Friday, September 25, 2009

FOTD: One off Rated R with a Bright Future! :D

Ok, the title is seriously lame! lol! XD I did this look on a whim and thought it did match my brownish orangey dress well! :D Please excuse the droplets of water on my face... i didn't realise that they were still there when i took these pictures (just in case you're wondering, i was testing the Avene Thermal Spring Water out! lol!) :D

Stuff i used:

Pond's Magic Powder

MAC Eversun Beauty Powder Blush

Maybelline Line n' Design Brow Pencil in Dark Brown


MAC Studio Sculpt Concealer in NW20 (undereyes)
MAC Nylon es (highlight)
MAC Bright Future es (inner crease)
MAC Rated R es (mid crease)
MAC One-Off es (outer crease)
MAC Satin Taupe es (creaseline)
MAC Photogravure technakohl
Max Factor 2000 Calorie Mascara


MAC Razzle-Dazzler lippie
MAC She's a Star lipglass

It's Friday again already! How time flies huh!! What plans do you have for the weekend? As for myself, i will be making a short trip outstation, so wish me a safe one! :D Take care and have a great weekend k! :D


  1. where u going?????

    i think i am going back home XD

    there goes my plans!

  2. have a safe trip to wherever u are going :D this sun i will be heading back to kl.. :( *sob* one week holiday flies..

  3. Hi Jenn!! Thanks for your advises. I just came back from the counter at lunch! So much I want to tell you about. hahaha... I better dont take up space and email you instead!

    You have really good skin, it's no wonder your husband can spot foundation on you. hahahaha... my bf doesnt like me with makeup, lucky for him, I'm too lazy to use them. Once I got a makeover, I kept staring at him until he said "You look nice" VERY VERY insincere.... the next day... when I was back to normal he was like " Told you, you look cuter without make up". I gotta admit, the SA overdid the mascara.

    I dont use mascara alot so sometimes he and I play this game to see if he can spot days that I use them. hahahahaah.... I tatally laughed at your BB cream post..."my husband couldnt tell..he has a sharp eye for foundation you see"... lol!!!

    oops.. taking up space again... will email you later about my trip. Should get back to work...

    been looking at your perfect sunblock posts, I get sick from the sun... I also burn easily... friends used to joke that I'm a vampire when I was in school... lol....

    *waves* see ya !!! If I were your husband, I'd think you wont need make up. You have great skin and features already !!! lol

    p.s. things are so cheap in Malaysia !!!!!!!!! what the !!!!!!!

  4. girl! totally fresh faced and the hair gets better and better! :)

  5. This is gorgeous! You look so fresh and pretty!

    Have a safe trip!

  6. plue: Taiping! haha!! :D

    awww.. nvm la! At least you'll have daddy's company! :D

  7. Xin: wah!! one week!! so nice la!! :D

    where's your home town? :D

  8. Athena: don't worry about taking up space, so comment away! haha!! Who knows, maybe someone will benefit from your "discovery" at the counter! :D So which shade didcha go with? :D

    Awww... your bf is such a sweetie!! i'm sure you must have felt really happy when he said that! hahaha!! :D i think most of our other halves would prefer us bare faced!! :D

    You and i both!! I also burn super easily, so high sun protection is a must! I do try to avoid as much sun exposure can i can though, cuz i don't want my freckles to get worse! :P

    You are too sweet girl!! Thanks for the compliments and kind words!! They made my happy friday even happier! hehehe!! :D

    hmm... stuff in malaysia is just ok-ly priced, but yeah, compared to Australia we have it much better!! do let me know if you need anything k... i don't mind helping you purchase! hehehe!! :D

  9. Nikki: haha yeah!! the stupid fringe is growing out already, so it looks abit better now!! :P

  10. gio: thank you gio!! I will!! :D

  11. pretty pretty! love your lips per usual *muaks*

  12. Thanks girl!! The lipglass is too pretty!! hehehe!! :D


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