Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Kate Deep Eyes Palette Swatches

Here're all the swatches for the Kate Deep Eyes Palettes!! I noticed that on the website, the BU-1 is not available (not sure if it's been discontinued!)! There's a GN-1 palette which wasn't available at the time i swatched these palettes, so i apologize for this missing one! Plue has swatches of this one here, so go check it out! :D

Also, pardon the crappy mall lighting, this is the best i can get! As usual, the swatches above are taken without flash, and the ones below, with!

I find these shadows pretty good, but not as pigmented as the Majolica Majorca Shadow Customizes. I personally do not like the narrow shadows at the X because i think it'll be kinda hard to use a fluffy brush there!!

These palettes go for RM52 each and are available at some Watsons and most Sasa outlets :)

Photo Credit: Product photo from Nomorerules.net


  1. the only Kate product I've tried is their gradical eyes and their liquid liner, both are lovely :) Thanks for sharing the swatches

  2. Thanks for sharing the swatches! The colors are very subtle but yet has that slight hint of color in them so that you can wear them on a daily basis..love the colors!

  3. MJ single shadows is like the MAC of drugstores! LOL.

    kate shadows generally are a bit lousier than MJ, but they are pretty ok lor, much better than useless *cough cough* maybelline.

  4. Nikki: you're most welcome dearie!! I've heard so much about their super sharp liner!! I must check that out for myself someday!

  5. Stacieee: Yeah the colors are gorgeous and well co-ordinated... and also perfect for the office! :D

  6. Plue: yeahhhh!! I think MJ takes the cake for being the most pigmented liao!! :D

    Maybelline improving di!!! But still need to improve more to get up to par! hehehe!! :D

  7. after the LE Diamond Studio, the e/s are all blah la. no new stuff also >_<

    must improve lor, if not sooner or later they will dieeeeee

  8. Hahaha yeah i think so! probably their main focus is their Mascaras ler!! haha! :D


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