Tuesday, September 22, 2009

The Body Shop Fall Collection Swatches & Review! :D

Saw this new collection at the local TBS store near me, so i went in and swatched them all! So here's my $0.02 on what i think about them! :D

Let's start with the Blush Trios (US$23 / RM79)!

The texture for these two blushes are so smooth!! They kinda remind me a little of the MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes, except that this is a tad more shimmery! :D

Here're the swatches (colors are swatched from lightest to darkest then swirled together in the last stripe! :D)

Next are the Eye Trios (US$16 / RM53):

Once again the texture for these shadows are soo buttery smooth! I almost caved and buy both of them home because of that!! hahaha! :P

Here're the swatches (swatched from lightest to darkest shade (anti-clockwise) then swirled together in the last swatch):

And finally, the Metallic Eye Definers (US$11 / RM35):

OMG these colors are so striking and smooth and pigmented!! I was sooo tempted to bring them all home with me!! haha! :D

Here're the swatches for them:

My verdict? TBS finally came up with a wonderful collection that's worth buying!! Though the colors were not terribly unique, the textures were beautifully smooth and pigmented! You get more value for your dollars too cuz you get 3 colors in a pot for the blushes and the eyeshadows! All in all i love everything from this collection! lol!! :D

What'dya think? Didcha buy anything from this collection? Do share with me! :D

Photo Credits: Banner & product pics from Thebodyshop-usa.com.


  1. the Metallic Eye definers look exciting, thanks for the swatches!

  2. thanks for the swatches, i think i like the cool dusk blush trio :D saw it on gio's blog and i didnt know its here already

  3. u lemming-maker!

    i was thinking what to do with my tbs voucher, now i know!

    i want moonlight lustre! maybe the blush too! hm...

  4. Wow! The eye trio in Moonlight Lustre looks very pretty. And the Metallic Eye Definers are simply gorgeous. Me likey colored eyeliners. ;)

  5. the metallic eye really looks yummy, it's indeed, a great collection~

  6. Thanks for the review. I think I need to check out the blush in cool dusk, it looks so pretty! The eyeliners look nice too.

  7. Nikki: you're most welcome!! :D Yeah they're really pretty! :D

  8. Xin: haha welcome!! Now you do... faster go look see already! haha! :D

  9. plue: where got lemming maker... i help you "solve" your dilemma right? hahaha!! :D

  10. Vonvon: Hi5! I love colored liners too!! :D

  11. Alex: yeah they are!! Will you be getting any? :D

  12. gio: you're most welcome!! do check them out and lemme know what you think about them! :D

  13. aiyo!! faster go check out other outlets la... maybe still got leh? :D

  14. i finally gave in & bought the sundown glow trio. such lovely colors!

    i want the blush trios and metallic definers too, but i have to control myself :P

    ur right, i wud have to say this is d best TBS collection so far :)

  15. what a great choice!! hehe!! I was sooo tempted to buy everything too, cuz yeah, this is the best TBS collection so far and everything looks so pretty! hehehe!! :D


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