Thursday, September 3, 2009

MAC Euristocrats 2 & Baby Bloom Collections Swatches! :D

Here're the swatches for the MAC Euristocrats collection! :D

Let's start with the dazzleglasses:

Sparkly sparkly goodness!! Sho pretty!! :D

Then comes the lippies:

As you can see in the swatches above, we didn't get London Life and Costa Chic, but we got Fun Fun and Razzle-Dazzler instead! :D

And lastly, the lipliners:

Next, lets take a look at the Baby Bloom collection!

We didn't get the Studio Moisture Tints here so i only have swatches for the Suntints! :(

These balms are abit too sticky for my liking! I also wish they were a little more moisturizing!

So thats all for now! Didcha see anything you like from these two collections? :D


  1. Hi! I just found your blog, it's so cool! The lipglasses in the banner make me drool...haha
    We just got Euristocrats in Argentina too, don't you hate how long it takes for us to receive collections?
    I'm following you, come on over to my blog and share the MAC love =)

  2. I heart dazzleglasses! Thanks for the swatches. :)

  3. Marcela: hey girl!! Thanks for dropping by my blog! Its always great to meet a fellow MAC lover! hehehe!! :D

    Yeah the waiting time sucks!! But i guess its good in a way that we can check out swatches before the collection launches locally! :D

  4. Shopn'Chomp: you're most welcome!! I love them too!! hehehe!! :D

  5. I love Date Night Dazzleglass and Milan Mode lipstick! Thank you so much for the swatches

  6. Thepunkcat: you're most welcome!! :D Great choices!! They're gorgeous!! :D


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