Sunday, August 30, 2009

Thus ends a chapter of my life...

So i'm back in Penang for good now! Looking back, the past year has been nothing short of wonderful, and i truly thank God for that!

If somebody were to tell me 2 years ago that i'll get married and wind up in India, i'll probably be laughing so hard that i might have gotten whatever i was eating at that moment up my nose and out through my nostrils. But like they say, never say never cuz you never know whats gonna happen! :P

So, to sum up my experience over here in India, the place where:

1. i developed an addiction liking for ice cold Buds:

Only 50 Rupees each (approx. RM4)!! So smooth and light... mmmmm, and i don't even like beer prior to this!! :P

2. i saw one of the most beautiful sunsets in my life:

3. i learnt how not to take certain things for granted:

And oh, ONE friggin roll of loopaper goes for RM1.50 over here, no joke!

4. Gems of the old still stand proud

Chennakeshava Temple in Mysore. This temple is 900 years old!

5. impossibly thin bread exists.

Don't even try buttering it! You'll just end up buttering your fingers.

6. i learnt not to trust just anybody...

... especially Auto Rickshaw drivers!!

7. the crowds can be a little maddening sometimes...


8. i need an umbrella whilst cooking when it rains

it wasn't funny at all when you were experiencing it!!

9. the traffic is HORRENDOUS!!

Sitting on an auto is nothing short of an adventure! How close can you go? :D

10. the weather is gloriously wonderful! :D

Only for Bangalore ya! Not sure about other parts of India! haha! :D

So with these memories, i end one chapter of my life! It's great to be home... and i can't wait to find out what the future has in place for me! Wish me all the best ya! :D


  1. That sounds like an awesome one year! I had the impression you'd been there longer but then I'd not been reading your blog long :) I'm sure the future will be just as exciting plus, its always awesome to be home yes? :)

  2. wao.. din know u r penang gal~
    welcome back!

  3. Wow... welcome back! Hmm... I haven't gotten to know you for long but somehow feel very strongly about you coming back to M'sia. Haha... and it's not like I'm a M'sian!
    I'm back to work now... Little Samuel is not so little anymore... Four months old already, weighing almost 10kg. 2 little incisors are 'sprouting'! Yes, proud mama here... ^_^
    Come to think of it... I first started reading your reviews before Samuel was born huh? How time flies!

  4. all the best for whatever you do in the future jenn :)

  5. Paris: hehehe yeah... it was one heck of an adventure! lol!

    thanks for the well wishes, and yes, its always wonderful to be home! :D

  6. jessteong: hehehe... where didcha thought i'm from? :D

  7. Cath: awwww... you're such a great mum!! Yeah time really flies! You must be really wishing that he won't grow up so fast huh! :D

  8. LyNn: thank you!! Your well wishes really made me feel more confident about the future!! hehehe! :D

  9. Budweiser! *cheers* Welcome back to M'sia, honey. For all you know, you and hubby might end up in another part of of the world next year... =P

  10. Cheers girl!! :D

    Oh how i wish that would happen!! But no more india for me please!! hahaha! :P

  11. welcome back! Sounds like you had a nice year and I wish you all the best for the future!

  12. gio: awww thank you!! yeah the past year has been a blast, and i hope it has been for you too! :D

  13. ouh,jenn..u just made me cry..

    i miss india too much..i do learn a lot in not to take things for granted,that we are lucky and also to learn to deal with their slithery words (saying "haa,coming boss" wen they are like 4 days away!)

    n just so u knw..only bangalore has such pefect wheather..manipal,mangalore,delhi are all SUPERHOT esp wen it is summertyme (march)..

    i wish 2 go ther again..mayb honeymoon-ing in goa..huhu~!

  14. Love your pic of the sunset. :) I also love reading about different places so this post was awesome.

  15. welcome back ma dear! :) making a trip to KL anytime soon? heehee..

  16. Kay: awww girl!!! Let me give you a hug!! :)

    i can soooooooo relate to their "coming now" antics!! >.<

    Hope you get to goto Goa for your honeymoon!! hehehe! :D

  17. Shopn'Chomp: hehe... yeah that was one of the most beautiful sunsets i've ever seen! It's amazing! :D

    Glad you liked the post! :D

  18. Beetrice: awww thank you!!! I really want to go kl... but i don't i can in the near future!! No time!!! T_T

  19. I agree with you about the sunset. :)

    Wow, Bangalore seems like quite a mix, like brilliant and chaotic at the same time, haha!

    I'm South Asian myself, well Kashmiri with a little Tajik roots whose family settled in Pakistan, many decades ago. The city I'm from however (Islamabad) is pretty calm, none of this excitement sadly (apart from the odd rock concert the guy friends hold), but has some fabulous scenery and best restaurants in the world, yum! Ahaha, well, in my opinion anyway. ;)

  20. su-pah: oh yeah, Bangalore is really a mix of the old and new, the peaceful and chaotic! :D

    icic!! ohhh, i wanna sample some of the food from those restaurants then!! hehehe!! :D~~

  21. There's another thing India left you with...
    Trainloads of blog followers!!!


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