on the 3 instead...:D

  7. Michelle: thanks!! :D Yes, the starflash formula is to die for!! MAC should make them permanant already! :D

  8. Nikki: hehehe... i think i need professional help!! lol!! :D

    you're most welcome girl!! :D

  9. Xin: hahaha... if that happens i'll be the happiest girl on earth! lol!!

    Yeah, boo for the price raise! Its good that you're not into MAC!! I hope they stop raising the price for awhile! :(

  10. Shopn'Chomp: yeah what a shame!! They're gorgeous!! :(

  11. rhaindropz: awww... i'm sure you'll get the chance to try them out!! :)

  12. Vonvon: icic!! You have such excellent self control! hehehe!! :D

    Dreammaker is abit flakey la... i'm sure there are better yellow golds out there! :P

  13. Great haul! And thanks for the swatches. One-Off and Rated R look gorgeous!

  14. Great swatches & haul! We'll be getting this collection in about a months time, I can't wait!

  15. gio: you're most welcome!! Yesh, those greens are to die for!! :D

  16. Marcela: Wow... i hope this arrives on your shore soon!! :D Which ones will you be getting? :D


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