Friday, September 18, 2009

FOTD: Simple Work Look! :D

I just realised that i've never done a "Work" look before (ahaha, maybe once if the too natural bride one counts! XD)! :D Well here's my attempt! lol! :D

This is a really simple look that i've done in 5 minutes (hurrah for more shuteye! God knows how much us office slaves need it!) sometime ago! :D The idea is to make yourself look polished as naturally as possible! :D Personally i won't use such a shimmery highlighter to work, but that's most "muted" one i have on hand currently so that will do! :D

Boohoo, the stupid zit from two weeks ago left a red mark on my chin! :'( and oh, how i miss thee, old hair!! hahaha!

Stuff i used:

La Mer The Powder in Translucent (Probably isn't the best powder for the office cuz as you can see in the pic above, it's quite glowy!! lol!)

NARS Deep Throat

Maybelline Line n' Design Brow Pencil in Dark Brown
MAC Brow Set in Beguille


The colors are a little washed out, they're darker in real life! :D

MAC Creme Royale es (highlight)
MAC Nylon es (inner crease)
MAC Satin Taupe es (outer crease & contour)
MAC Photogravure technakohl
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara


MAC Creme Cup Lippie

It's Flyday again already, how time flies! :D Have a great weekend everyone! :D


  1. Thank you so much for this post :) I've been searching for a soft work look because I want to start using my makeup more often. Is the MAC highlight you used on your eyes discontinued? I'm trying to find a good highlight eyeshadow for my skin tone. Do you think the skin tone really matters? I've got fair skin. I'm heading to the MAC counter today to look at some shades :)

    And just for the record, I love reading your blog :)

  2. hello pretty! i love your work look :) its simple yet its lovely <3

  3. u look so naturally cute jenn!!! and the deep throat looks really natural compared to my super orgasm. lol.

    crap we sound so wrong here. hahahaha

  4. the eyeshadow is perfect even on special occasions! the combination is very pretty! love it girl! you are so pretty!and i'm not being generous with comments dear, that's the truth :) I am speaking of the truth my dear..hugs hugs hugs :D

  5. Sojourner: you're most welcome! And thank you so much for dropping by and leaving these wonderful words! :D

    Yeah unfortunately the MAC highlighter shade i'm using is limited edition. Alternatively you may wanna check out the Vanilla eyeshadow... that one is an awesome shade from the permenant line! :D

    Yeah i do think that skin tone matters... some colors are more flattering on certain skintones and some not quite so. Just gotta find what works for you!! Good luck! :D

  6. Xin: hahaha yes!! Super wrong!! :P

    This reminds me that i've yet to use my Super Orgasm... 7 months after i've purchased it!! OMG!! >.<

  7. Nikki: awwww girl!! You just made my day!! really!! I survived on only 4 hours sleep the previous night due to work, and you made me feel alot alot better!! thank you!!! hehehe!!

  8. haha brown color eyeshadow seems to be the staple of day-proper-office-decent color wear. I love ur blog! So many great reviews!

    I've followed you!

    Keep posting!


  9. Hahaha yes... boring ol browns!! But i love them cuz they're really versatile! hehehe!! :D

    Thanks so much for the support!! *hugs*

  10. I like it, it's simple but very pretty!


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