Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Kate Cheek Color Swatches

Here're the swatches for all 4 Cheek Color from Kate! :D The first stripe is the color on the right (smaller color), the middle stripe is the color on the left (bigger color), and the third stripe is both colors mixed together. The pictures on the left are taken without flash, and the ones on the right, with! :)

The colors for these blushes are beautiful, but they're terribly sheer! To be honest there are definitely better options out there!! These blushes go for RM41.90 each!

What do you think of these blushes?? :D

Photo Credit: Product picture from Nomorerules.net


  1. Great swatches! Thank you!

  2. sheer yes, but layer a bit den it's gorgeous, great for those who love to use blush but always put too much!

    and the brush, it's uber soft, one of the best kind of brushes that comes with the drugstore blush lor!

  3. nice swatches! But for me hor, even I swatch my MAC blushes on my hand, the colors are drop dead sheer. But if I use with my brush and go a little overboard (thought it was sheer on the hand), I'll get baboon butt cheeks . :P LOL!

    I dunno, but sometimes they just happens! -_-

  4. awww..is it bad that I want all shades? and even your arm??? :P

  5. plue: icic!! Didn't know that the brush is so soft ya!!

    Yeah the colors are gorgeous!! :D

  6. Sue: i have the same problem too!! lol!! :D next time you goto mac, try swatching with a base underneath... can be the pearl cream colour base or just the wetness from the MAC wipe - it helps alot!! haha! :D

  7. Nikki: hahaha no, not bad at all!! You can have my arm for awhile... but don't bite me k! hahaha! XD

  8. giang: yeah they're!! very suited for us asian girls too!! :D


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