Tuesday, August 18, 2009

StriVectin-SD and I were not meant to be...

... for now! :(

I ran out of my current eye cream, so i marched to my local StriVectin-SD counter armed with Paris' voucher.

But alas, the counter only had 3 boxes left, and all 3 expires in 9 month's time! For someone who finishes her 15ml eye creams in one grand year, this is definitely not acceptable! And oh, the cheek the counter lady had to tell me that it's OK to use expired things... that probably confirmed my decision NOT to buy it for now!

Someday, you shall be mine darling. Just not today! :(

ps: i did get something else if you're wondering! But you'll have to wait until tomorrow to find out! Hehehe!! :D

Photo credit: Image from Beaut.ie.


  1. Jenn, that is SO NOT ACCEPTABLE! I'm horrified and I'll take it up with Strivectin. Not acceptable! :P

  2. wow! how could they say that????? this is not a rm30 eye cream!! i think msian SAs should really be trained properly

  3. NO NO NO NO NO!!!!! I am frantically shaking my head! how could they say that!!! Go PB! Do something!!!! :D :D :D

  4. Thank you so much Paris!!! :D In her exact words, the lady told me that all Strivectin products can be used up to 6 months after the expiry date so the actual month i should stop using is 01/11 instead of 05/10 as printed on the box (yeah, somebody doesn't quite know how to count here, lol!)!

    i was like o.O, the expiry date is there for a reason... >.<

  5. Xin: exactly!!! But even for cheap products they shouldn't say that!! >.<

  6. Nikki: i was shaking my head too when she told me that!! lol!!

    Yeah Paris is too kind to help out!! Go Paris!!! :D

  7. wow jenn, very nice blog u hv here =)
    discovered ur blog when i tried to find some reviews on bb cream n ive found urs.
    cool hauls ey!! =)

  8. Hello 靖雯! Thanks so much for dropping by! :D

    Ahaha.. thanks! I haven't been hauling recently though... just bought a few things here and there! :D

  9. the expiry date means that the company will hv to take responsibility up till that date. if you knowingly use the product beyond the expiry and suffer an allergy (for eg), you will not be able to complain to the company as their liability ends at expiry.

    the SA is very inexperienced to actually tell you that you can use it beyond expiry! complain to the management!!!

  10. MadAboutSprees: icic!! Thanks for sharing! That makes perfect sense!!

    Hmmm... i'm thinking that the SA said that just to close the sale. It's sad ya!! >.<

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