Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Jenn Asks: Ever encountered a bad experience buying from online sellers?

I've been pretty lucky so far i guess, most of my purchases online come in the condition i expect them to be! Unfortunately not all people are that lucky! Check out Kahani's post on her horrible experience with an online seller here! I'm appalled to read about such horrible customer service!! >.<

Do you have any similar woes to share? Or like me, you have been lucky all this while? Spill! hehehe!! :D


  1. i didnt have any bad encounter with blogshops before or online transactions.
    only some minor onces which i manage to get refunds in the end.
    also when the seller replies slow, i will not buy from the seller anymore because im scared after banking in the feller might not go online like forever.

    i did encounter bad services. lousy and horrible to be exact from postal services provided by our very own post express.
    one word to them. if you cant deliver, dont make empty promises.
    their slogan, your trusted partner makes me puke each time i see it.

  2. So far so good with my online purchases. Rather, I met with an infuriating buyer on ebay. Already sealed the deal, on the way to deliver the item to him, and he just message to say that he didn't want the item anymore. Since it was cash on delivery, he wasn't oblige to pay me. &#$^)@^$@(&#@ Really very angry that he backed out last minute.

  3. LyNn: i do agree with you! I'm rather irked by sellers who don't respond in a timely fashion! >.<

    So far i'm quite lucky i guess... the postal service has been quite good to me, except for the time when the post man delivered my benefit stuff to another house!! I almost got a heart attack when the honest neighbour returned my stuff to me! >.<

  4. Meng Xue: OMG what a horrible buyer!! So unapologetic somemore!! Gosh!! Feel so mad for you!! >.<

  5. I usually have pretty good experiences when I shop online because I read their feedbacks thoroughly before actually buy something from them. I have met one really irritating one though, she was okay at first but when I realised she sent my parcel wrongly, I tried a lot of means to contact her, trying to ask her for an explanation. Since she didn't reply me after some time, I sent her some offline messages on MSN asking her to confirm with me. When she finally online, she scolded for sending her a lot of messages and she told me harshly that she has posted the right one without even bother to check whether she really did sent out the wrong one. So I thought, maybe I was the wrong one to send her so many messages. However, when she finally checked, the parcel really was sent wrongly to me! She suddenly became so sweet and said things can sometimes go wrong and asked me not to be angry at her. Lol.

  6. Anon: lol!! At least she was nice in the end la! So i guess the problem was solved? :D

    But not right for her to scold you lor, especially before checking!! >.<


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