Friday, September 11, 2009

FOTD: MAC Makeup Art Cosmetic Collection Makeover! :D

I had another makeover again with Joanne during the MAC Collection event last weekend! :D

Stuff i used (all MAC):

Charged Water in Youth Aura
Studio Fix foundation in NC25 (abit too dark for me)
MSF Natural in Medium Deep (nose contour)

The Perfect Cheek blush
Peaches blush
Belightful IPP (highlight)
Pearl Cream Colour Base (highlight)

Fling Eye Brows
Girl Boy Brow Set


Studio Finish concealer in NW20
Pearl Cream Colour Base (base)
Crest the Wave es (inner crease)
Off the Page es (outer crease)
Vanilla es (highlight)
Blacktrack fluidline (upper lashline)
Inky liquidlast (upper lashline over Blacktrack)
Artistic License technakohl (lower lashline)
Haunting es (inner lower lashline over Artistic License)
Flashtrack es (outer lower lashline over Artistic License)
Graphblack technakohl (lower outer lashline and tightline)
Plushlash Mascara


Fun Fun lippie
Local Colour dazzleglass

Oh, i think i'm falling in love with the Inky liquidlast already!! It's soooo pretty right?? :D :D Must learn how to apply eyeliner nicely before i buy it! haha! :D

Finally a picture of...

... the makeup guru and me! hehehe!! :D

Have a great weekend ahead everyone! :D


  1. So pretty! Esp the blue eyeliner. Just makes your eyes POP! :)

  2. Very nice! I really like that the eyelids are muted and the blue and green eyeliners give your eyes a nice pop!

  3. Stunning! What a trendy look! <3

  4. Uber gawjus look. :) I love how the eyeliner makes your eyes twinkle. Awesome MA and sweet model.

  5. I'm loving that blue metallic liner! Must try to replicate this look someday, I think she did an amazing job!

  6. Great job! You look amazing =)
    I'd practice a bit before the liquidlasts, as their name implies, they're not going anywhere once applied!

  7. what an awesome look, the focus is on the eyes but I also LOVE the cheeks.

  8. that's a great makeover and I love the outcome! the eyeliner is too pretty for words! :) you look gorgeous! she's done a wonderful job!

  9. You look gorgeous! I love the blue liner, I agree that it makes your eyes pop!

  10. u look so awesome with the bottom liner too! why do i look like a monster with the line???? :(

  11. Waaaoooww! Joanne does it again! I neeed to see this girl!
    I think I'm going to invest in this Pearl CCB aswell. Sounds like a brilliant highlight.

  12. make me wanna get the yellow and orange shadows as well. Their color pay-off was quite good, but my MA thought the orange would make my eyes look swollen, hence I didn't get it. But when I saw how well your MA blended the yellow and goes my lemming....

  13. wah.hahaha
    have you got anything yet? :P

  14. Shopn'Chomp: thanks!! I'm so in love with the blue liner too! :D

  15. Amelia: yeah, thats a great idea!! I'm too used to putting a dark shade on the outer corners, but this is a nice change! :D

  16. lelila: awww thanks so much!! I feel so flattered! hahaha!! :D

  17. Rachel: Thank you!! Looks like the liner is the star of the show here! :D

  18. ' * : . b | u 3 . : * ': haha please do!! and lemme know when you've done it... i wanna see!! :D

    I'll let Joanne know! hehehe!! :D

  19. Marce: yes!! And it takes ages to dry too! I had to close my eyes for about 5 minutes!! lol!! :D

  20. em: thanks!! I'm loving the cheek colors too... though i find that The Perfect Cheek is a little chalky!

  21. Nikki: awww thank you!! Its always so nice to read your comments!! You're such a sweetheart!! *hugs*

  22. gio: thank you!! Everybody's loving the blue liner!! it's gorgeous!! hehehe!! :D

  23. Xin: hahahaha!! i'm sure you won't look half as bad lah!! lol!! :D

  24. su-pah: hahaha i'll let her know!! :D

    Do get the cream color base! it's such a wonderful creation! I'm eyeing Luna myself!! :D

  25. Vonvon: haha go get them before they runs oos! they're beautiful!! :D

  26. Sue: haha :P i'm stillllll thinking!! hahaha!! :P

    Didcha get anything from this collection?

  27. I like this look!!! Man, wish I have that skill to draw such pretty eyeliner.

  28. This is nice!! You look so gorgeous!!

  29. Zoe: thank you!! Me too!! How i wish i have her skills!! :D

  30. Slowbrogal: aww thank you!! You're too kind! :D

  31. hi! im planning to buy a mac brow set but havin a hard time finding the right shade for me. im shooting for a blondish/light brownish look. which one do u recommend? beguille or girl boy? thanks!

  32. hi wesley!! i personally find the Beguille shade more blondish! The girl boy one is a bit more reddish if that makes sense! :)


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